Breast Correction of Surgery Done Elsewhere Cases

This patient presented with sagging, enlarged, asymmetric breast with implants in place from previous breast surgery. I removed the implants, reduced partially, and re-lifted her to give her the B cup outcome she desired. An amazing transformation!

Many years after saline implant augmentation, pregnancy, and breastfeeding, this patient wanted and breast rejuvenation. I changed to smaller silicone gel implants and did a breast lift. Now she is back to a nice youthful breast appearance.

This patient presented with hard, flattened, scarred breasts with implants over muscle and severe visible rippling. I corrected her breasts by replacing implants under the muscle using an ADM sling. The result is a soft, attractive, projecting and shapely breast. A great outcome.

This patient presented having had multiple previous breast surgeries including attempts at breast lift and implants.  The previous failures elsewhere included failure to diagnose all the asymmetries and problems, and failure to develop a plan to correct these issues and failure to execute the plan surgically.

She needed a lot of perimeter liposuction to help highlight a round shape.  She needed removal of both different implants, reduce the right breast volume dramatically, and re-lift both and finally create a new implant space, and place new round (ultra-high profile) implants.  The result is an amazing transformation.

This patient presented with breast asymmetry, capsular contracture, poor aesthetics, and wide positioned breasts.

Now, after bilateral capsulectomy, implant replacement (to a silicone implant better matched for her body), space re-creation, she has a beautiful aesthetic  C cup result with ideal cleavage and an ideal balance between upper and lower poles of the breast.  (see arrows)

Redo breast surgery requires caution and ingenuity Without prior knowledge of how previous breast surgery has been done, “outside the box” creativity is often needed to transform large, saggy breasts with a new lifted, more youthful appearance.

Asymmetric implant malposition with capsular contracture.  The patient desired complete removal.   I used part of the implant capsule along with her breast tissue to create an internal sling and redrape the inside yielding a very attractive small B cup outcome.

This patient had multiple previous breast surgeries by other surgeons which left her saggy, scarred, asymmetric, and unattractive.  I changed to silicone gel, under the muscle, reshaped breast implant space and did a lift.  An Amazing Transformation!

This patient underwent multiple previous breast surgeries elsewhere. She presented with sagging breasts after lift and implants.

I reconfigured implants space, replaced implants, re-lifted, excised sagging tissue, and liposuction-ed periphery. A much nicer outcome.

This patient with a problem I often encounter in women who have had breast augmentation previously by other surgeons. In an effort to compensate for her sagging, a wide full implant was placed which makes her look fat. The real issue here is that she needed a lift! So I removed the original implant, reconfigured the internal implant space higher and more central (capsuloplasty), closing off the lateral extent (see arrows) and performed a proper breast lift over the new implant.

**Look for the two moles on her left chest at her tan line and see how much higher the breast and nipple-areola are in relation to them in the post-op views.

A great aesthetic outcome.