Breast Correction of Surgery Done Elsewhere Cases

Severe scar deformities and asymmetry after several failed attempts elsewhere at breast augmentation and revisions.  I performed total anterior capsulectomies, removal and replacement of implants, breast lift, placement of strattice tissue grafts support and local tissue flaps to reconstruct filling defects.  The result is a beautifully shaped full breast.  Shown only 6 weeks later, you can barely see the scars!

This patient presented with uneven subglandular implants with left capsular contracture.  Solutions included capsulectomy, replacement implants, change to partial submuscular coverage with placement of biological tissue graft “internal bra sling” support, and breast lift.  All necessary to create even projection breast and nipples.

This patient underwent combined tummy tuck, liposuction of hips, breast lift, removal/replacement of implants, and placement of Strattice grafts for breast shaping. Note the dramatic improvement in breast shape to a lifted round shape from a deflated saggy shape.  Note the flat tight abdomen after diastasis repair, flankplasty, and abdominoplasty.  Overall, an incredible transformation and great outcome!

This patient presented with uneven breasts, implant asymmetry, and nipple malposition after two previous breast surgeries done by others elsewhere.  I corrected her by doing a complete capsulectomy, placement of strattice graft internal bra, periareola breast lift, and reshaping.  An amazing result!

Correction of symmastia can be very challenging. It is often so severe that it created additional malposition of the nipples along with implant malposition. The solution here required total anterior and partial posterior capsulectomy (removal of scar tissue) in order to set the foundation for a new implant footprint. Then strattice graft is used to help create the new implant space. A more appropriate implant is chosen, and the overlying breast tissues are rotated over the top to reposition and recentralize the breast. An outstanding outcome.

This patient presented with saggy, uneven implants.  The correction required capsulectomy, removal and replacement of implants, combined with breast lift together with an internal bra sling support.  An amazingly beautiful result!

This patient presented to me after having many failed attempts elsewhere at correcting a congenital breast anomaly which left her with uneven, malshapen and disfigured breasts. The solution included correction of the symmastia, relocation of the nipple and areola and create new implant shape and space. This required total anterior capsulectomy, closure of the symmastia defect, creation of a new implant space, use of strattice tissue graft internal bra sling, selection of new implant, relifting and internal release of all contracted breast to allow redraping of the breast over implant. The results are beautiful, transformative, and life altering!

This patient presented with flat, wide breasts with sagging breast tissue down over the implants. In order to achieve the patient’s desired outcome of round, full, projecting breasts, I did total capsulectomy (removal of all implant related scar tissue), relifting and elimination of saggy breast tissue while placing a tissue graft sling (strattice) to hold the new implant position and enhance the roundness (like an internal bra). A great transformation.

This patient presented with previous implants done elsewhere.  The problem was that the tuberous constricted breasts were never properly corrected.  I did capsulectomy, removed and replaced implants, deconstructed and corrected the tuberous construction, then did a proper breast lift.  The result is a beautiful transformation.

This patient presented from previous surgery elsewhere with windowshading, hyperanimation, and implant medial malposition (near symmastia). The treatment involved total anterior capsulectomy (scar removal), new implant space creation with the use of strattice graft, new breast lift and new implant. Problems solved and aesthetics improved.