Facial fillers (HA fillers, Hyaluronic acid fillers) can be used safely to diminish wrinkles, lines, and volume loss (atrophy) of the face effectively, and reproducdeably, in the office in the matter of minutes.

Allergan has expanded their product line of HA fillers to include JuveDerm XC, Volbella, Vollure, and Voluma. I have been using combinations of these fillers in a process called “co-mingling” where several fillers are used simultaneously in the same setting to enhance the youthfulness of patients’ face.

A good example of this is when a patient presents complaining about “hollowness” just below the eye but above the cheek. Often this simple observation is actually due to a combination of complex aging and or genetic influences. It may be due to cheek bone deficiency, age related volume loss, cheek sag (ptosis), eyelid bag (herniated fat) or eyelid skin laxity or sag (festoon).

Only an experienced Plastic Surgeon can quickly evaluate, diagnose, and develop a filler treatment plan to best solve these issues.

For instance, I may use Volbella (off label) superficially to fill just beneath the skin of lax lower eyelid at the cheek junction together with Vollure (off label) to fill intermediate depth fatty volume atrophy, and Voluma to fill cheeks at a depth just against the cheek bone.

Artistically speaking this gives the best aesthetic natural results and is the closest you can come to a true “lunch time” facelift in the office. Results can last for more than a year in many cases. Visit www.drspiro.com or our Instagram page @spiroplasticsurgery to see my results.