Facelift SMAS Composite (Deep Plane) & Necklift, Cervicoplasty, Platysmaplasty Cases

This woman presented with significant signs of facial aging: jowling, neck sag and excess, eyelid overhang.

I combined my double plane SMAS face and neck lift with cheek lift and upper and lower eyelid blepharoplasty and fat
grafting of jowl line to transform her into the youthful appearance she had 15-20 years ago A fine outcome.

There are so many things to discuss regarding this patient. Facial aging here has caused deep brow furrows, eyelid skin excess, wrinkled lid skin, lid cheek separation, jowling, and neck sagging.

She is shown after coronal browlift/plasty, upper and lower eyelid blepharoplasty, cheek lift, face and neck (with SMAS lift). I have re-positioned sagging fat within the face to a more youthful position. All lines of the forehead (along with heaviness) have been eliminated. An outstanding outcome.

This patient presented with jowl prominence (arrows) and overall sag of the face.

In this facelift I used the SMAS (deep) layer to raise jowl tissue back up to cheeks to create a far more youthful appearance and transformation to a beautiful face!

Liposuction and fat grafting to neck and jowls/lower face help transform (without facelift) this patient. A very nice outcome.

This patient presented with eyelid skin and fat excess as well as deep nasolabial folds, prominent jowls and a very thick saggy neck.

The procedure designed for this patient included blepharoplasty (eyelid lift)and face and neck lift. The facelift included repositioning jowl tissues into the cheeks and contouring the jawline to change the square shape (aged) to a V shape (youthful). A fine result.

These views show a visible sign of aging in a patient with a youthful attitude. Signs of poor quality skin, aging lines and sag combine to show a tired face.

The post-op views show the dramatic effects a combined approach yields. Here face and neck lift, forehead-plasty (with volume restoration) have transformed this patient. I think the key to face lifting being successful is to restore youthful volume while preserving the uniqueness of each individual’s facial characteristics.

The quality skincare, volume restoration in the face, osseous genioplasty (chin advancement) and liposuction of the neck have all helped this patient’s aesthetically attractive facial features be realized. (top row is before and the bottom row is after)

I think an important (and often under-appreciated) aspect of plastic surgery is the ability of the plastic surgeon to see the aesthetic potential in patients as they present and help those same patients achieve their desired goals.

This patient reveals classic findings of upper eyelid facial aging. The pre-operative views show eyelid to sag and eyebrow sag, which lend to a tired older look. Youthful restoration is achieved by a combination approach. Forehead-plasty including removal of lines, browlift, eyelid lifts, and face and neck lifts open up her face and show the beauty of her eyes.

Fat transfer principles can be used successfully to improve facial aesthetics and restore a youthful appearance. Here liposuction of the neck, and fat augmentation (by micrografting) to the lower eyelids and cheek folds eliminate the hollow lower lids, fill the lines around the cheeks, mouth, and flatten and sculpt her neck.

A subtle, yet dramatic improvement of the face.

Combination brow lift and face and neck lift with cheek lift and upper and lower eyelid blepharoplasty have transformed her face to a youthful appearance of almost 20 years younger!