art test

Artist: Scott Spiro, MD


Medium: Oil on Hardboard

Details: Dr. Spiro has created a series called Reflections. This grouping shows two of his oil paintings and four sets of photographic reflection essays.

The oil paintings include 1) the reflection of a water tower in the plate glass windows of a modern building in downtown NYC. 2) the reflection of buildings in a canal in Amsterdam. Dr. Spiro loves how the architecture is shown bending into curves and unusual shapes.

The photographs tell the story of architecture in Budapest and Prague as it is seen distorted in the reflection of car windows.

Artist: Scott Spiro, MD / Medium: Oil on Hardboard


Details: These are some of the oil paintings Dr. Spiro has created of various views along the Victory Bridge in Budapest, Hungary. Dr. Spiro uses “up perspective” and extreme perspective views to capture unusual views or architecture.
Artist: Scott Spiro, MD / Medium: Oil on Hardboard


Details: Dr. Spiro takes flowers and ice cream pop’s and creates pop art oil paintings. Here are several examples
Artist: Scott Spiro, MD / Medium: Oil on Hardboard


Details: Dr. Spiro uses a hybrid material known as “silvered graphite” to create images of various scenes including architecture and other still life. He often is drawn to the “up perspective” which highlights his use of extreme perspective.
Artist: Scott Spiro, MD / Medium: Oil on Hardboard


Details: Theses oil paintings juxtapose architecture, extreme perspective, occasionally with stylized people in the foreground to ground the paintings and lighten the extreme of perspective.