Breast Reconstruction by Tissue Expansion / Implant Cases

This patient underwent a bilateral nipple-sparing mastectomy and staged reconstruction with a tissue expander, acellular Dermal Matrix (ADM), and later a change to final implants.

This patient presented with a plan to undergo a bilateral mastectomy. A staged approach using tissue expanders later replaced with implants and then nipple reconstruction was done. A fine cosmetic outcome after mastectomy.

Very large breasts with sag present significant challenges for reconstruction after a mastectomy.  Handling the tremendous excess of skin (both horizontal and vertical) can be complex.  I have developed a unique technique that manages this using a breast lift pattern approach.  This patient is shown at various stages along the process.  A fine result.

This patient underwent a bilateral mastectomy for breast cancer and a staged reconstruction with tissue expanders and implants. Later nipple reconstruction was performed. A fine result.

This patient underwent a bilateral mastectomy and a staged reconstruction with tissue expanders and later replaced by implants and finally nipple reconstruction.

Shown here is a bilateral breast, staged with tissue expander and implants after a bilateral mastectomy.  A wonderful aesthetic result.

This patient underwent bilateral mastectomy for breast cancer and staged reconstruction using tissue expanders replaced with implants. Later nipple reconstruction and fat grafting was done to camouflage the mastectomy defect wall. A fine result.

This case shows a patient who is undergoing the process of breast reconstruction. She is shown before nipple reconstruction and after nipple reconstruction. The subtle increase in volume overall in the post-op view (arrows) comes from fat grafting done at the time of nipple reconstruction.

This patient presented with breast cancer and underwent bilateral breast reconstruction with tissue expanders, later replaced with implants (silicone gel) and later (final stage) had nipple reconstruction.

Post-Mastecomy, this young woman presented to me after an attempt at breast cancer reconstruction from another institution. She was unhappy with the poor shape and incomplete camouflage. I reconstructed her by reconfiguring the implant space by changing the implant and making a pigmented, nipple and areola.  I fat grafted the perimeter over the implant and did an augmentation to create balance and a more natural curve.  A very fine outcome and a very grateful patient.