Total Body Lift Cases

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A beautifully youthful rejuvenation,  the result of a combination of a breast lift, liposuction, and total body lift.

Case Study Categories: Total Body Lift.

This case shows a total body lift combined with liposuction of hips and saddlebags, as well as buttock fat grafting.  Shown only 6 weeks later!  An amazing body transformation!


Case Study Categories: Total Body Lift.

This patient underwent total body lift, liposuction of hips, fat grafting to buttocks, and breast lift with implants.  The decision to extend abdominoplasty to total body lift was based on how far laxity of skin extends around the hip.

Her transformation was an amazing result.

Case Study Categories: Total Body Lift.

The positive impact combination body contouring procedures can have on a person is impossible to quantify.

Here a young woman, after significant weight loss, chose to undergo a combination breast lift with implants, body lift combining abdominoplasty, flankplasty and buttock lift. Liposuction was done to the hip and back, and fat grafting to the buttocks for shaping. An outstanding transformation and result.

Case Study Categories: Total Body Lift.

Extreme weight loss is a real triumph for patients. The residual body issues however, take away from the achievement. This patient lost 130 pounds after gastric bypass surgery, resulting in breast sag, abdominal laxity with excess and hip/ buttock sag. Additionally, shown here is the laxity and excess of arm skin.

The bottom 3 views after surgery (2 stages only) show a fantastic body, contoured well beyond that which one would reasonably expect from post gastric bypass contouring.

The approach here (arm lift, breast lift with implants and total body lift) goes way beyond the typical outcomes. Note bottom center view – narrow arms, lifted full breasts, narrow waist, tight abdomen and hips. Hard to believe that this woman once weighed over 300 pounds! Quite a journey and well-deserved outcome.

The two bottom additional views highlight the dramatic changes (lighting variations account for skin tone change).

Case Study Categories: Total Body Lift.

Combination breast lift with lipo of lateral and prepectoral breast, tummy tuck, flankplasty, hip and buttocks lift, with hip liposuction all done with one surgery have transformed her into a tight youthful shape.  Note the elimination of all “bulges” with this combination procedure.  A great outcome.

Case Study Categories: Total Body Lift.

This patient presents with asymmetric breast sag (ptosis), a weak abdominal wall, and excess skin.

Her surgery included a breast lift with implant augmentation (with an excision of excess saggy breast and skin) and a body lift (abdominoplasty, flankplasty, buttock lift). The combination of procedures restored this patient’s body to a fit youthful appearance with excellent cosmetic results.

Case Study Categories: Total Body Lift.

This complex case shows a patient after extreme weight loss, who also had severe defects of the breast with asymmetry from breast surgery performed elsewhere.

Pre-op condition included abdominal wall laxity, poor quality skin, excess skin, and dimpled sagging buttocks.

Post-op shows the patient nearly one year later. Her breasts have been corrected to a nice aesthetic form. The old initial scar placement of the left breast improved but, impossible to eliminate.

Note very attractive overall body shape created by Total Body Lift, including: abdominoplasty, flank/hip-plasty, buttock lift (note profile), and elimination of nearly all dimpling and addition of subtle fullness.

Case Study Categories: Total Body Lift.

A total body transformation that combined breast lift, capsulectomy, removal and replacement of implants, as well as a total body lift including abdominoplasty along with diastasis repair, flankplasty, hip and buttock lift, liposuction of hips, and fat grafting of buttocks have transformed her into a beautiful, youthful body!

Case Study Categories: Total Body Lift.

Combination body lift, back lift, and breast lift by auto-augmentation has transformed this patient to a new, beautiful and shapely figure!  

Case Study Categories: Total Body Lift.