Breast Reconstruction by Tissue Expansion / Implant Cases

This patient underwent bilateral total mastectomy with staged implant and alloderm tissue grafting reconstruction.  First stage tissue expander and sequential rapid air expansion allows for improved aesthetic shapes.  All air is replaced by saline about 4 weeks after mastectomy.  Subsequent second stage surgery to replace expander with implants and shape the space with lift and capsulectomy really refine the outcome.  Ultimately the best cosmetic surgery breast outcome but in a mastectomy case is truly remarkable!  A beautiful result. 

A combination of implant reconstruction and fat grafting were used to create lifelike breast outcomes in total mastectomy cases.

This patient underwent staged Bilateral nipple sparing mastectomy reconstruction first with expanders, followed by implants, allografts, and breast lift. The combination looks like a cosmetic breast lift and implants.

The complexities of breast reconstruction after a mastectomy in a very saggy and large breast cannot be understated. Here is the finished result of combining breast reduction and staged tissues expander implant reconstructions. The outcome looks like a breast reduction but is actually a bilateral total mastectomy patient!

This patient presented with large and saggy breasts and a need to undergo bilateral mastectomy. I combine vertical (breast lift pattern for mastectomy) incision with weekly sequential rapid air filled expansion, and subsequent replacement of expanders, with implants, reshaping with internal Allograft internal tissue bra slings, and finally fat grafting and 3D tattooing of nipple areola. (I use 4-5 pigments to create a nipple/areola which looks real!) A great outcome.

This patient underwent bilateral staged reconstruction after mastectomy with initial tissue expanders, followed by alloderm tissue graft and implant reshaping and finally nipple areola reconstruction. (This photo taken prior to 3-D tattooing). A great result.


The patient presented with tissue expander/implant reconstruction using the technique of a breast reduction skin pattern mastectomy. This facilitates a lifted outcome. Look carefully at the nipple “reconstruction”. It is an optical illusion!

I did #D tattooing to make it look like a nipple and areola without surgery.

A nipple-sparing bilateral mastectomy is still a total mastectomy where all tissue under the skin is completely removed. Potentially disfiguring, it can be reconstructed to yield a lovely breast. Look at how I did it here using a staged approach with tissue expanders and then implants.

This patient underwent the conventional non-nipple sparing method of a bilateral mastectomy. She was reconstructed using a staged approach first with tissue expanders and then with implants. I reconstructed  (created from nothing) life-like nipple and areola and then pigmented them to give a truly great result. Hard to believe this breast was created from essentially nothing.

This case demonstrates the presence of tissue expansion implant reconstruction. Shown with final implants, bilateral 3-D tattooing (by me) for nipple reconstruction and fat grafting of infra-clavicular post-mastectomy hollow, the results are outstanding for post-mastectomy reconstruction.