Face and Neck Lift – LKa

Case Study

Three sets of images are presented here. They show a patient who presented with signs of facial aging including; eyelid excess and sag, under-eye hollow, cheek flattening and jowl fullness and sag, and neck laxity. I performed a combination procedure on her including; eyelid lift, fat transposition to fill out lower lid hollow, eyelid tightening procedure (canthopexy) (to reverse the bowed out aging of the lower lid), cheek implants to add youthfulness to the cheeks, face and neck lift with platysmaplasty and SMAS lift and micro-liposuction of nasolabial folds and periorbital fat grafting.

An outstanding outcome with a return to a youthful appearance without looking too tight! The key here was restoring volume! In my facelift approach this is paramount.