Breast Reconstruction by Latissimus Flap with Implant Cases

Many patients prefer to get as much accomplished at the time of mastectomy.

Here, bilateral mastectomy was combined with bilateral latissimus flaps and implants.  Later, (after chemo and before radiation) nipple reconstruction was done.  After recovery from radiation, the final pigmentation (tattooing) was done.  A fine result.

This patient chose  bilateral latissimus flap and implants as her method of reconstruction for bilateral mastectomy.  Latissimus flap and implants combined with fat grafting at the time of nipple reconstruction has the potential to camouflage the mastectomy defect (which can be significantly disfiguring) as good as any method of reconstruction.  A great result

Patients who prefer to wake up from mastectomy surgery nearly completely reconstructed often will choose latissimus flap and implants.  Although there is a scar on the back, there are less scars on the breast.

Here bilateral latissimus flaps and implants create a fine breast with no detectable breast scars.  An amazing result after total mastectomy.

This patient underwent a bilateral mastectomy for breast cancer and simultaneous bilateral latissimus flap with implants.  She is shown after mastectomy and first stage of reconstruction, then again after nipple reconstruction and tattooing. An amazing result after mastectomy.

Radiation presents challenges in reconstructive breast surgery. One way to overcome them in conjunction with mastectomy is to use a flap. Here, latissimus flap and implants help solve the dilemma of large, complex, radiated sagging breasts in a staged approach.  In the end, an exceptional outcome in a real difficult scenario.

This patient was diagnosed with breast cancer of the right breast. She underwent a right total mastectomy with immediate reconstruction using a latissimus flap and implant. Later a nipple reconstruction has been done. In the end, it hardly looks like a mastectomy was done.

This patient underwent bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction with silicone gel implants and bilateral latissimus flaps allowing for near complete reconstruction upon awakening from mastectomy.  An outstanding aesthetic outcome.

This case shows a patient who is undergoing the process of breast reconstruction. She is shown before nipple reconstruction and after nipple reconstruction. The subtle increase in volume overall in the post-op views (arrows) comes from fat grafting done at the time of nipple reconstruction.

This patient presented with breast cancer and underwent bilateral mastectomy and bilateral latissimus flap with implant reconstruction. She underwent radiation after her first stage of reconstruction. Her asymmetric sagging breasts initially presented a challenge. I performed a lift with the flap (as a buried flap) reconstruction. Later the skin envelope was tightened and the nipple was reconstructed. A fine outcome.

This patient underwent unilateral mastectomy and chose latissimus flap and implant so that she could look nearly complete at the mastectomy. Opposite breast augmentation helped gain symmetry. Final step of nipple reconstruction complete the process. A fine outcome.