Case Study: Case of the Month

Case of The Month – December 2020

DDD cup breast with sag have been magically transformed into a very nice C cup outcome with combination lift, excisional reduction, and perimeter shaping liposuction. A beautiful result!


Case of The Month – November 2020

This case highlights all of the amazing things I can achieve with “Enhanced Contour Tummy Tuck”. Skin removal, low scars, nice belly button, beautiful curves, enhanced muscles and linea alba, low scars and flat abdomen! What a beautiful transformation, especially when combined with hip liposuction.


Case of The Month – October 2020

This is a great example of non implant “auto augmentation” breast lift. I creatively use all breast tissue with re-directed internal flaps to simulate the look of a lift with implants. A great early result!


Case of The Month – September 2020

This care demonstrates the creativity and artistry I put into staged tissue expander, implant breast reconstruction after mastectomy.

First, the mastectomy procedure was designed as a breast lift/reduction pattern. The “air filled” expansion (as opposed to saline) allowed for gradual expansion, subsequent replacement with implants and refinement of shape, and lastly fat grafting and 3-D tattooing (done by me!) completes this beautiful result! A real living work of art!


Case of The Month – August 2020

This case demonstrates my technique of breast lift and auto-augmentation. In this technique, I shave the skin off the saggiest breast tissue. Then, during the reconfiguration and lifting process, I incorporate these elements around the central lifted mount, thereby creating a breast that appears to have an implant but is all her own breast! A fine cosmetic result.


Case of The Month – July 2020

I performed simple submuscular implant augmentation with silicone gel through a small inframammary approach. A really nice C cup outcome.


Case of The Month – June 2020

This woman presented to me with a challenging combination of asymmetries including uneven nipple-areola position, uneven sagging, uneven scarring, and uneven volume. Correction required a change from the subglandular to submuscular location, saline to silicone gel, removal of scar tissue, creation of a lower internal tissue sling and a breast lift. An outstanding D cup result and a miraculous change!


Case of The Month – May 2020

This patient underwent an amazing transformation by combining a breast lift with implants, abdominoplasty/flankplasty with the repair of hernias and diastasis, as well as liposuction of the hips.

She now has a youthful, strong, beautiful female form.


Case of The Month – April 2020

This case demonstrates the outcomes that are possible with severely asymmetric breast hypertrophy. This case included liposuction of the bulging pre-pectoral and lateral breast fat. Notice the improvements. EE cup to C cup- amazing!


Case of The Month – March 2020

This woman presented with deflated and sagged breasts after childbirth.  I performed a combination of a breast lift with silicone gel implants under the muscle.

In my practice, this is routinely done in a single outpatient procedure with recovery very much like a simple augmentation.  A beautifully shaped, round, high D/DD cup outcome.  A terrific result.