Autoaugmentation - Lift Without Implants Cases

Autoaugmentation means using the patients own breast tissue without an implant to create an implant type look with a breast lift.

I often use a dissolvable internal surgical scaffold to aid in shaping and support. Here is an amazing photo only 4 weeks later. A beautiful result.


This young woman presents with E cup breasts after undergoing a form of breast lift with implant done elsewhere by another surgeon.

I created a plan that would remove the implant, re-lift using a different type of lift and use other excesses to build into a new young looking breast. The results are outstanding. Full C / Small D cup.

Breast lift without an implant using internal local flaps helps create an implant like look for this patient.

A remarkable transformation by auto augmentation

The auto-augmentation breast lift technique is done here to eliminate lateral fullness and appearance of breast falling sideways by reconfiguring both internal tissue and overlying skin envelope.


Have you heard of my technique of auto-augmentation? Here I took a case of wide, flat, sagging breasts, and liposuctioned the perimeter, minimally excised any tissue, took the lateral and medial sagging elements, lifted them internally and sutured it all together to simulate an implant augmentation! The result is a nice C cup breast, full at the top, lifted, and with no lateral excess! A very nice result.

The concept of auto-augmentation breast lift means saving and relocating all of the saggy breast tissue along with remnants of saggy skin to act as an internal sling, thus creating a breast shape like an augmentation but without the implant. Here is a great example, hard to tell there is no implant!

Dramatically saggy deflated breasts are generally undesirable, so a lift can help recapture some of the youth a patient’s body had prior to pregnancies. Shown only 12 weeks after surgery, this patient was very happy with her outcome without using any implants.

This patient presented with uneven saggy breasts. For women who have enough breast tissue, I have a unique way of lifting, and wrapping tissue internally to simulate an implant without having an implant. Called Autoaugmentation mastopexy, it can create a very nice shape.  Here it is also required to reduce her right breast significantly to balance the two sides. A great result!

Uneven breast sag with fatty excess lateral and in front of the armpit (pre pectoral) treated by small reduction and lift (combined with a tummy tuck) yields a youthful result.

Mastopexy by auto-augmentation combined with liposuction allows for the ultimate in shaping.  Here a very old looking saggy DD cup is changed to a youthful ideally shaped small D cup.  She looks like I placed an implant but I did not! A great outcome (combined with a tummy tuck).