Breast Reconstruction by Tissue Expansion / Implant Cases

This case showcases my approach to Breast Reconstruction in women undergoing mastectomies who have sagging breasts. I have a unique way of combining breast reduction pattern flaps incorporated in a mastectomy which at the end of the process ensures a far superior aesthetic outcome!

This patient presents with complex issues of extreme sag and a large areola with a high scar. I planned reconstruction and mastectomy incisions to mimic that of a breast reduction.

The final result after a bilateral total mastectomy is amazing!

Managing very large breasts with significant sag is the most complex part of a mastectomy reconstruction.

I take a unique approach to this problem, converting the mastectomy to a breast reduction pattern and reconstructing the breast to look like a lift plus an implant.

An amazing result!

This is a very complex case. Combining a mastectomy with a tissue expander in a ptosis construction anomaly is challenging. Here, she is seen after the nipple reconstruction.

I completely reshaped the entire breast footprint from oddly angular to a nice round appealing breast shape.

A great outcome!

This case demonstrates the use of 3D tattooing in cases where either the patient declines nipple reconstruction or in past radiation where formal nipple reconstruction may not work well. The 3D pigmentation process looks like there is a real nipple in place!

This patient presented with left breast cancer and underwent a bilateral nipple-sparing mastectomy and a bilateral tissue expander ADM with subsequent replacement of expanders with implants. She is shown months after surgery. A fine cosmetic-level outcome!

Here is a bilateral nipple-sparing mastectomy and staged reconstruction with tissue expanders followed by implants using only a small lateral incision. A fine outcome.

This patient underwent a bilateral mastectomy and breast reconstruction using a nipple-sparing technique and a staged approach with a tissue expander and later implants.  An amazing result after a total mastectomy which rivals the outcome of cosmetic breast augmentation.


This patient underwent a bilateral mastectomy and a staged reconstruction using a nipple-sparing technique first using tissue expanders and later using shaping and implants.  An amazing cosmetic result after mastectomy.

In order to improve the uneven sag in her breasts, when undergoing bilateral mastectomy, I designed her nipple sparing mastectomy and reconstruction using expanders and implants and ADM (acellular dermal matrix) to lift her during the reconstruction process.  As the final stage, I did fat grafting to better camouflage the mastectomy.  A great outcome.