Q: What initial misconceptions do women have about breast reconstruction?

A: It’s important to educate patients on the sequence and timing of reconstructive surgeries. Most women are hoping the reconstruction can be completed at the same time as their cancer surgery. I hope one day that’s possible as well, but for most patients that’s not yet the best strategy. Most will need at least three reconstructive procedures, and those are often spaced months apart. It’s important to find a surgeon you trust and that you understand every step of the process.    


Q: What about aesthetic breast surgery?

A: I commonly perform breast augmentations (implants), mastopexies (lifts), and reductions. For a woman who wants volume, an augmentation can be a dramatic enhancement. A breast lift is a great way to address the effects of aging, gravity, pregnancy and breastfeeding. And for a woman with large breasts causing pain and difficulty exercising, a reduction can be a real boost to both confidence and performance. Those women are among the happiest of all plastic surgery patients.


Q: Why did you choose to specialize in plastic surgery?

A: I come from a family of inspiring women. In my training I sought out the opportunity to help women regain, or enhance, their confidence. With my breast cancer patients, I enjoy the challenge of creating a beautiful breast as they fight their cancer. I’m fighting along with them.


Q: What’s the best way of choosing a plastic surgeon?

A: Do your homework. Your plastic surgeon should be certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).  Ask questions and make sure you understand the risks and benefits of the procedure you are seeking.