Fat Grafting (BBL) Cases

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This is a real tour-de-force!  A real work of art!

This patient presented to me shortly after undergoing injection treatments to her abdomen which attempted to reduce fat.  It did not work!  (Her pre-op photos show the bruises she still had.)  She had a square shape, ill-defined wide hips and a flat buttocks.

I combined liposuction of the hips with fat grafting of buttocks and abdominoplasty-Flankplasty.

A spectacular result and shape transformation!

Case Study Categories: Fat Grafting (BBL).

Fat grafting of the buttock is a popular way of improving body shape. Collected fat from liposuction is processed and immediately re-injected to enhance the buttocks.

Case Study Categories: Fat Grafting (BBL).

This patient presented with a buttock deformity from a fall which led to an internal degloving injury leading to a significant deformity combined from scarring and fat loss. The treatment required a combination internal scar release and fat grafting.

Case Study Categories: Fat Grafting (BBL).