Facelift SMAS Composite (Deep Plane) & Necklift, Cervicoplasty, Platysmaplasty Cases

A version of “Deep Plane” facelift is my version of SMAS Composite Face and Neck Lift where I combine fat grafting in the face/lips, cheeks, marionette and jaw line) with SMAS layer extensive elevation in face to raise jowls into cheeks contiguous with elevating platysma laterally in neck and centrally under chin central cervicoplasty to create dramatic and youthful but very natural faces!!

Here I also did a forehead lift to eradicate all the lines, elevate the brow, and even elevate the nose to a young look (just from my brow lift).  Transformational beautiful face and neck results!!

This patient underwent SMAS composite (deep plane) face and neck lift with central cervicoplasty, lateral platysmaplasty, fat grafting and lip lift.  This outstanding result demonstrates the aesthetic benefits of these procedures over simple face lifts, threat lifts, incomplete neck procedures etc.

The final images show the patient 14 years before next to her “after” photo.

This patient presented with heavy eyelids, volume loss face, and low eyebrows with forehead lines.  I did coronal brow lift, nasal lift from brow lift entrance, upper and lower eyelid blepharoplasty, lower lid fat reposition, cheek lift, and filler augmentation of fat transfer cheek and jaw enhancement.  A stunning result!

Combination SMAS composite face and neck lift, platysmaplasty, cervicoplasty, and excisional lipectomy of neck with fat grafting of multiple sites in face including cheeks, marionette, jawline, lips, have transformed this woman seemingly back in time by 15 years or more.  A beautiful result with closeup of hidden scars.

This patient underwent combination SMAS composite face and neck lift, upper and lower eyelid Blepharoplasty, cheek lift, coronal brow lift and multisite fat grafting (lips, cheeks, marionette). A beautiful, natural, and aesthetic outcome.

This patient underwent SMAS composite face and Neck lift with fat grafting to multiple sites of face including cheeks, lid cheek junction, nasolabial fold, lips, marionette triangle and jawline. A dramatic transformation taking back back in time 20 years! 

This patient underwent upper and lower eyelid blepharoplasty, fat grafting to multiple sites of face including lips, jawline, marionette folds, cheeks, and SMAS composite face and neck lift with platysmaplasty. This combination seemingly has reversed time, bringing her back twenty years. An amazing outcome! 

Doing a face lift and getting the results of a face lift without making it look like a face lift is what the male patient is after. Combining fat grafting in cheek hollow and across jaw line to eliminate the aged feeble look, along with SMAS composite lifting to eliminate the jowl and bring volume back to the upper face makes this a very nice outcome.

This male presented with the typical aging features which prompt people to seek this procedure. I had previously (many years earlier) performed blepharoplasty (upper and lower). His face and neck aged around his youthful eyes with laxity, sag, and hollowness (loss of volume). I combined fat grafting (along the jawline, cheeks, lid cheek junction, brow ridge, and marionette folds) with SMAS composite face and neck lift.

In this procedure, I lift the internal saggy cheek, jowls, and neck fibrofatty musculature together (as a COMPOSITE- hence the name!) and redirect these vectors slightly differently from the skin portion of the lift. This allows me to give patients remarkably youthful results that are natural and not pulled. This is a great representation of how I can take 15 years or more off the face!

This patient complained of the typical things women between 45-60 complain about: Relatively rapid aging of the face compared to earlier age with jowling, neck laxity, eyelid excess skin and sagging cheeks.

I combined my composite SMAS double plane face and neck lift with cheek lift, and eyelid blepharoplasty to transform her face to a natural youthful beauty she had 15 or 20 years before. A beautiful result.