Plastic Surgery and a Healthy Lifestyle: How Do They Compliment Each Other?

Plastic Surgery and a Healthy Lifestyle: How Do They Compliment Each Other?

We had a very interesting day today at Spiro Plastic Surgery.

Today we filmed a segment for NBC New York for their show “American Health Front”; a half hour program which provides up to date and comprehensive healthcare and medical information to viewers in the tri state area. It will air on Sunday, March 25th, 2012

The intent of our segment was to bring to light the interaction of surgery and complimentary healthy  lifestyle, (fitness and nutrition) in body transformations. We focused on breast and body contouring as a rejuvenation process. The body contouring may include liposuction, fat grafting, breast lifting, augmentation, abdominoplasty, or body lifting.

Thanks to three of my former patients participation it was a great success!

They filmed for two hours and at the end the film crew said we were the best, most organized segment they have filmed!

It was so nice to see my three patients here for the TV show. Elaine, Jamie, and Allison each looked beautiful and radiant! (Not to mention that their outcomes are amazing.) They were great sports and I am so appreciative that they gave their time on a Saturday morning for me and for NBC. I sensed it was truly heartfelt on their part and it inspires me and was very uplifting to me. I try so hard to deliver like no one else could in so many ways that to see that type of gratitude years later- words are hard to find.

Finally, my staff- Kristina, Mary Beth, and Veronica, gave their all and were so good in front of the camera and in preparation -maybe a spin off for them on TV is in the making! Nevertheless I hope it provides insight for women everywhere.

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