Breast Correction of Surgery Done Elsewhere Cases

A previous breast reduction (done elsewhere by others) left her with wide scars, flat and aged. I did a re-lift with silicone gel augmentation to yield a fine youthful breast.

This woman presented with low positioned wide saline implants with breast tissue sag over the breast bottom (done by others).

My design included repositioning the implant space higher and more medial to give ideal cleavage and eliminate the tissue. Also a change to silicone gel implants. The result is a beautiful, well-contoured, high, full, balanced, and youthful breast.


This case demonstrates what typically happens to saline implants over many years and why silicone gel implants are nearly always a better alternative.

Over the years, saline implants tend to be influenced by gravity more than silicone gel which leads to a migration of the saline implants lower and more lateral. I corrected this by a complete reconfiguration of the internal implant space (capsulectomy) to a more medically full and round shape, and then re-drapped the breast tissue with a lift. I then selected the implant which would best match the patient’s preferred DD requests. The result is a very well balanced, aesthetic, youthful, and attractive outcome.

Amazingly, this result was achieved without the use of implants. I performed combination auto-augmentation with internal flaps and I raised the internal inframammary fold. A beautiful outcome after 2 previous breast lift attempts elsewhere.

Previous breast augmentation is done elsewhere left this patient with wide, flat, saggy, uneven, matronly breasts.

I created a new submuscular space (capsulectomy), placed new implants better fitting to her body and her desired D cup outcome, and did a lift.  A total transformation!

This patient presented with sagging saline implants that were placed over muscle and created a distorted laterally positioned wide breast with asymmetrically positioned nipples.  The correction involved removal of saline implants, placement of silicone implants more appropriate for her narrow profile frame, change to submuscular position aided by the placement of ADM (a tissue graft) to hold the muscle and implant in place.  Finally, a breast lift was done to improve nipple symmetry and eliminate loose excess skin.  The result is a beautifully shaped full B cup breast.

This patient presented with concerns about loose skin and large saggy implants. She preferred no implants. I removed her implants and all scar tissue (capsulectomy) and then did a breast lift. A very nice outcome and a small B cup breast.

This case shows a common problem:

The problem is large saline implants over the muscle with sag and bottoming out. a combination of breast lift, new sub-muscular pocket, tissue graft support by strattice, and silicone implants have revitalized her breast and her body from matronly to youthful!

This case shows another common problem:

Poor shape from implants that fail to fill the lower pole aesthetically. I reconfigured the entire implant space and transformed her breast into a beautiful artistic feminine form!

This case shows secondary revision reconstruction after mastectomy. I removed old implants, did total capsulectomy in order to change shaped, placed alloderm material sling, reshaped, placed new implants, and added additional pigment to nipple and areola.