Face and Neck Lift – DHu

Case Study

This male presented with the typical aging features which prompt people to seek this procedure. I had previously (many years earlier) performed blepharoplasty (upper and lower). His face and neck aged around his youthful eyes with laxity, sag, and hollowness (loss of volume). I combined fat grafting (along the jawline, cheeks, lid cheek junction, brow ridge, and marionette folds) with SMAS composite face and neck lift.

In this procedure, I lift the internal saggy cheek, jowls, and neck fibrofatty musculature together (as a COMPOSITE- hence the name!) and redirect these vectors slightly differently from the skin portion of the lift. This allows me to give patients remarkably youthful results that are natural and not pulled. This is a great representation of how I can take 15 years or more off the face!