Autoaugmentation - Lift Without Implants Cases

This patient presented with umbilical hernia rectus diastasis and breast ptosis.  Her mommy makeover included non implant breast lift (auto-augmentation) using local internal flaps along with a tummy tuck, repair of hernia and diastasis.  Now she has a beautiful shapely and youthful body.  An incredible result.

Breast lifting using multiple de-epithelialized tissue flaps without the use of implants to simulate in some women, the results normally only are obtained with implants and lifting is known as “autoaugmentation” mastopexy.  In this case, there was not a lot of significant saggy tissue but the results are outstanding nonetheless.  Show six  months later with a beautiful result!

Use of local de-epithelialized flaps can enhance breast shape without the use of implants. I call this “auto-augmentation.” It can almost look like an implant result. Here is a good example.

This patient presented with saggy breasts. She did not need an implant to achieve her size goals. Autoaugmentation includes using local flaps to enhance shaping and lifting to yield results that look somewhat like an implant was also used.  A fine outcome.

Women may want their implants removed for various reasons: implant capsular contracture, which leads to pain, malposition, and poor aesthetics, bottoming out, increase in existing breast volume overtime, or fears of breast implant related illnesses.  The management of implant removal may involve “en-bloc,” capsulectomy, total capsulectomy, segmental total capsulectomy, or capsuloaugmentation lifting and even fat grafting.  All done to improve the aesthetic outcome in complex situations.

This patient underwent an autoaugmentation breast lift by combining internal redirected flaps to create a round high breast.  She previously had an attempt at breast lift elsewhere unsuccessfully.  Now with outstanding ideal breast aesthetics.

Autoaugmentation of the breast is a term I use when I take a sagging breast and lift it but use essentially nearly all the sagging volume in a unique way that simulates having an implant. Therefore creating an idealized breast appearance. Here it was combined with lateral liposuction to help eliminate lateral excess.

Autoaugmentation mastopexy means saving as much breast as possible, eliminating only skin excess, and then turning the saggiest tissue up and around the central mound. The results shown here are remarkable! No implants whatsoever.

Without using implants, I was able to give this patient a “implant looking” breast. I reshape and re-position the segments of saggy breast tissue (sometimes with the aid of re-absorbable mesh) to create a youthful ideal breast. Here, asymmetry adds to the challenge, buy the results are outstanding

Breast lift before and after side close up view
Breast lift before and after front view
Breast lift before and after all sides view

A breast lift with an implant using auto-augmentation techniques saves every possible lift of breast tissue and repositions the tissues in such a way as to give the appearance of the fullness of small implants; but of course, without implants!