I am so grateful!!! I feel like I never had breast cancer. I’m comfortable in my own skin once again.  The memories of constant pain, and misshapen breasts from previous surgeon’s work are erased. I can live my life, work, exercise, and feel like a woman. How blessed are we that there is surgeon who sees the beauty of the world or a complex scene and is able to reproduce it into artwork. We, his patients are his living art. He sees symmetry and beauty, and recreates this during surgery. When I look in the mirror I say “Wow Hello Me”, you were missing for awhile but you are back. Dr. Spiro, I pray for you to stay healthy, young and passionate bout what you do because there are others who need to be blessed. 


Dear Dr. Spiro,


Saying thank you seems so insufficient in the moment, but I can’t find any other words that truly express my feeling appropriately, so I’ll just stick to those two words with the hope that you know the depth of emotion and gratitude they contain.

On April 16, 2018, I ever thought I’d be able to look at myself in the same way before I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was wrong. I remember interviewing so many doctors and praying that god help guide me in making the right choice. He did!! Your guidance and partnership with the decisions I needed to make were critical to the fantastic end result. Your skill, knowledge and positive outlook played a major role in mu recovery both physically and mentally. You are a true artisan. You have an extraordinary gift. Your compassion, quality of work and integrity as a surgeon and more fundamentally as a person, shine through,

It is very rare these days that there are doctors who truly care, are concerned, committed and give everything to make sure their patients get the best care. Thank you to you and your staff for taking such great care of me. Thank you for giving me back my self-confidence! I am not ashamed to look in the mirror anymore. I know that I didn’t make the wrong decision. I truly believe that you will continue to tough the lives of so many more women like myself. Thank you will never be enough!

M. R.

Dr. Spiro was recommended to me by my breast surgeon as the best of the best for latissimus flap reconstruction after a double mastectomy…a meticulous surgeon and an incredible artist. I arrived for my consultation with him feeling rather distraught and overwhelmed by my diagnosis and all of the difficult medical procedures ahead of me. I was on medical information overload, plagued with so many questions to answer and so many medical decisions to make for myself. 

Dr. Spiro and his office turned around a very out of control situation for me into a state of total peace of mind. My questions, concerns and fears were met with patience, compassion, professionalism and confidence to create the comfort level I needed to trust Dr. Spiro and his staff implicitly. Each and every staff member from the billing department to the nurses have been extremely nurturing and very thorough throughout all of our interactions.  They have been so sensitive to addressing all the emotional components that go hand in hand with the medical treatment of a patient.  I definitely made the right decision to make the commute from out of state to be in Dr. Spiro’s care!

The aesthetic results of my latissimus flap reconstruction have far exceeded my expectations!  Before surgery, I was worried that I would never want to look at my naked body in the mirror again. Instead, every day I look in the mirror marveling at the beautiful, natural looking outcome Dr. Spiro achieved for me while completely respecting my wishes to keep my breasts at a modest size. I am eternally grateful to Dr. Spiro and his incredible staff for all of their special efforts to turn such a traumatic experience into a new beginning filled with hope! 


I just wanted to take the time and thank you all so much for everything you all have done.
 Unfortunately, I had Breast cancer twice but I was fortunate enough to be in great hands of Dr.Spiro and his staff.  Kelly and Dina were so amazing at helping me go thru the process and keeping me at ease.  Dr. Spiro is an amazing surgeon and artist and I am so grateful for him and his staffs bedside manner.


Dear Dr. Spiro and Staff,

Thank you for all of your support throughout my abdominal surgery.

I feel so fortunate to be under your care. You and your entire staff have been so reassuring and supportive especially in the beginning with my added challenge of having the flu.

Not only are you an amazing artist and a true professional but you are a life changer! Since I had my first son (15 years ago) I was always so sad to look in the mirror at my skinny-fat image and although I still have a long way to go… for the first time I am excited to look at my reflection!

I am so glad that I chose you and your team for my journey!




I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Spiro and his team.

I recently had a rhinoplasty and liposuction of my neck with fat grafting to my face.  During my first consultation, Dr. Spiro listened to my concerns, and explained the best way to achieve the results I was looking for.  His artistic eye was able to see things I had not even noticed about my areas of concern, so he was able to give me what I was after, but better than I had imagined. Of course, he made sure I was comfortable with everything he planned to do and made sure my concerns were all met.

His staff were fabulous throughout the entire process.  If ever I had a question, I was easily able to reach my nurse by phone anytime I called.  And she was always happy to answer my questions and ask how I was doing.  All of the staff members were nothing but nice to me during all of my office visits.

I am 3 currently weeks out from my procedures.  At my most recent appointment, Dr. Spiro commented that I was healing extremely well, which I was very pleased to hear.  Even with some swelling, everything is looking great.  I would recommend Dr. Spiro to others who are considering a plastic surgery procedure.


Dr. Spiro has performed several procedures for me. He is a very compassionate, professionally confident, and friendly doctor. I am extremely happy with the results. I’ve had a latissimus dorsi and breast augmentation with implants due to breast cancer 11 years ago. Recently I had a repeat breast augmentation because it was time to replace the implants.  Dr. Spiro did a fabulous job and they look great.  I healed well and feel fabulous. Dr. Spiro has the eye of a true artist and I highly recommend him.

Dr. Spiro’s staff is amazing they are all exceptional, professional and friendly. The staff are warm and helpful making the entire process for the patient a very positive and relaxed experience.  I would recommend this office to anyone.

Mary Narcise

Giving birth to three children truly took a toll on my breasts so I made the decision to get implants.  Although Dr. Spiro sees a multitude of patients a day and performs dozens of surgical procedures a week, he still makes you feel like you are his only patient.  Dr. Spiro spent more than adequate time with me during my initial consultation and valued my opinions and concerns.  His attention to detail, his knowledge, expertise, and passion for what he does was glaringly obvious.  I immediately developed a level of trust that served as a sense of security for me when I entered the operating room and when I began my recovery process.  Dr. Spiro kept me informed of every detail of what to expect following the surgery.  I was amazed at how quickly I recovered.  I am extremely satisfied with my results and would recommend Dr. Spiro and his staff to anyone.

Lauren B

Its October 2018 and its Breast Cancer Awareness month across America. I am blessed that this is my first full year as a survivor.

I can recall the day I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.   My world fell apart.  The search would begin to find my team of doctors.   I am somewhat of a perfectionist. Perhaps in some ways like Dr. Spiro.   I was not looking for a good doctor.  I was looking for a great doctor. Not someone in a band.  I was looking for a “Rockstar”!

I went for numerous consults – top rated surgeons – NYC, NJ – the best of the best … for the breast. I was going to lose my breasts but I was going to be cancer free.  To me, reconstructing and rebuilding my body was as important to me as removing bad cells…. Finding a surgeon to put me back together and to be as close to what I once was before.

When I departed Dr. Spiro’s office after my first consultation, I remember standing in the parking lot with my husband on a cold winter day and I said “We found my doctor”. Words cannot express how truly grateful I am to have found such a caring, empathetic and reassuring doctor to help me through one of the most difficult challenges I’ve ever faced. Dr. Spiro’s staff were all equally as wonderful. Always on call… always there… even at 11:00 at night to ask a question. And I sure had many.  Breast Cancer is a very difficult thing to go through, I’ve encountered insensitivity and unprofessionalism during my journey. Never at Dr. Spiro’s office.  At Dr. Spiro’s office, everyone is professional, empathetic, courteous, patient and very experienced.

Why did I choose Dr. Spiro? He listened to me speak.  He understood what I hoped for. He did not sugarcoat anything.   He clearly explained with examples what he could do for me.  He made me feel confident that I could actually get through this nightmare and feel whole again.  I will share a personal experience that I remember and I believe gives just a small example of the kind of surgeon Dr. Spiro is.  When I was wheeled into the OR on the day of my second surgery, Dr. Spiro had me look to the corner of the operating room.  I was nervous.  He said “ Do you see all those boxes over there”?  There were boxes piled high, containing breast implants of all different shapes and sizes.  Dr. Spiro then assured me that we weren’t leaving that operating room until we found the perfect fit for me.  He then said “hey, what type of music do you want to hear when you wake up”!!  I went under that day with a sense of peace and a certain confidence knowing that I would be ok.

I wanted to look and feel as natural as possible.  I can honestly say that although the Breast Cancer diagnosis will always be with me, I was reconstructed so beautifully that no one other than myself would ever know what I’ve been through.

I am a Warrior.  Dr Spiro is an artist and I am proud to say that I am one of his masterpieces.


Sue from New Jersey





Dr. Spiro is the best of the best!

From the office staff, to the initial consultation with this outstanding physician, and finally to the day of my surgery, and post-surgical experience, everything was excellent!!!!

Dr. Spiro is a physician and a true artist, the clinical experience was great, and his aesthetic is amazing.

I am so pleased with the results and care I received from this five-star team. I would highly recommend them to friends and family. 

Elli P.

I was finally able to enjoy wearing a bathing suit this summer!!!  After having and breastfeeding 3 babies, my chest went from small to nonexistent. I’d considered an augmentation for several years before having kids, and finally decided to go through with it a year after recovering from my third baby.  My experience with Dr. Spiro & his office staff during the pre and post-op process couldn’t have been better.  Everyone was professional, knowledgeable, and warm and I surprisingly felt at-ease during what I thought would be an awkward and uncomfortable process.  I would highly recommend Dr Spiro & his team to anyone who is considering breast augmentation. Thank you for reshaping my body and for making me comfortable and confident in my own skin again!


I always wanted to have my breasts reduced and lifted for the last 10 years. After

menopause they became heavier each year and dropped considerably (and I am only 51).

I could never commit to having them done.  I saw Dr. Spiro about 10 years

ago, maybe even longer, and had a consultation but never followed through.


I returned to your office this March, 2018 and met with Dr. Spiro who examined

me and discussed every detail of what I would be having done, the  nurse took

pictures and showed me some other pictures to see what I would like.  They were

so warm and understanding to my needs.  I booked the surgery immediately for

5 weeks later (May 2, 2018).


In the 5 weeks before the surgery, I was so nervous about becoming sick and having the

surgery postponed that I had such anxiety. I had called the office several times to ask the nurses

questions on top of questions and was always met with warmth by Trish and Daniela who were

so amazing to work with.  They never made me feel I was a bother.


The day of the surgery Dr. Spiro came in to examine and speak with me and started my surgery

exactly the time he said.  Afterwards each appointment I saw him, I was on schedule with my progress.

I am so happy with my breast reduction and lift and was just told at my final visit that I was recovering like

someone who is 9 months out from surgery instead of 4 months.


Dr. Spiro and his staff were wonderful to deal with, which is also a very important factor. He is an experienced surgeon and although

I know price is a factor for most people as it was for myself, at that time believe it or not it becomes the last thing you think of. 

I always knew I wanted him as my surgeon and my final decision was being reassured by him I would be just fine and knowing in my

heart I was in the BEST hands possible with him as my doctor.  I trusted him completely even before the surgery.


Dr. Spiro I would recommend highly, I feel he is the best.  It is also important that a doctor has a good staff ( and I have experienced

some horrible ones.)  After surgery, you will be dealing with Dr. Spiro’s staff and nurses regularly. I will say he has chosen nothing

short of the best people to work with him.

Maria Perrelli

“Wizard….  yes, wizard is what I think of when I think of Dr. Spiro.  The experience I had  with Dr. Spiro and his staff has been a pleasurable one.  Having facial surgery was a big decision and the result of Dr. Spiro’s work is truly remarkable.  
Saying Dr. Spiro is “an artist’ or “the best” doesn’t describe the depth of his skill  – he is in a class of his own.  A skilled, talented, caring surgeon such as Dr. Spiro rarely comes along- if you are fortunate  enough to have found him and are reading this testimonial, you are lucky – life is putting a skilled professional in your path. Look no further, have faith in life and the process. Whatever it is you want to do… whether it is because of an illness, or you’re  deciding  you want to feel  better about yourself – go for it – you will never regret it. 
I know the apprehension you have during this stage. If it would help to speak to someone,  ask for my phone number, leave a message and I promise to get back to you.”


“I must start off by saying that Dr.Spiro is by far the most talented , experienced, and above all the most capable of all plastic surgeons . I have seen many , including NYC DOCTORS .I had two previous breasts surgeries by who I know now , an incompetent dr. He caused me to have two surgeries after my first. He did not place my implants in the correct position, gave me a silicone and a saline, instead of giving me two new implants after his first botched job .A complete disaster !!!!!Fast forward July 23, 2018. Dr . Spiro knew immediately what to do to fix my horrible ,incapsulated breasts . I never thought I could have normal breasts again . The king of plastic surgery changed my life . I have two , perky, normal breasts . Amazing !!!! I am beyond ecstatic. His staff is top notch . This doctor is an artist , truly an artist . His art work is hung all over his office and other places for show . Who  better to work on your body ???? This is the doctor to go to !!! Look no further !!! You too will want to write a testimonial like me because you will be so so happy . Life changing!!!!!!”

Karen Steiner

“After three c-sections I wanted to get my body reshaped to feel better and self confident. I considered a plastic surgery procedure during several years, and was concerned about not getting the results I wanted. I do not regret having my tummy tuck and breast reduction procedure done by Dr Spiro. The results were amazing, he is a real artist, and cared about how I felt at every step of the process. My best decision ever, thanks Dr Spiro.”

Maria Carmen Torres

I just wanted to say thank you again for the incredible work you did with my second breast augmentation. It looks fabulous. I am so comfortable with you and your wisdom. I trust Dr Spiro completely to make the best decisions for my body. I feel like I never need a consultation. He shines above all the rest.


Dr Spiro’s bedside manner, plastic surgery/medical expertise dedication to me as a patient and your profession, are without a doubt the best I have ever known. Dr Spiro is a true “wizard” and therefore I have always trusted him. Thank you so again for being so kind, compassionate, patient and for your incredible professionalism and comprehensive care of your patients.


Your office staff is amazing as well. They are super considerate, warm & accommodating. A unique group of people.




This past year, at the age of 37, I needed a surgical lumpectomy due to having a rare tumor in my right breast. My breast surgeon knew I did not want to live with a distorted or concave breast, so she suggested I consult with a plastic surgeon to discuss having breast reconstruction. I asked her to give me some of the best recommendations of plastic surgeons.  Her recommendation came down to just one name, Dr. Spiro.  She told me “he’s simply the best”.  Since I fully trust my breast surgeon’s opinion I decided to schedule my consultation with Dr. Spiro right away.


When I arrived for my appointment I was pleasantly surprised by the display of his very own beautiful artwork in his waiting room. His walls are decorated with not only his artwork but also he proudly displays his multiple awards, the magazine articles written about him and other accolades he has acquired throughout his many years in practice. I felt very confident after seeing his artistic abilities in his artwork and could especially see his attention to detail and all his many accomplishments as a plastic surgeon, that I had no doubt I was about to meet a very gifted surgeon.


Within the first few minutes of my consultation with Dr. Spiro I knew immediately that he was the ONLY surgeon for me and that I didn’t need to look any further.  He has such a great energy about him and at the same time he is very calm, focused, gentle, very intellectual, and very detailed and meticulous about his methods and how to give each patient optimal results. He truly cares for his patients and it shows. He takes his time to go over your own individual situation and needs and gives you all your best possible options.  He never rushed me and listened to all my concerns and questions.  Furthermore, his office staff is just wonderful and so helpful.


Words cannot describe how extremely grateful I am to Dr. Spiro.  My results after my breast reconstruction are absolutely amazing. I am so happy each and every morning when I wake up and look at myself in the mirror.  He took my bad circumstance and turned it into a beautiful result and for this I am forever grateful. He is an extremely gifted surgeon and I would recommend Dr. Spiro a thousand times over again to anyone.


Dear Dr. Spiro,


It was eight years ago that I had a double mastectomy with reconstructive surgery and it was a journey that I would never of made it through without Dr. Spiro’s expertise, but more importantly his guidance, support and his caring way.  I also would like to mention his staff is so accommodating and helped me through this journey that I chose to do eight years ago.  In February of this year I had an appointment with Dr. Spiro because I was having pain in my left breast.  After a thorough exam he told me that I have developed a capsular contracture of the breast implant.  He told me I would need to take the existing implants out and put new implants in. In eight years many things have changed.  I didn’t realize how happy I would be, because I was thrilled with how my breasts looked since my surgery.  My breast today look better then ever, I am so thankful and it makes you feel like a women.

I have to share a story about the day of my surgery and I will admit I was very nervous to have surgery again, but I knew I was in the best hands with Dr. Spiro.  As I said goodbye to my daughter and my husband it hit me on how scared I was.  As I approached the operating room and they rolled me in I was greeting by Dr. Sprio’s and his surgical nurses.   They could tell that I was nervous and I was shaking from head to toe.  I kept telling myself everything would be fine, but I couldn’t relax. Dr. Spiro was getting prepared and saw that I was scared, I will never forget that he came over and held my hand and reassured me that everything was going to be fine.To often we underestimate the power of touch, a smile, a kind word, or the smallest act of caring can make a difference at that moment it was amazing I completely relaxed and was ready to have this surgery. I am forever grateful for Dr. Spiro his surgical team and his office staff that truly as a patient made my surgery a pleasant experience which helped me heal and I feel like myself again.

Liz Burns

Dear Dr Spiro & Team:


It’s amazing to look back on this journey and admire the results of my recent tummy tuck.  I feel like I am 29 all over again !


For me, this decision came after several years of losing 45 lbs post two children and recognizing that my 5-6/day wk workout and nutrition regimen was not going to show the hard work and results of my efforts.  I also wanted a strong core to take me to my next level of fitness.


After 4 consults, I finally confided in a friend that led me to Dr. Spiro.  She raved about her own friends and family results, the attention to detail and level of personal care Dr Spiro brought to every case.


What sets Dr Spiro apart are a few factors:  the artistry plus medical expertise he offers, the time & effort he patiently explains with all options, and the concern about the overall patients health vs the cosmetic outcome.  It was paramount to me that if I undertook a cosmetic procedure, that the scar would be minimized and that my health would not be compromised.  I could tell from the amount of pictures, testimonials and hands on experience, Dr Spiro was the right surgeon to accomplish the objective.


Throughout the surgery preparation and recovery, my decision was further confirmed.  The admissions facility unsolicitedly confirmed Dr Spiro was a perfectionist and I was in the right hands for a beautiful outcome.  Additionally Dr Spiro and his staff personally checked up on me several times daily in the recovery and ensured I was actively following the nutrition and post op procedures for a fast, but safe recovery.


At a week post op, I looked in the mirror and knew I had made the right decision.  My c-section “tire” of loose skin was gone & I had a core tighter than 29.  Within weeks, I was back to a size 4 dress I wore 20 yrs ago.  At 6 week’s post op, I started cardio again.  At 8 wks, I skiied for 4 days straight.  At 12 wks, I ran a 5k & finished in the top 10%.  Cleared at 12wks to start weight training again, I am now looking forward to a summer of wearing bikinis on the beach with pride in my personal transformation.


Thanks, Dr. Spiro & Team for your surgical skill, perfection and artistry you bring to the profession.


My Journey from Initial Diagnosis, Surgery, Chemo, Surgery, and now a path to Recovery

I will start at the end when I went for my 3 month follow up after chemo (2 months after reconstruction of my bilateral nipple sparing mastectomy) to see my oncologist at MSKCC. Thankfully my blood work was fine; upon examination they could not believe the outstanding results of the surgery. The reconstruction and the aesthetic appearance of the procedure was the best they have seen. I was proud to tell them that Dr Spiro was not only my surgeon but a guide through my year long journey. He is an extraordinary person and surgeon.  Dr Spiro and his staff provided extreme care, understanding, and support throughout this process. Their bright smiles and words of encouragement provided assurance through this journey. My journey with Dr. Spiro and his team was compassionate and caring, a journey that now makes me smile. Thank you for all your help and support to me and my family.


I was hesitant to undergo cosmetic surgery, especially to my face.  I never liked the way many people look after procedures.  They look plastic and stretched, and no longer themselves.  Nevertheless, I was very unhappy with the bags under my eyes.  And in recent years, my upper eyelids had also become very droopy and heavy.  I found Dr. Spiro in New Jersey Top Doctors.  I did some research and liked what I read about him.  Not only was he a top-rated plastic surgeon, but also an artist.  I read about his philosophy on cosmetic surgery, and I liked what I read.

Once I called for the appointment for a consultation, one of the first things the nurse asked me was if I smoked.  I admitted that I had just quit (for the hundredth time).  She told that me that Dr. Spiro would not perform surgery unless the patient is “smoke free” for at least six weeks.  And, don’t try to get away with cheating because he will perform random nicotine tests.  That’s how strongly he is against it.  He said smoking can really affect a positive outcome.  I knew right away I was in good hands.  And wanting to have the surgery performed by this innovative, extremely talented and caring doctor only reinforced my desire to quit smoking.

It is now five weeks after my upper/lower eyelid surgery, fat transposition and lateral cheek lift.  I am thrilled with the results.  My eyes are so big and open and the bags are GONE.  I look and feel great.  I had no pain at all.  Dr. Spiro has the nicest bedside manner.  He is gentle, sweet, attentive, caring. He explained everything in detail from beginning to end.  He always made me feel special and cared for.  His office staff, the nurses, everyone is professional, and caring.

Besides having a new refreshed face, I am no longer a smoker. I thank you Dr. Spiro from the bottom of my heart.  You are an amazing surgeon and a beautiful caring person


I came to you eight years ago on the heels of my MS diagnosis. I was determined to not allow my diagnosis to get in the way of having a body that was proportionate and beautiful. You completely empowered my choice to have breast augmentation and Lipo in the areas that needed it. You were kind and enthusiastic and I knew you were standing for my desire to be attractive in the midst of a devastating diagnosis.  I was in great hands.

Thank you for your beautiful work that continues to last. I will always remember you in the operating room and how perfectly comfortable and inspired you were. The OR is truly your artist’s studio.

Thank you for your gift, compassion and professionalism.

Leah B. Levine

Dr Spiro.

You are my hero.

PERFECTIONIST, APPROACHABLE, CONFIDENT, FRIENDLY, INCREDIBLE BEDSIDE MANNER, An OFFICE STAFFED WITH ANGELS are only a few words to describe my feelings toward you and Spiro plastic surgery.

As a person who never would have considered having cosmetic surgery- you made the entire process inviting, exciting, safe and with no added pressure to continue on. One of the best decisions of my life was to pick up the phone, make the appointment and stick with it- as scared as I was. (I considered canceling a number of times which would have been disastrous by the way). Written words cant begin to portray my appreciation for you and your entire staff.

The way you took your time reading every detail of the initial paperwork and truly getting to know me as a person was so comforting.

The above and beyond pretests you required made me feel so confident, knowing I was in the best health possible pre surgery.

Your explanation every step of the way was exactly what I needed before going under anesthesia. Of course the “tween” pop music playing as we entered the OR was the most fun I have ever had in a hospital environment as well lol.

Lastly- your finished work is nothing short of a masterpiece. I can not believe the way you smoothed, shaped, lifted and sculpted my body into a figure I will be thrilled with for the rest of my life.

You are a master at your profession and a person I can call my friend – something that is extremely difficult to find in Physicians today.

I am so very thankful you came into my life. I can not imagine any plastic surgeon better than you, and will refer you to those individuals searching for one of the most enriching and rewarding experiences of a lifetime!


I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am with my decision to go through 2 surgeries with Dr. Spiro. Words cannot express how Dr. Spiro has made me feel physically and mentally he has truly transformed me. My small breast and wide hips were always something that made me self-conscious, but after having breast augmentation and liposuction it has given much confidence. Today I am a size 10 from a size 16 and a 36C from a 38B.

Dr. Spiro gave me the most natural breast augmentation when it comes to both look and feel, with the liposuction he has contoured my hips to be proportioned with the rest of my body. I honestly couldn’t have imagined better results. Thank you for exceeding my expectations!!!!

Dr. Spiro has an impeccable reputation and his staff were extremely friendly, thorough and knowledgeable in preparing me for my surgeries, I can’t thank Dr. Spiro enough!!!!


I feel so grateful and blessed to have had the opportunity to have you as my plastic surgeon during such a difficult time in my life! I can truly see why my breast surgeon highly recommended you. She handed me as handful of business cards but said you were the best and you would give me the best aesthetic look. She  was absolutely correct!! I could not be happier with my look right now. I truly love my body. Thank you for making me feel whole again! You are an exceptional doctor.

Dr. Spiro performed a breast reconstruction – latissimus flap with implants after my bilateral mastectomy. He is a very skillful, attentive, caring doctor. His staff is amazing as well. It’s a great team!


I had the pleasure of working for Spiro Plastic Surgery for over 4 years as one of Dr. Spiro’s registered nurses.  I wanted to take the time to write a testimonial for Dr. Spiro and his staff because I think that it’s valuable for prospective patients to know just what they are getting in to when they choose Spiro Plastic Surgery from the hindsight of a former insider.

Dr. Spiro is a surgeon unlike any other.  Sure, his expert artistry makes him a standout, but you will be hard pressed to find another doctor as passionate about your overall experience.  He takes in to account absolutely everything about each and every single one of his patients to make sure that their experience and outcome is nothing but the best.  He collaborates with each member of his staff to ensure this.

His staff are incredible and his turn over is low.  A lot of people want to know, “How is it working for Dr. Spiro? He seems like he would be hard to work for because he is such a perfectionist.”  I heard this countless times in my years there.  I can tell you with complete honesty… It was highly satisfying.  It’s not “hard” working for a perfectionist.  It was challenging at times because we as an entire staff put in long hours.  You want to work for a perfectionist especially if you are a perfectionist yourself.  I never once had to go home and ask myself if anything that Dr. Spiro did was unethical or even in the least bit not in a patient’s best interest.  It’s refreshing to work for a surgeon of that moral standard and extremely gratifying as nurse to know that you are part of a team that cares so deeply about patient safety and satisfaction.

The team is made up of caring and smart women who “hold your hand” through your entire surgical experience.  Like Dr. Spiro, they are all perfectionists. They don’t do that because it’s “their job.”  They do that because that’s the type of people that they are.  You can imagine this group of women all as top notch leaders who have come together to form a doctor’s dream team.  I can’t say enough good things about them and literally am teary eyed when I think about how much I miss them.  They are a team unlike no other.

So what else do you need to know about Dr. Spiro?  Yes, he’s a talented and much sought after plastic surgeon. Yes, he’s busy and it can be difficult to schedule a consult with him… He’s worth the wait.  But don’t worry if you realize that you need a breast augmentation just 3 months before your wedding; his staff will somehow miraculously fit you in and you will be well taken care of. Yes, his staff is without a doubt hands down smart, friendly, and approachable.  Yes, he runs behind sometimes… Don’t you want your surgeon to take as much time with you as you require and answer all of your questions?  Yes, he does run ahead of schedule sometimes. No, you won’t be pressured to have surgery by Dr. Spiro or any of his staff.  That’s not Dr. Spiro’s practice.  Take a look at his “before and after;” his work speaks for itself.

I know that this testimonial sounds too good to be true.  It’s really not.  I left the practice on my own free will to move to Florida with much support and well wishes from Dr. Spiro and his staff.  I wrote this on my own accord, without any prompting or compensation.  If you are a prospective patient, you should know that this is how a former employee feels about a practice and surgeon that she worked for.  I am happy to write that I have found a rewarding position as an RN in Florida, but I have Dr. Spiro and his staff to thank for teaching me about extraordinary care in plastic and reconstructive surgery.

The bottom line: this is a very gifted man with an extraordinary talent for transforming lives through plastic and reconstructive surgery who has chosen an exceptional staff.


Dear Dr. Spiro,

I’m writing to thank you for your time, attention and generosity. My appointment yesterday was terrific as always and I always leave feeling very secure.

Thank you also for caring when you heard I have Lyme disease, for “chronic Lyme” is such a sensitive subject and having support from you really means a lot.

I promise when I’m ready for any facial enhancements I will be sitting right back in your office; for I am only getting older! Again, thank you for seeing me yesterday!

Proud to be your patient!


Dear Dr. Spiro & Staff,

I imagine you hear it all of the time how amazing all of you are, and if you are not told that every day, let me be the one to say; Thank you for being a source of hope during the most challenging part of my life. Thank you for taking care of me and allowing me to feel whole again. The moment we arrived that first day, I knew I was in good hands. Each and every one of you show the most amazing, professional and compassionate care that any survivor could ask for.


My small breasts were always something that made me feel self-conscious. I spent years wearing big padded bras and hated every minute of it. Under my clothes my padded bra would make me look like I had boobs. Then I would put on my sports bra to go to the gym, or my bathing suit in summer, and had nothing. I didn’t feel it suited who I was on the inside.

When I finally decided to go through with the surgery I was excited, but also very nervous. A friend of mine recommended Dr. Spiro and said he was the best. He promised I would not be disappointed, and he was completely right! The entire staff, Dr. Spiro, and even the anesthesiologist were so nice, caring, and knowledgeable. One of the things that made me feel most comfortable is that Dr Spiro and his staff actually listened! Everyone truly had my best interest at heart.

Dr. Spiro gave me the most natural breast augmentation when it comes to both look and feel. I honestly couldn’t have imagined things any better.

The level of talent Dr. Spiro possess’ and the attentiveness of him and all of his staff helped to make my post op experience as pleasant as I could have hoped. The pain wasn’t bad and it didn’t last long. My incision was very small and well placed. The scar is pretty much unnoticeable, and that’s even before using the scar cream he recommends. I am so happy with my decision. It has really boosted my confidence. Dr. Spiro you are a true artist!


Dear Dr. Spiro,

There are those who have the will to help others and those with the ability to help others. Then there are those who are very special who possess both traits. I consider myself blessed that I was directed to Dr. Spiro. He uses his innate artistic gifts along with precise skill as a surgeon and creates a miracle.

I am 4 years post bilateral mastecomy with a latissimus flap and implant reconstruction (another surgeon). The results left me with constant pain in my back and chest. I was very limited as far as performing my very physical job. I love my job but had to cut my hours dramatically due to pain. Aesthetically, I felt deformed and still like a cancer victim. Tears were a part of my everyday life but felt that through my faith I would someday find a surgeon that could restore me.

Dr. Spiro has transformed my breasts back to beautiful. I feel fantastic also. I am excited to start a new job, get back to exercising, and look at my husband without crying. Also, haven’t seen my husband look at me this way in 4 years. But, most of all I feel like a Cancer Survivor! What can i say? Thank you Dr. Spiro, may God bless you every day.


Dr. Spiro is an exceptional plastic surgeon and I am very grateful that he was recommended to me. I had two separate surgeries with him. I think this in itself speaks to the level of confidence I have for both him and his staff. The first surgery was in 2014 — an abdominoplasty ( full tummy tuck). Dr. Spiro and his staff were extremely thorough in preparing me for this surgery as I had to first have a hysterectomy performed by my gynecologist  with the tummy tuck immediately following. Since I am anemic, Dr. Spiro and his nurses made sure they monitored me very carefully before the surgery and worked directly with my blood management doctors at St. Barnabas. I needed the hysterectomy due to my anemia, but the purpose of the tummy tuck was to repair my abdominal muscles having had three cesarean deliveries: no matter what type of exercise I did, I was unable to strengthen and make my abdominal muscles firm again. Dr. Spiro’s beautiful work put my abdominal muscles back together and now I can actually feel the difference when exercising — not to mention my stomach finally looks flat in any type of clothing I wear!

I was so happy with Dr. Spiro that I decided to have a second surgery in 2015, an auto-augmentation with breast lift. I had very large breasts for my body frame which prevented me from feeling comfortable and confident in my clothing. It has always been difficult buying clothes, especially exercise bras and bathing suits. Being the gifted surgeon that he is, Dr. Spiro explained that he had a wonderful surgical trick for women like myself who have very full breasts: Without even using an implant, he was able to achieve a beautifully shaped new breast by using my existing breast tissue, with a lift. To say the least, I am absolutely thrilled with the results!

I can’t say enough about Dr. Spiro and his entire staff. They are professional, compassionate, and I felt the level of care both pre and post-surgery was exceptional.


I am beyond grateful for Dr. Spiro’s expertise. He is a brilliant surgeon and an incredible physician. 3 months ago, I had a life changing surgery.  After my second pregnancy,  I was left with a double hernia, an abdominal wall split and i needed a full abdominoplasty.  My body didn’t feel right and I looked 5 months pregnant.   Dr. Spiro put me back together to the body I remember having before my kids.  I feel stronger and I have more energy now than ever, which is so important running after two young kids.

I presented Dr. Spiro with some difficult health issues and he handled them with care and compassion. His knowledge of medicine with all facets of the body is remarkable.

He is truly exceptional and I feel so lucky to have had been under his care.

Also, his nurses are amazing! They are kind, professional, and took their time with every concern.

Thank you all so much!


Dear Dr. Spiro,

As a 17 year old, I was so scared and nervous about having a breast reduction. I really wanted to go through with it but didn’t know what to expect.  My 34 F breasts kept me from doing a lot of things that I wanted to.  As a high school athlete I had to wear 2-3 bras to keep me comfortable while running and jumping.

Thank you for making me relaxed in a situation that was weird for a teenager.  You were so kind and gentle that I didn’t feel awkward at all.  I’m so happy I had the reduction.  I can now walk into Victoria’s Secret and buy a bra off of the rack, my clothes fit so much better, and I can wear a bikini!!!

Thanks again!  You are awesome.


Dear Dr. Spiro,

I would like to take the time to mention how wonderful and grateful I am that our son has had the care of such an experienced and caring doctor as well as nurses and office staff.  What an incredible group of girls! Each and every time I have called Marybeth, Mira, Mel, Diane, Veronica, Dina and Kelly have all been so helpful and patient.  Their pleasant, attentive demeanor and expertise have made each visit a great experience.  You came highly recommended from a former patient and we certainly made the right choice.  I would never think twice about referring any potential clients.  Thank you again!!!

Suzanne C

After having my consultation with Dr. Spiro, he made me feel so secure about my decision to have the surgery . After having it done the journey begins ! Dr. Spiro and his nurses were with an amazing care . Thank you to all of you !. After a year of having the surgery I’m feeling amazing about having my body back . After having my daughter I was always complaining about my sag belly lol!. Now I feel like I’m back to be on my 20s! Going to the gym and working out hard as always. It took time but it was 100% worth it ! Now my belly it’s hard as a rock! Love it ! Thank you Dr. Spiro you are the best


I am an eighteen year old teenager who hated her nose. When I saw myself in pictures, I always noticed my horrible profile. The bump on my nose haunted me for  years. I was referred to Dr. Spiro by a friend who also had rhinoplasty. She was thrilled with her results so I decided to make a nose change. Dr. Spiro and his staff made me feel very comfortable with my decision and assured me I would be happy with the results. I am so happy with my new nose! I would recommend any one whose appearance makes them feel insecure do definitely consider Dr. Spiro’s rhinoplasty. 🙂


Words can not express how Dr Spiro has made me feel physically and mentally, he truly is anincredible surgeon and artist!!!! He’s given me so much to look forward to and it’s only been three weeks since my surgery and my results are AMAZING and I know it will only get better!!! I can’t THANK Dr. Spiro enough!!!! He truly is a special person!! My experience was incredible from the moment I walked into Dr Spiro’s office.  I felt comfortable and confident with his staff, especially with Dr. Spiro as a Surgeon… His staff is the most helpful, nice, educated and professional group I have ever met.  Thank you so much for exceeding my expectations!!!!  I will highly recommend him to anyone !!!

Jodi P

On my way to Dr. Spiro’s office all I could think to myself was, “Okay! I’m getting a breast augmentation. This shouldn’t be too bad.” When I got there I had a feeling of hope that I was finally going to have my severely asymmetric breasts fixed. As soon as Dr. Spiro saw my chest I will never forget the words that came out of his mouth, “Have you heard of Poland’s Syndrome before?” My jaw had dropped, and I shook my head with a face on me somewhat like “No. There’s actually something wrong with me?!” I never in a thousand years would have thought there was a name for it. A great friend of mine saw Dr. Spiro not long before I did, with similar issues and she praised him, and egged me on to go see him. I’m so glad I did! Everyone that is a part of Dr. Spiro’s staff is so nice and they make you feel so comfortable. The nurses were so helpful with every question or concern I had before and after my surgeries. Even if it was their day off they still took time out of their day to help me out and I appreciate it to the fullest extent!  I can’t believe all the things Dr. Spiro had to do to get me where I am today, but I cannot thank him enough. Years of constantly stuffing my bras with silicone inserts to make myself appear to have equal sized breasts had finally come to an end. And I was relieved and felt disconnected at the same time. After my first surgery which initially was the reconstruction of my left breast, it took me a while to realize I no longer needed to push my bra around to straighten out my breasts appearance. I no longer needed to use the silicone inserts. I didn’t need any of that anymore. I was so used to doing it all that I felt like I didn’t know what to do! A new life ahead of me, I kept thinking, there’s no looking back now! It was such a dramatic transformation, and a beautiful outcome. Now I’m anxious to get to the beach and wear my new bathing suits! Haha! It’s so cheesy and very repetitive, as most other people have said in writing, but there seriously are no words gratifying enough to explain to Dr. Spiro the feelings I have because of this whole experience and what he has done for my life. I am overwhelmed with positive emotions about myself image now. He has been my savior. I was blessed to meet a man of such talents and I will always be grateful for the things he has done for me and my self esteem. I will always look back on this and smile because he put me on the road back to “normal”. I whole heartedly give so much thanks to the staff; to Mel and Kelly for always taking my calls and scheduling me, to Dina for always helping me with my financial questions and situations, and to Mary Beth and Maria for being very supportive and the greatest nurses I could ever ask for! You guys put up with me most of the time haha! And most importantly thank you to the most confident and talented man I’ve ever met, Dr. Spiro!

Kelly Bartolotta

Do you know what it’s like to look in the mirror and finally not look pregnant every day? Thanks to Dr. Spiro, I regained my self-esteem and now look better than I ever have.

I have put off writing this testimonial for way too long, because I felt no words can adequately express the gratitude I have for Dr. Spiro who was willing to take on the challenge, when no one else would…and for this I’m forever grateful!

My abdomen went from being a deformity and a source of shame to becoming a body part that is now an asset that I am extremely proud of and want to show off! Ii actually have definition in my abs…something that I thought was never possible!!

Dr Spiro also performed an incredible breast augmentation and breast lift, transforming my sad looking breasts into a front and center source of pride and confidence!

After losing 75 pounds, I had unsightly amount of loose saggy skin which compromised my weight loss results. Dr. Spiro performed a lower body lift and back lift that was nothing short of miraculous! when my husband saw the result, he spoke volumes with one word…”WOW!”

I can speak from personal experience Dr. Spiro’s level of skill is so far above other surgeons…he is in a league of his own. he truly cares about his patients and wants and consistently delivers a perfect result. Additionally, his aftercare is outstanding. his entire team is top-notch and is always eager to help in any way they can. They are genuinely kind, caring & compassionate and work like a well-oiled machine!!!

Dr. Spiro is a miracle worker and the only plastic surgeon I will ever use…period!!!

Amy Wrzesinski

They look better now than before!

In the Fall of 2012 I was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer. I needed a mastectomy, and was referred to Dr. Spiro for my reconstruction by my breast surgeon. She said “He is at the top of the ‘A List’ of plastic surgeons”. I was feeling overwhelmed and shocked by my diagnosis, and was afraid to trust anyone. During my first visit, Dr .Spiro explained all of the reconstruction alternatives. He was patient, understanding and empathetic. He was the only plastic surgeon that explained the alternatives so well to me.

I made my appointment for my surgery, but was still unsure of what type of reconstruction that I wanted. My initial visit with him was a blur due to my anxiety. I called his nurse, and explained that I was still confused. Dr. Spiro then called me on a Friday night and patiently explained all of the alternatives to me again. Hew as not in a rush, was kind and understanding.

Losing a breast is frightening. I was scared that I would lose my sexuality and feel less like a woman. I was concerned that my new breasts would not be symmetrical. However, every day that I look in the mirror, I smile and am thankful for the way I look. My breasts look great, they are perfectly symmetrical, and I show them to family and friends so that they can be as in awe as I am! And yes, they look better than before! Dr. Spiro’s passion for perfection, his compassion, and his work cannot be rivaled.

Dr. Spiro, his nurses and his staff made me feel like i was part of their “family”. Always patient, always kind and always caring. I thank God everyday that my path along this difficult journey led me to his door and will forever be grateful.


I chose Dr. Spiro to be my surgeon when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and preparing for a bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction. So much to process and work through!!

I wish I had the words to describe the level of gratitude I have for Dr .Spiro and his team! Dr. Spiro reconstructed my breasts to a beautiful and  very natural looking C. I am beyond pleased with my recovery and results. The scars are minimal (and still very new). I anticipate having next to none before I know it. I don’t have any skin “ripples” either. My breasts look and feel absolutely fabulous!! Every step through my year long journey…Dr. Spiro has been a staple in my life. No doubt I made the right choice coming here. The entire team at Spiro Plastic Surgery is second to none!!

Thank you Dr. Spiro & Team. I will always be grateful for all you’ve done. I could not be  happier!!!


As we ring in 2015, I just wanted to thank you for the journey you went on with me-getting me through multiple surgeries and always being a source of hope and anticipation. I will be 3 years cancer free and without you my recovery both mentally and physically would not be anywhere near the same. I can not put my gratitude into words- I carry it in my heart.

I took off my garment today, 6 months to the day of my last surgery. I actually liked the garment, it comforted me. I will actually miss it! Go Figure!

My legs are amazing and in the year of butts being “in”, I am Rockin’ it! It’s so amazing and has given me the confidence my illness took away.

I send you and everyone in the office all the best for 2015. What you do transforms lives and your care transforms the human spirit. Thank you for everything!


Dr. Spiro is the BEST in his field. He got me through the most difficult time of my life. He performed the Latissimus dorsi reconstruction after my bilateral mastectomy at Saint Barnabas Medical Center. He did an absolutely beautiful job! He is a perfectionist and he cares about doing the best for his patients. Dr. Spiro and his office staff made the process as easy as possible during this difficult time. From insurance to appointments to surgery, I didn’t have to worry about anything. He and his office staff handled it all. Dr. Spiro’s approach to patient care is unmatched. When I speak to other women, I am amazed to find out how many are disappointed with their care or their reconstruction. I think it’s a mental hurdle that weighs on them heavily and prevents them from moving forward. I’m thankful every day for Dr. Spiro and Saint Barnabas Medical center and I highly recommend them to any woman who is going through breast cancer. In addition to being an outstanding surgeon, Dr. Spiro is a true artist. His work has impressed everyone from the nurse who first removed my bandages to Dr. Anne Moore, Director of Weill Cornell Breast Center in NYC. After losing my breasts to cancer, recovery was made so much easier by having reconstruction as close to my natural breasts as possible. Because of this, I was able to focus on getting through my chemotherapy treatment. Today I am happy to say I am still cancer free. Dr. Spiro saved my life. I truly believe that.

Marci L.

Dr. Spiro recently took care of my son after an injury to his head. He was available to see him almost immediately, which is a rare occurrence with physicians. When we got to his office the staff was incredibly comforting, and got him into an exam room quickly. Dr. Spiro has a gentle and comforting manner in treating patients, which I have experienced as well. He is able to do his work, whether it is extensive surgery or a few stitches without feeling any discomfort. Dr. Spiro is an extremely caring and compassionate doctor, giving his complete attention to you when you are in his care. He displays a true combination of the highest level of skill and excellent bedside manner. His staff is professional and accommodating. Every member of his team makes you feel like you are important and well taken care of. That is extremely rare when dealing with doctors these days.

Sandi M

In February of 2012, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was a diagnosis I knew would come as my mom passed away from breast cancer and by the age of 52 I had already had 7 lumpectomies. Dr. Blackwood performed a bi-lateral mastectomy and Dr. Spiro performed a reconstructive surgery. These two physicians saved my life and provided me with the most amazing care. I was treated with kindness, respect and compassion every step of the way.My family was kept well aware of the status of my surgery, post-operative care and the support they themselves needed to survive this battle. My daughter was getting married in 11 weeks after m7y surgeries and both Dr. Blackwood and Dr. Spiro made it possible for me to thoroughly enjoy those last few months of planning the wedding and the day itself. They made sure I was in the best possible physical shape and provided the moral and emotional support our family needed. They are our heroes!

Dolores M.

Words cannot express the gratitude I feel to you, Dr. Spiro, for your dedication to giving me the best results possible with my breast augmentation. As a young woman, I have debated for years as to whether or not I should have cosmetic surgery to fix my severe breast asymmetry (which I now know to be Poland’s Syndrome…quite a liberating feeling to have a diagnosis). Meeting you for the first time gave me an extreme comfort and confidence in my decision to follow that path. I have struggled with dresses, bathing suits, bras, and more since puberty, and am only beginning to realize how much I had altered my life to fit this issues. I could not be happier with my decision. I understand how difficult my procedure was, and cannot imagine trusting someone else with it.

When the bandages first came off, I couldn’t help but get choked up; I never imagined to look in a mirror and see myself like that. These results are spectacular and are more than I could have hoped for. I feel such a new level of confidence and comfort in my body. Your dedication to my healing, recovery and peace of mind was much appreciated. You brought me through every step of the process, from our initial meeting to buying new bras, and kindly explained every detail to me- I felt like I had knowledge and was in control, a very comforting feeling. Your kind staff was also invaluable to the process; they took their time to learn my name, go the extra mile, and share in my excitement. Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU for everything you’ve done. You’ve truly changed my life and as a young, 20 year old woman, I am going to take advantage of that.



I am an over 50-year old fitness professional. I had a double hernia repair, an abdominoplasty and breast implants performed by Dr. Spiro. As I have progressed from post surgery to recovery it has become clear genius, artistry and talent of Dr. Spiro. Dr. Spiro was attentive to my concerns and designed a surgical plan that was perfect for my issues and body type.I experienced nothing but positivity and encouragement from every member of his staff. The nurses answered each and every one of my “trivial” questions with friendly compassion or a speedy reply to text.

So, you may ask why would I need or consider plastic surgery as a fitness instructor/trainer. I truly am of the mindset that exercise, plenty of water and a healthy eating plan promotes a fit body both inside and out. My birth of my twins left me with a large umbilical hernia. As i have aged it has become increasingly challenging to access my abdominals because of the hernia. I now have a repaired stronger abdominal wall which feels amazing. Quite simply, I am so pleased wand thrilled with my results. Thank you Dr. Spiro.


Dr. Scott Spiro is the most knowledgeable, skilled, precise, articulate and innovative reconstructive surgeon. Dr. Spiro’s bedside manner is wonderful and positive. He is kind, decent, honest and always understanding as to patient’s needs and concerns. He will always truthfully answer any questions regarding procedures and results. I’ve had previous experiences with other plastic surgeons, and there is no one with more artistic aptitude then Dr. Scott Spiro.

Harriet M.

I am a breast cancer survivor, without these docs I wouldn’t be a survivor at all.  Words cannot totally express the emotional roller coaster that one goes through when something of this nature occurs. Upon arriving at Dr. Spiro’s office for my first consult I was gree3ted by a staff that was caring and understanding. During the two years of visits that followed, they never wandered from these attributes. I couldn’t think of anyone else I would have ever wanted to start this journey with. From the day of my mastectomy surgery thru the two years that followed, Dr. Spiro personally ensured that I would look ”complete” again. My outcome has satisfied me more than I could have imagined. He is a true artist and as some call him “a wizard”. Not only is a gifted surgeon, he is a compassionate and sensitive human being. He and his staff are truly exemplary! I thank him from the bottom of my heart.

Shirley V.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer several years ago and I was fortunate to have used Dr. Spiro for my reconstruction. He always explained exactly what to expect and I never felt rushed during my visits with him. I found him to be very calming during a stressful time. Over the years, other doctors have told me that his work is the best they have seen. Recently, I found out that I have the BRCA 1 gene mutation and I chose to have another mastectomy. The only easy part of my decision was that DR. Spiro would do my reconstruction again. Not only is he a great doctor, but he is an amazing artist and these skills serve his patients well.

Rhonda W.

In 2012, I underwent a prophylactic bilateral mastectomy. I am a BRAC 1 + individual who chose to have surgery in an effort to reduce my high risk of getting breast cancer. Dr. Spiro is the plastic surgeon I selected to perform reconstructive surgery. To say DR. Spiro is extraordinary is a sheer understatement. His artistic skill is like no other. My results are top notch and I have had other doctor’s comment on how difficult it is to tell that I had a double mastectomy. In addition to his artistic abilities, Dr. Spiro showed compassion and kindness to me and my family during a very stressful and difficult time. I appreciate everything Dr. Spiro has done for me and I would without doubt tell anyone who asks that I love my plastic surgeon! Thank you Dr. Spiro.

Suzanne C.

Dear Dr. Spiro,

I just wanted to say thank you for the awesome job you did. You truly are “an artist”.

Thank you for making me feel normal again and changing my life in so many ways. You have hands of gold!!! I can’t believe how different I look!

I want to thank all the girls in your office too. One nicer than the other for making this scary, but exciting time easier for me!

Thank you again!


After years of excruciating back pain I finally decided to have a much needed breast reduction two years ago. The thought of surgery frightened me until I met Dr. Spiro who was able to put my mind at ease right away. I could not have been happier with the outcome and by the way I was treated by Dr. Spiro and his staff. He is the most talented, compassionate and intelligent doctor I have ever come in contact with and I am lucky to be his patient. He followed up with me in recovery and at my home via telephone after my surgery just to make sure I was OK. Not all doctors take the time to do that and that is what makes him special, he goes above and beyond. I have no doubt that Dr. Spiro is the best in his field and I was so pleased with my procedure that I recommended that my mother see him as well.

Jillian D.

Dr. Spiro is courteous, attentive, polite, exceptionally competent and most of all, he treats every patient as if they are the only one he has. I work in the City and I went to him for treatment. I was asked why when I work with such excellent MD’s. I never regretted for one second that I went to Dr. Spiro. He is truly what every MD should be.


After a double mastectomy due to a breast cancer diagnosis, Dr. Spiro performed my breast reconstructive surgery- latissimus, where skin needed to be taken from my back due to a lumpectomy with localized radiation treatments done 28 years ago. Two years in now and almost 60 years old – my breasts look better than they have in many years. The physical and psychological healing went hand in hand and was definitely expedited by Dr. Spiro’s experience and talents in achieving such wonderful results.

Lucille G.

Dr. Spiro is by far one of the most well rounded doctors I have encountered. He is not only an expert in his field, but a consummate professional as well. His attention to detail is all encompassing and his charming yet astute manner is a gift to all who come to him. Coupled with his compassionate nature is his desire to execute an almost perfect surgical result. I was lucky enough to have discovered him in my search to find the most talented, experienced and innovative surgeon. His aftercare instructions and advice were explicit, which to someone like myself who is detail oriented was greatly appreciated. I would highly recommend him to others. Saint Barnabas is fortunate to have Dr. Spiro as a staff member and leader of their community.

Deborah C.

I saw Dr. Spiro for my initial consultation and right away, I knew I wanted him to do my surgeries. He made me feel comfortable and knew exactly what I was thinking even before I said it.

Awilda C.

In 2004, I had a mastectomy with tram flap reconstructive surgery. Dr. Spiro did an amazing job. I had several complications after surgery but the outcome turned out great. I would recommend Dr. Spiro to anyone in need of a plastic surgeon.

Patricia D.

I was recently faced with the difficult decision of whether or not to have a prophylactic double mastectomy & reconstruction. After consulting with a few breast surgeons and even more plastic surgeons, I decided that i was the right choice for me and that Dr. Spiro was the right doctor for me. I immediately felt comfortable with Dr. Spiro’s knowledge and expertise, and I felt like I was in good hands every step of the way. Once I made my decision to proceed, I was able to stop worrying and just trust Dr. Spiro to guide me through the surgery and healing process. Everything went according to plan and the results are wonderful, both aesthetically and emotionally. The nurses, Marybeth and Maria, were so helpful throughout, and were always just a phone call away to answer any questions. The office staff were all so professional and kind– they do a great job in making this a very well-run office that genuinely cares about its patients. Thank you, Dr. Spiro- I’m very grateful for you and for the the excellent care you provided. I could not be more pleased with the outcome.


After thoroughly exploring my options, it was so obvious who I felt most comfortable electing to do my breast reconstructive surgery. Dr. Spiro’s attention to detail and appreciation for aesthetics was palpable as I sat in the waiting-room admiring his hand-drawn portraits and artwork. His confidence and overall aura coincided with my initial impression of his office. He and his delightful staff assured me throughout the reconstructive process that they would provide an outstanding result – which proved to be precisely true. My results are far better than I could have ever imagined possible following a mastectomy and reconstruction. I am complimented constantly by family, friends and strangers, some of whom are unaware that I had any surgery at all. I consider myself incredibly lucky to have had Dr. Spiro as my surgeon, and highly recommend him and his team!

Thank you for Everything!!!



Dr. Spiro,

Your concern for your patients is a gift others can’t compare. Because of your gift as an outstanding surgeon and artist, you have made me a “complete”woman again. I really appreciate you as a person and making my future so much brighter!

You and your staff are the BEST!!!

Kelly Flynn

 Eight years ago, I had a breast lift that left my breasts deformed and me feeling insecure and totally distraught. I did not think I would ever find another doctor that I could trust enough to allow to perform this same surgery on me again. Then, after finally consulting with my OBGYN, she said that Dr. Spiro could fix anything and she was absolutely right. I never once doubted his talent from day one and held my hand every step of the way. He told me he could fix them and he did. I still cannot believe when I look in the mirror that he made them perfect, I did not think I would ever see that again. He is the most understanding, gentle, kind, and compassionate doctor I have ever met. I refer him every chance I get. He is an angel and I still believe that he performed a miracle.

Maureen D.

Despite many challenges with my unique reconstructive breast surgery both Dr. Blackwood and DR. Spiro worked tirelessly and, as important, compassionately, to get me through the most frightening period of my life. I will never forget their kindness, professional vigilance and dedication to me as a patient. They gave me hope that in the end all would be well and it was, thanks to them. God bless you both always and thank you from my heart.

Barbara C.

Dr. Spiro has a very special gift of both medical expertise and artistic perfection. He treats every patient as if they were his only patient and takes great pride in not just restoring an aesthetically pleasing outcome, but an outcome far beyond what ones original expectations are. His talent is healing, which allows you to move past the insecurities that brought you there in the first place, allowing you to see your own “light”. His staff is equally compassionate and extremely responsive.

Elizabeth B.

Dr. Spiro is an extremely warm and caring person who treated me as a friend and not a patient. The love and support that I received went above and beyond what I expected. Having to deal with cancer was made so much easier because of the kindness that Dr. Spiro showed me. He is quite the artist and although I still have one more surgery to go through, I know he will make me feel beautiful. I will always be grateful for having Dr. Spiro on my team and can’t thank all the nurses in his office for being the best!

Debra B.

First of all I would like to express my thanks to Dr. Spiro and his staff. It was important to me that I chose a doctor that would be very honest with me with a good bedside manner. He is knowledgeable, down to earth and will answer all of your questions regarding your procedure. No matter what procedure you get done, he pays lots of attention to detail and perfectionism. I feel comfortable recommending Dr. Spiro. He is a true artist, amazing doctor and incredible human being. He is a great listener who understands the patient’s needs, gifted and true surgeon. The medical staff that works with him is also highly recommended and very caring


All I can say is ” I Love My Body!” I had an abdominoplasty and breast augmentation with Dr. Scott Spiro and had impeccable results. Dr. Spiro’s skillful artistry as a plastic surgeon completely surpassed all of my expectations. Thirteen years after having two children,my body was seriously sagging. I have been a Fitness Specialist for over 25 years and knew exercise and eating healthy would never tighten my stretched out skin. My results with Dr. Spiro were remarkable! I feel like I have my 25 year old body back and I am almost 50 years old! I would highly recommend him as your plastic surgeon!



Starting in high school, I’ve had certain concerns and insecurities about the size and shape of my breast. Several years went by and with the help of a friends referral, I set up a consultation with Dr. Spiro. After talking to him one on one, I knew I came to the right place. I arrived with so many questions and before I could ask them, They were all answered. I found out through Dr. Spiro that I actually had what they called and “anomaly”. Within a few days of talking to my family, close friends, and boyfriend, my decision to have my anomaly corrected, including silicone implants was made.

As I type this letter,  its just 3 weeks after my surgery and I look and feel amazing. Through this healing process,  I have had little to no pain. If you remain positive and patient, it makes the process so much easier. Not to mention, I have had an amazing support system through it all.

I would recommend Dr. Spiro to anyone who is looking for a plastic surgeon. His confidence and patient interaction made me feel comfortable and confident as well. Dr. Spiro’s staff is also by far the kindest group of people I’ve had to interact with. Their kindness and positive has meant so much to me since the very beginning. I was able to call them with any questions or concerns I had. They were always there to help and with a smile.

A huge thank you to Dr. Spiro and his amazing staff in my life changing decision, you have been nothing but wonderful!


Where do I begin?  I started my research for a tummy tuck after I had my 4th child and that was 9 years ago.  The doctor I saw came highly recommended but I was still skeptical since he was going to perform the surgery in an outpatient center. I thought this was a serious surgery and to do as outpatient and go home the same day seemed too risky for me.  I did research on line and found Dr. Spiro. I read reviews and saw he was voted top doctor many years in a row for NJ Monthly Magazine and then I scheduled my consultation.

I met with Dr. Spiro and he didn’t fool around.  I knew he cared about me and his profession. I needed to quit smoking and if I had any trace Dr. Spiro wasn’t going to perform the surgery.  I care about my health so for me quitting smoking was important and it was a must.  I didn’t want any complications.  As far as price, money should never be an issue when it comes to your health.  I was not shopping for a doctor for the best price.  I wanted the best care and the best outcome. Well it is 2 1/2 months later and I am extremely happy with my results. I was never a heavy person but carrying the extra skin around from the 4 pregnancies, Dr. Spiro totally transformed my waist and I look better than i did when i was 21. i don’t have those “bunny ears” as they call it and my scar looks fantastic. Actually Dr. Spiro minimized how great I would look. He removed every stretch mark which I thought was impossible.

Unfortunately I did have complications due to many years of treating my body bad with smoking.  Dr. Spiro and his staff took great care of me. From the billing, to the scheduling and the 2 nurses Marybeth and Maria, they took great care of me. Always with a smile, always patient and none of their emotions were ever fake, they truly care about your well-being. I am 43 I act like a big baby and they treated me with such kindness, caring, love and respect. Dr. Spiro never was annoyed with the million questions I always asked, never grew inpatient and he really cares about you, his patient.  He wants you to look and feel the best.  They became an extended family to me.  I had to see Dr. Spiro and the nurses 3 times a week. They are also available 24/7 with any questions you have. Sadly I only see them once a week no and I miss them. There are people that come in and out of your life and you remember not all of them but every woman in his office and Dr. Spiro have a special place in my heart. i would like to say I don’t need a plastic surgeon anymore but if I need anything in the future i would never look anywhere else but here!


As a New York City girl, I saw all the “best and most well known” surgeons for a consultation for my breast lift and tummy tuck. I had read about Dr. Spiro and the “breast auto augmentation” procedure. I asked doctor after doctor about it and they had no idea what i was referring to. So I made an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Spiro. As I had been to so many consultations I expected to spend no more than 15 minutes with him as that was the longest consult to date. WRONG!! Dr. Spiro spent over an hour and a half with me. He explained in great detail my options, which were so much more optimistic then I had heard before. His techniques are state of the art. Let’s just say that Dr. Spiro is an artistic genius. He told me that I could have my body back better than ever and it happened!!

The care and availability of Dr. Spiro and all the staff, from my first phone call with Diane and follow up appointments scheduling with Mel to the impeccable care I received from the wonderful nurses, was outstanding!


It was a very big decision to go see Dr Spiro and I am beyond pleased that I did. He is an expert in his field, an artist and a perfectionist! What a perfect blend for a plastic surgeon. He and his staff took such good care of me before, during and after the surgery. I knew I was in the best of hands going into this surgery and my results exceeded my expectations. I feel amazing . I highly recommend Dr. Spiro !

Lauren H.

I selected Dr. Spiro for his subtle artistry as much as his professional surgical technique. I wanted to look like me – but more refreshed. From my first appointment, where Dr. Spiro explained his approach exactly, I felt I was in good hands. His support staff is equally amazing making this a comfortable process through a bit longer than expected recovery (as is often the case in eyelid revision surgery). I have no doubt, however, that I am being well cared for at every step – and I can see that the results will be exactly what I wanted. Dr. Spiro was able to precisely revise an earlier eye surgery (30 years prior) that did not age well – a very difficult technique he preformed skillfully. I highly recommend this practice.


My experience with Dr. Spiro and his nurses and staff has been wonderful in every way. I am thrilled with the results of Dr. Spiro’s replacement of my 17 year old implants. The old implants looked rippled, dimpled, misshapen, unnatural, flat and wide. The new implants look so natural and real that I can hardly believe it. Smooth skin, no ripples and indentations, natural and beautiful shape. The pre-surgery, surgery, post-surgery were handled professionally and smoothly. Everything was very well thought out and organized. Dr. Spiro’s nurses and staff are extremely friendly and caring. Sadly, this is very rare even at top-doctor offices. The atmosphere at Dr. Spiro’s office is the friendliest, happiest I have seen. It’s a pleasure to go there.

Karen R

I love appointments with Beata at Regeneration Medical Spa — the results are always amazing! Microdermabrasion, peels & more — she’s a consummate professional with impressive knowledge & skills. My skin has never looked better!

Judith H.

Dr. Spiro and his office staff are the most outstanding professionals with whom it has ever been my experience to know. Dr. Spiro is a MASTER at his craft and is unbelievably talented. He has an amazing ability to envision a plan for a beautiful and functional outcome and then execute it to perfection! I feel honored to be able to tell people that my breasts were reconstructed after mastectomies by the prestigious Dr. Spiro. Every experience in the hospital, every office visit, and every pre-op consultation was a pleasure. His office is immaculate and his staff, professional and courteous. I will actually miss working with him and hope to be able to do some cosmetic work sometime soon. There is no one else I would let do it besides the one and only AMAZING Dr. Spiro!!!

Shari L.

I’ve always been self conscious with my small breasts but never really considered plastic surgery until I reached my 30s. Dr. Spiro was highly recommended to me by a few different friends so I decided to just go for a consultation. After that first appointment I was 100% ready to go through with the surgery. Dr. Spiro’s confidence and experience is impressive, but more importantly I just really trusted in his process and that he would give me the result I wanted. Honestly, I was initially very nervous to have this surgery (I’m kind of an anxious person). I really didn’t have much experience going under and especially for such a serious procedure. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience from the day of the surgery until my final follow up appointment last week. Dr. Spiro and the staff at the surgery center were incredible and could’t have made me feel more comfortable. The recovery after the surgery was also pretty incredible. I really can’t believe how quick my body healed and for someone that has a low tolerance for pain it was wasn’t bad at all and didn’t last long. Finally and most importantly, I couldn’t be happier with the result! Dr. Spiro got me the exact size and look I wanted. I can’t believe how great they look and the incisions are so small. The staff at Dr. Spiro’s were also amazing from the front desk to the nurses. Always very friendly and knew my name which really made me comfortable throughout this whole process. You can tell they all enjoy working there and care about their patients. Thank you so much Dr. Spiro & staff! <3

Shannon M.

I had researched breast augmentation through the years and I thought I was finally ready to do it. I began researching before and after photos and the results I was looking for were right in front of me, on Dr Spiro’s website. I followed up and read his reviews on every different website I could find and they affirmed what I had seen, that he was a great surgeon. I later asked a co-worker whom I knew underwent the same procedure and she had been treated by Dr Spiro and couldn’t speak highly enough of him, I finally made the call that day. The scheduling coordinator was on top of getting me in sooner than originally scheduled (after they had a cancellation), and after a great consult with lots of time spent answering questions and explaining the details, I cancelled other consults and scheduled the next day. The staff and the nurses are amazing and they made office visits a breeze by allowing me to schedule them on my lunch hour. The surgery itself went well, I was prepared, as everything had been explained to me and I knew what to expect. I did not expect to be so happy with the results so quickly, I was expecting an awkward phase but I was thrilled even at the first glance, they have settled and are still settling but I am so happy, even just 3 weeks out. I can’t wait to see what my final results will be. I can’t speak highly enough of Dr. Spiro, his work and his staff. I only wish I had done this before my wedding!

Maureen M.

My nose was always something that bothered me and the thought of having surgery to fix it always made me a little nervous because it was on my face. I finally made the decision to have a consultation to see what it was all about. I’ve had a previous surgery with Dr. Spiro which I was incredibly happy with the result so I knew I’d be in the best hands and he already had my complete trust. After my consultation I knew I wanted to go through with the surgery. My nose had a hump on the bridge, was very wide, and dipped down a little bit at the tip. Dr. Spiro showed me exactly what he was going to fix, how he was going to do it and assured me that the result would be aesthetically pleasing to my facial features without looking “done” I went into surgery with complete confidence and very little fear. The surgery went perfectly and within a couple of months I had the perfect nose I’d always dreamed of having. My recovery was a little rough the first couple days like any surgery but once the swelling started going down and I could see my new nose taking shape, I knew I was happy. Dr. Spiro is an incredible surgeon and has a way of making you feel comfortable and taken care of. His staff in the office couldn’t have been more helpful and supportive which I appreciate. The choice to have elective surgery is a big decision and you need to be able to trust the person you choose to do it. I have 100% trust and confidence in Dr. Spiro and know that he has my best interests at heart while giving me the results I desired. After 2 successful surgeries with him, i know he is one of the best plastic surgeons around. Anyone thinking about having plastic surgery should look no further. Dr. Spiro and his entire staff are the best!!

Amanda S.

Today I celebrate 5 years since my mastectomy. I thank God for Dr. Spiro. He is an amazing surgeon who uses his gifts so well to restore his patients. In addition he is a wonderful caring man. I love him and his staff and extend such gratitude to all of them.


Dear Dr. Spiro, I could have started this letter from the first time I met you. Despite the fact that I never thought I would venture into a plastic surgeons office, I do remember that the day my husband drove me to your office, I was actually looking forward to it. You were the second piece of the puzzle I needed complete as I faced ridding myself of the time bomb in my chest. I knew I had the most wonderful breast surgeon, Dr. Santoro, so I felt somewhat excited to meet the man she highly regarded as her partner. In addition, your website and office staff combined showed me quite quickly the professional, competent and compassionate care that I would receive with you and your team. (Your staff is phenomenal!!! I love them all.) Taking your hand prior to the surgery, I asked if you would put me back together. Your tender response and understanding lifted me up and quieted my mind. With every visit, from the first day you walked into my hospital room after the mastectomy, I could see the pride and level of care I would continue to receive with each step of the reconstruction process. I cannot thank you enough for the peace you provide during each visit. I thank God for you and your office. Although I know I received the most wonderful cosmetic outcome, I stand in awe at what you provided to me for my health and well-being. Thank you for “putting me back together” and making such a positive outcome out of what could have been a negative. I have filled him with the Spirit of God in wisdom, in understating, in knowledge, and in all kinds of craftsmanship. Exodus 31:3~  Thank you Dr. Spiro for being a master at your craft, and most importantly, for being such a kind compassionate and hardworking man who uses his gifts to be a blessing to others! And yes, you better be the one in 15 years to replace these. God-willing, we will have many wonderful things to talk about from now until then. With much love and ever grateful.

Barbara D.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. You are a genius and a miracle working with an incredible amount of artistic talent!


On January 16, 2015- Dr. Spiro performed a 5 hour procedure that transformed my upper body. He removed my 12 year old 32DD saline breast implants and replaced them with natural looking silicone. I am now perfectly proportional 32C. Dr. Spiro is an amazing artist, as not only did he reconfigure the size and shape of my breasts, but he also removed excess skin and repositioned my nipples so that they are both the same size. I could not be happier!

Sherrie N.

Great doctor and surgeon, he is a perfectionist.

Christa S.

My abdominoplasty was the best gift I could have given myself. it was like stepping into a time machine and emerging out feeling and looking like i did 10 years and 3 pregnancies ago. Its an amazing transformation. Dr. Spiro is not only a brilliant surgeon but also sensitive and patient, which are very important qualities in  a professional who deals with your body and all the insecurities that you experience about it.

I love the new me, and I have Dr. Spiro and his wonderful staff to be thankful for it.



It was a difficult period when my wife and I were told she had breast cancer once again, yet this time after a bi-lateral mastectomy, she chose reconstructive surgery with Dr. Spiro and his team after hearing glowing remarks from others. Naturally, our thoughts were elsewhere during this trying period, yet upon meeting Dr. Spiro, we were introduced to a significant, caring individual that spoke of the positive aspects of the reconstructive surgery and the outlook as well. He made both my wife and I feel as if we were the only patients he had and his team of nurses and office staff, worked with us to ensure the entire process was effortless, considering what was before us. After surgery, if my wife or I had a questions, the nurses were on a 24/7 call, never made us feel as if were a nuisance and that helped greatly in the recovery. We are indebted to Dr. Spiro and his carefully selected team, as the surgery was done with precision, with forethought and with compassion.


Since high school I have been wanting to have an augmentation. I struggled with self consciousness even in my adulthood. Dr. Spiro was recommended to me from my gynecologist and I am so thankful to her. Upon my arrival to the office, my heart was racing. I was greeted with a friendly staff, especially Marybeth the nurse and then finally Dr. Spiro. He immediately made me feel comfortable and thoroughly answered my long list of questions. I never felt rushed and knew immediately i was in good hands. Thank you Dr. Spiro for giving me amazing results. This has been an experience I wouldn’t change. To anyone on the fence with their decision, I say you live once, do what’s going to make you feel good about yourself and trust in Dr. Spiro!


Thank you, Dr. Spiro, for making this surgery such a good experience. I never considered getting a body lift and I’m glad i finally did. It didn’t only fix my problem, it gave me back something unhoped for: my bikini body. I was scared that morning but you played Justin Timberlake in the OR, cracked a few jokes that made me laugh , and almost made me forget that I was there for surgery. Thanks to St. Barnabas’ great nurses and your staff, my recovery went as well as you predicted. I never thought
I could look this good at my age, and I can’t wait to hit the beach this summer!



I will start off by saying that my entire life has changed because of Dr. Spiro’s incredible work.  To say I am “happy” with my gynecomastia reduction surgery would be a huge understatement. Before my surgery, I was a self-conscious, guarded, 20 year old with very little semblance of a complete person. Twelve months out of a year, I would make sure my body was well covered, with a combination of loose fitting clothes and sweatshirts. I wouldn’t dare take my shirt off in front of anyone, even myself. My poor body image transferred over to my personal life also.  I was not one to talk much, as this would show people my personality, which I was so ashamed of for some reason. Back in Early 2013, I decided to admit to my loved ones that my chest was an extreme issue for me. Dr. Spiro’s office was the first surgeon that my family and I visited. But my search was over once I stepped in the office. The staff was extremely accommodating and Dr. Spiro was compassionate and informative.  He made me feel comfortable with idea of having surgery (which is incredible considering I nearly faint from the mention of a pulse or anything relating to veins.) He somehow made me feel as if loving my own body was just a step away, which it was. I had the procedure done in March of 2013 and my life did change significantly in a blink on an eye.  The surgery literally seemed like a 5 second experience. Dr. Spiro and his staff were so caring that it seemed to expedite the healing process. They were always there if I had any questions or concerns. After healing completely, my life seemed to change drastically.  My confidence increased, my posture improved, and my personality seemed to make its way out.  I managed to find a group of friends I was interested in, and by my second month into my junior year of college, I seemed to mature into the person I was supposed to be. I can walk tall now, talk with confidence, and… take my shirt off! I can’t even recognize the person I was before. When I look in the mirror, I like what I see. When I hear myself speak, I enjoy the confidence I now have.  My chest looks fantastic now. My skin wasn’t the easiest to work with either: the low elasticity left a high risk for sagging and drooping. Even in the face of this, Dr. Spiro made it look like surgery never happened. I can say in confidence that I am now truly happy and feel accomplished with how much I’ve grown as a person due to the procedure.


Dr. Spiro is a truly gifted plastic surgeon. I am so happy with my results and would recommend him to anyone! I thought about having breast augmentation for a while, I finally got up the nerve to book a consultation after speaking with a friend that used Dr. Spiro and loved him and her results. On the day of my consultation he took a lot of time with me and explained in detail the procedure, the types of implants that he recommended for me and why, the healing time and he answered all my questions and concerns. When I left his office I met with a member of his staff who went over in detail all the charges associated with this procedure and the payments, etc. I left the office and not once did I feel pressured. I had all the information I needed it was just my choice to go through with the procedure as I was still hesitant about implants. I called a few days later and made my appointment for the surgery. He met with me again for my last consult before my procedure, he once again explained everything in detail and I left there with my instructions. On the day of surgery I was nervous but once he met with me prior to going into the operating room I was at ease. Surgery went great and everything he said I would feel, I felt. I have to say he is not only a talented doctor he really cares about his patients, he takes the time needed and I always felt I was in good hands. I then went for post op visits and his office staff is great, everyone is so friendly, the wait time was minimal and he once again spent the time with me at all my post op visits. I never felt like he was rushing me out the door. Dr. Spiro is top notch as well as his office staff!I am so glad I went through with this procedure and love my results!


Researching, contemplating, and vacillating back and forth for YEARS over whether or not to have a surgical procedure to correct my prematurely sagging breasts, my husband and I were never confident enough in ANY surgeon’s breast lift/augmentation results to pull the trigger and go for it. We are now THRILLED to have put our trust in Dr. Spiro and his team!

Upon viewing Dr. Spiro’s astoundingly consistent results in his extensive Before/After galleries I immediately contacted Diane Arias, Office Manager. Diane patiently listened to my story and answered not only my concerns, but questions from my husband (a lawyer) and my sister (a doctor). Our quest was complete, we had found THE BEST.

Dr. Spiro’s team then worked diligently to ensure my surgery was preformed within the month in St. Barnabas Hospital as I requested. I am already 4 weeks post-op and my results are better than we could have imagined! My family and I are so grateful to have been under the superb care of Dr. Spiro and his team.

At brunch with a few girlfriends, last weekend I confided in them I had undergone a breast lift/augmentation and felt thrilled with my result! The Miss One Upper of our group, announced that she had her breasts reduced/lifted a year ago and inquired who my surgeon had been. When I answered, “Dr. Spiro” the group waited with baited breath for her inevitable “One UP”.  A pause;  finally, one of us had stumped her. “Dr. Spiro was my surgeon too,” she said.  The consensus was unanimous Dr. Spiro must indeed be THE BEST!


Dr. Spiro is the best, hands down! I could not have been any happier with my results. From start to finish, my entire experience was so fun! I could never imagine saying that about a surgery, but it really was. I made multiple consultations with several other plastic surgeons, as I am from Pennsylvania, but after my consultation with Dr. Spiro I cancelled the rest. My consult alone made me feel so sure of him and his work that I didn’t need to see any other doctors. I loved the fact that he sat with me personally, I previously had a consult with another doctor who had me speak to a nurse most of my appointment. Dr. Spiro sat with me, my family and boyfriend, answering all of our questions, as well as giving me his personal opinion and recommendations. That alone made me decide he would be my doctor.

I’ve never had a surgery for anything before, so I was understandably nervous going into my consult. Just the thought of “going under the knife” for anything terrified me. After speaking with Dr. Spiro and scheduling my surgery, even up until the last few days before, I wasn’t nervous in the least bit. If anything, my excitement outweighed my nerves completely. He and all of the girls in the office were constantly reassuring me I was going to look great, to the point where I believed them. The day of my augmentation, I was in and out before I knew it. Everyone who was watching over me was so wonderful, I loved all of my nurses and the way that they took care of me after I came out was amazing. They all told me how perfect everything went, and I even made it out early! Normally I would expect to be miserable coming out of surgery, but I couldn’t have been happier because everyone was so sweet and attentive.

I had to make several 2 hour trips to NJ to get back and forth to my appointments. Most of the time I was leaving work early, rushing, and wasting a lot of gas. But it was so so worth it. All of the girls working there are so sweet and welcoming, I loved talking to them after all of my appointments. They were always very understanding if I was running late or if I requested a different time to come in. Between the girls in the office and everyone I dealt with the day of my surgery, Dr. Spiro really couldn’t have a better team working for him.

4 months later, I still smile at my outcome daily. I stop and do a double take in the mirror constantly. My results get better as the days go by, believe it or not. My last post-op appointment was a few weeks ago, he told me my results are perfect and I’m actually ahead of schedule with the healing process. My scars are almost gone completely, too. I don’t know how I could ever thank Dr. Spiro enough for the confidence he’s given me with his talent. All I know is that for the first time in my life, I can’t wait to put a bikini on this summer!


I knew I used to have small boobs, but I never knew how much better big boobs were! Clothes fit better, I fell sexier, and I get to make other girls jealous!

I woke up one morning with the realization that the only way to balance out the tiny bump of a lower stomach I have is to have larger breasts. Turns out, my science was correct. I didn’t tell a lot of people I was getting a breast augmentation because I wanted the transition to be natural. After surgery, rather than people complimenting my breasts, which I hid quite well since I work in a corporate environment, people were asking if I got skinnier.

It was hard to find the answer to this during my preliminary web research, so I’d like to help others out by noting this here. How long after surgery can you be back at a desk job? Everyone’s recovery is different, but I was back 5 days later. Day 5 and 6 weren’t easy but totally doable. Also, Dr. Spiro claims to cut recovery periods down and I don’t doubt this statement.

My biggest fear before surgery was for my boobs to look unnatural and have that circular transition line between top of breast and chest. I discussed this with Dr. Spiro and he appreciated my want to look natural. He never pushed me to go bigger than I was comfortable with and the results could not have been more natural looking. He really did a spectacular job.


I recommend Dr. Spiro and his talented team of nurses and assistants very, very highly. He is, without a doubt, an incredibly gifted, understanding and meticulous plastic surgeon. I had an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) procedure with accompanying liposuction in 2012 and I am very, very pleased with my results. After 2 tough pregnancies and c-sections, my body was essentially left in ruins. Dr. Spiro worked his magic and not only changed my body, but changed my outlook on myself and instilled confidence in me that I hadn’t realized I had lost via childbearing. I have used the procedure as a springboard to additional weight loss and an all-around healthier lifestyle. Dr. Spiro has told me that you need “time, money and courage” to have cosmetic work done and I am so happy I was lucky enough to have all three. I have had the occasion to speak to groups of young women on balancing career, family and societal pressures as we age and I say you need ” a good home life and family, a career you are passionate about and a compassionate doctor like Scott Spiro to help you look and feel the best you can”.

Melissa S

It has been just under a month since my surgery…and I have no complaints about the entire experience so far. A terrifying surgery and Dr. Spiro made me feel safe…every single thing went smooth…His staff have all been awesome…You truly feel that your Body, Mind and Spirit are being taken care of and improved…I secretly refer to him as Dr. Spirit…

To not only have an artist for a Dr but to also have someone who gives you hope and also has such a well run office is Priceless…

Because of this I am sure my end results will be incredible. And lets not forget the special financial attention he offers us cancer patients…

Thank you!


Thanks to Dr. Spiro, I have to buy a whole new wardrobe!

I initially went to see Dr. Spiro to discuss breast reduction. During my consultation I explained that I had other procedures and was very unhappy with the results ad was very embarrassed and self-conscious about how my body looked. he pointed out different areas where he could correct what had been done previously with my body. past procedures left me with severe scar tissue and I felt i could not be disappointed with another disastrous outcome. I was understandably very apprehensive. While speaking with him, I realized what a perfectionist and artist he is. he told me exactly what he could do to correct the previous procedures. Dr. Spiro put me at ease and I had confidence in what I was being told and decided to go ahead and allow him to not only perform the breast reduction but correct the issues created by the past procedures.

Well, he not only corrected them, but gave me the body and look I had expected from my past experiences. When he removed the bandages i could not believe my eyes and I started to cry. As far as my breast reduction and lift goes, I must say I never had such “perky” breasts, even at the age of 16. For the first time in 25 years I can finally look at myself in the mirror and love what I see. Dr. Spiro is truly a gifted surgeon. As for his staff, I never felt uncomfortable or afraid to ask questions and his staff is always there for you. This was truly a very positive experience from an emotional point of view as well as from the physical aspect.

Thank you so much Dr. Spiro!!

Debra P

Dear Dr. Spiro,

You have given me a gift that was literally 20 years in the making. I am 43 and the happiest I have ever been in my body!

Going from a negative A and A cup to a full C has made me feel like a complete woman. I am 5’6 and size 8 and have always felt disproportionate with my breast size. But now I feel whole and my self confidence is soaring. It feels like these new breasts have always been a part of my body. They do not feel foreign as I initially thought they would. I get compliments all the time about how natural they look and how they fit perfectly to my body shape and size. you are truly and artist!

Dr. Spiro, I felt comfortable with you from the minute we met. you were the first and the last! You took your time explaining to me in detail about the surgery as well as the way you were going to “artistically” handle the challenges with my body/breasts. I knew I was in good hands!

I also want to say THANK YOU to all the girls in the office. they were kind, considerate and helpful with any questions/concerns I had. The overall experience made me feel very cared for and comfortable.

If you are considering going with Dr. Spiro I say your search has come to an end. he didn’t just give me “breasts”. He literally sculpted me a breast shape that fits my body perfectly and lets me feel truly feminine.


Carrie Foster

Plastic surgery is a big decision, because you willingly going under the knife; and you need to trust your doctor 100%. I walked out of 2 doctors offices knowing that I was not coming back because they did not give me the feeling of trust I was looking for. After my consultation with Dr. Spiro I knew he was the one. My recovery was very quick and the results are amazing. His staff members are very professional and always ready to help. I would definitely recommend Dr. Spiro to my friends and family.

Oleksandra R.

After being diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time, and more advanced stage, my husband and I decided the double mastectomy was the correct answer for me.  But, unfortunately I didn’t go to Dr. Spiro first. I chose a different doctor and the results were devastating. As i wanted to try something other than implants I decided to go with DIEP. the doctor is well known in NYC and now is practicing in New Jersey. The problems were obvious from the start. Swollen and larger breast on one side, pain, and multiples of attempts to find the problem for over a year. Also had sever stomach pain started after about nine months after surgery. Eventually I had to have another surgery where “foreign matter” was removed from my left breast. This left additional scaring and also did not correct the fact that the left breast was 1.5 times larger than the right. As for the stomach pain, it just kept getting worse and was interfering with life. When i contacted my original surgeon he never returned my phone calls! REALLY.

After researching and a friend mentioning Dr. Spiro, I set up an appointment. Like everyone who meets this doctor and his staff, I knew I was at last in hands that were capable and skilled. He, in the first visit, diagnosed the issues with the prior procedure and what was done wrong.  It is not 12 weeks post surgery and my left breast is symmetrical with the right and I am completely pain free in both my breasts and my abdomen.I am starting to live a normal and healthy life again.  I cannot give words of gratitude great enough for this gift. For anyone who is or has family who is going through breast cancer, please go see Dr. Spiro first. If you have made a choice and it has not turned out good – GO SEE DR. SPIRO.


I can’t thank Dr. Spiro and his staff enough for everything they did for me.  Making the decision to have prophylactic double mastectomy was difficult to say the least.  Dr. Spiro and his entire staff were incredibly supportive every step of the way.   The end result is way beyond my expectations.  I never had complaints about my breasts before my surgery – yet I am THRILLED with the outcome.  I look better than when I started….this is the icing on the cake!!  The follow-up care I received after my surgeries was incredible.  I was able to text back and forth with the nurses and be in contact with Dr. Spiro whenever I needed to be.  This was incredibly comforting.  Having this procedure was the best thing I could have done.  I wake up every morning so happy to have it behind me and if I had it to do over again – I wouldn’t change a thing!!!   I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Spiro and his staff!  I feel lucky to have found them.


I just wanted to thank everyone in the office for their superior patient service. Everyone in the office is so nice and professional. I also have to say the office is very organized which I loved. I love the step by step guidance. With that being said i can’t begin to tell you and Dr. Spiro how happy I am with my results. I feel like a new person. Everything he said was going to happen did. I would recommend the practice to everyone. I will see everyone very soon. Again, thank you.


I have been a patient of Dr. Spiro for over 10 years. In August 2001, I was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer. At the age of 29, I was in complete shock and scared. I had to undergo a bilateral mastectomy with reconstructive surgery. hearing all of this was overwhelming. My breast surgeon and oncologist highly recommended Dr. Spiro for the reconstruction. From the moment I met him, I felt comfortable and confident that I was making the right decision having him as part of my team.

Dr. Spiro was very patient with all the questions and concerns of the upcoming surgery. His knowledge and understanding made me feel very comfortable and confident that i would have great results.

Dr. Spiro did a great job with my reconstruction surgeries. he was also very compassionate and caring during this difficult time in my life. Now all this time later, I am so happy that i made the choice to have Dr. Spiro as part of my team.

Recently I had to undergo another surgery with Dr. Spiro due to capsular contracture. Once again, I was very pleased with the results. Dr. Spiro has been a part of my life for a long time now and I am so thankful for him.

The staff at Dr. Spiro’s office is great! They are all very professional, caring and very understanding throughout the entire process.

I want to thank Dr. Spiro again for my incredible results! I highly recommend Dr. Spiro for any plastic surgery needs. He is truly and amazing doctor and person.


My story begins as a naturally thin, muscular physique girl with good genes on my side.

Until I suffered a dreadful family diagnosis, my life took a turn for the worst as well as an extreme transformation to my body.

I put on quite a bit of weight in my thighs and upper buttocks.  My clothes were tight for the 1st time in my life and it felt like it was the beginning of the end of my lucky streak of having a naturally toned body.

This is not my first rodeo with Dr. Spiro.  I’ve had a previous procedure done with Dr. Spiro and could not have been any happier with the results.  So when I decided on Liposuction, choosing Dr. Spiro was a no brainer.  Once again the results are amazing and I walk away a happy girl.

Dr. Spiro is truly a gift to each and every one of us who have chosen him and his staff to take us on an amazing yet beautiful journey of pure happiness, gratification, self-confidence and the list goes on…

I am so thankful to you Dr. Spiro for demonstrating your artistic skills, professional performance, patience, honesty, self-assurance and much, much more.  Also, your entire staff is ‘Exceptional’…  I love them all!

Until we meet again…


When I turned 45, I was very unhappy with the appearance of my breasts.  I worked out almost every day and ate well – I felt great – but, after breast feeding three children, no effort could restore the sagging skin that remained.  I contemplated surgery for over three years, consulting with different doctors, but never committed as I was struck with fear and guilt.   I thought, “shouldn’t I just be happy with healthy breasts?”  I felt guilty for wanting more. Then I met Dr. Spiro.  All it took was one visit; when I walked out of his office, my decision was clear – I knew I found the perfect surgeon for me!  I opted to have a breast lift with auto augmentation, a procedure that would leave me with breasts that reminded me of my natural, pre-children breasts.  With each visit, I left Dr. Spiro’s office feeling more comfortable and even more confidant in my decision. Naturally, I was nervous right up to the point of surgery, but again, the moment I saw Dr. Spiro in the hospital, I relaxed.  Three months have passed since my surgery and I’m thrilled with my breasts!  I look and feel amazing! I don’t know why I waited so long!  As a matter of fact, my breasts look better than ever!  The procedure Dr. Spiro performed lifted and filled my breasts naturally and I even continue to wear the same bra size!  Dr. Spiro is a true artist! His nurses were knowledgeable and compassionate, and his office staff was extremely pleasant. All I can say is “thank you!” I finally look like I feel!


Amazing result!

I have put off breast augmentation for years, mostly because I was afraid of being bigger. Dr Spiro listened to my needs and combined with his expertise produced a spectacular result. I look and feel great and my only regret is waiting as long as I did! Kelly C

Kelly S

I had just completed chemo for stage 3 breast cancer and met with my breast surgeon who recommended a bilateral mastectomy. The thought of losing both my breasts devastated me. My breast surgeon contacted Dr. Spiro’s office right away. Dr. Spiro was kind enough to see me at 7 pm, two days before Christmas day 2014. Prior to my visit I’d looked on his website at pictures of breast reconstructions he’d done. I cried tears of relief when I saw how amazing these women looked. I knew I would be in good hands, but I was still scared, of course. From the moment I met him I liked him. His warm, gentle demeanor calmed me. He explained everything so thoroughly and helped make one of the most frightening moments of my life much easier. He continued to do so along the way, through surgeries and reconstruction. I saw first hand how deeply Dr. Spiro cares for the health and well-being of his patients. His concern is real and he treats you with such kindness, always greeting you with a smile. He has an amazing way of calming your fears because you know you are in the best of hands. When the nurses at the hospital found out Dr. Spiro was my surgeon they said, “Oh, he makes the best breasts!” Dr. Spiro’s staff is the best around. They are all so friendly and everyone makes you feel at ease. I’m thankful every day that my breast surgeon recommended Dr. Spiro. I’m cancer-free and getting married in two months. Thanks to Dr. Spiro I’ll look amazing in my wedding dress!

Jodi A

Great Experience/Beautiful Results

I can’t say enough great things about Dr. Spiro and his wonderful staff. First impressions are everything. From the moment I entered the office and was greeted so warmly, I knew I was in the right place. The office is beautiful and the staff is very professional. I had never had any type of plastic surgery before so I was a little nervous. However, Dr. Spiro was so wonderful and really made me feel as ease. After the initial consultation, I knew that I wanted him to do my surgery. I did not feel the need to seek a second opinion. Well I’m so thrilled that I didn’t because my results were nothing less than miraculous!!! From the initial consultation to the day of surgery and through post-surgery follow up visits, I was treated with the very best care. I recommend Spiro Plastic Surgery to anyone who is seeking a good surgeon. Thank you Dr. Spiro and staff for making my dream become a reality.

Sonja R

Dr. Spiro far exceeded my expectations. I went to him regarding the mannequin lines that were forming on my face. I pride myself on “growing old gracefully” and am someone who barely even wears make up. Dr. Spiro used non surgical fillers and Botox and truly achieved the natural look that I wanted. He (and his staff) are amazing. I would honestly recommend Dr. Spiro to anyone who looks in the mirror and thinks, “I would look good if ‘this’or ‘that’ were different.”

Michelle S

Wonderful experience and results!

I saw Dr. Spiro because my entire abdomen area was in ruins from 4 pregnancies. I had two hernias, severe diastasis recti, and excessive loose skin. I am a dedicated runner and yogi. Although I am very thin and fit, I often had people ask me if I was expecting again. No amount of exercise would have been able to fix my stomach, and the large “bump” I was carrying around was really starting to hurt my back. As much as I wanted to get it fixed, though, I was very scared to have an abdominoplasty because I have a history of DVT. With 4 young children at home, I was so afraid of doing anything to put me at risk for another DVT. Well I can’t say enough good things about how careful and thoughtful and meticulous Dr. Spiro was from day one of evaluating me and taking care of me. He and his entire staff took such great care of me. The surgery went great, and my recovery was very smooth. I followed all of his instructions and recommendations to the letter, and as a result, everything went perfectly, and I am thrilled with the results. I also am back to running just 6 weeks post-op! Dr. Spiro is detail-oriented and keeps track of all the little things that are important to note about each patient. I felt very safe under his care, and I would recommend him to anyone facing the same situation as I was. Thank you, Dr. Spiro!

Christy B

Having Dr. Spiro do my eyes, was a decision that was made within the first 5 minutes I met with him. His is an artist, caring doctor, and ultimate professional. The care I received from him, as well as his office staff was second to none. The results are beyond my expectations, and its only been 6 weeks. Dr. Spiro is a gem. He made me feel safe and secure before, during and after my procedure.

Audrey K

My Review of Dr. Scott Spiro

I considered doing my procedure but admittedly had trepidation, especially since I am a diabetic. I was concerned about potential complications as well as a good cosmetic result for my neck/chin surgery. I asked many friends and acquaintances for recommendations and one name was mentioned repeatedly, Dr. Scott Spiro. He was described as a “perfectionist” and fastidious about all aspects of the treatment plan. Now that I’m four weeks post op, I have to report that he more than lived up to his stellar reputation. I have a great cosmetic result already and have been healing beautifully. I cannot recommend him more highly.

Gloria R

I had breast reconstruction over 20 years ago and one of my breasts collapsed. Since the doctor who performed the original surgery has since retired I made an appointment with Dr. Spiro. He explained everything in detail and made me feel very comfortable. The surgery went very well and the results are amazing. I can’t thank him enough. He is an incredible surgeon, very professional and caring and his entire staff is wonderful.

Peggi C

The man behind the real art of plastic surgery

Dr. Spiro and his staff represent, unequivocally, the highest quality of patient care and expertise the plastic surgery industry has to offer. As a physician myself, I have personally interacted with many physicians and healthcare experts, but nothing compared to the quality of care I received at Spiro plastic surgery. Tucked away in New Jersey, this artist and master mind has been voted among the best plastic surgeons in the world by both patients and peers, and undoubtedly has earned this title as the art he exercises on the surgical table is truly one of a kind and his biggest trademark. Dr. Spiro’s passion for plastic surgery is seen in the dedication and attention to detail he gives to each and every one of his patients. He has the ability to spend a great deal of time explaining, in detail, the pros and cons of your procedure; a characteristic that is rarely seen among plastic surgeons I came to Dr. Spiro for a simple tummy tuck, but after meeting with him for an hour he made me realize the extent of what can be done to achieve the results I wanted and was looking for ; I didn’t doubt him for a second. Now, almost two weeks after surgery I cannot rave more about this surgeon and his practice. His nurses (I have to mention trish here) are available what feels to be 24/7 to answer any questions you might have or to care for you post-op. As a final note, this tummy tuck and breast augmentation guru has the ability to shape and mold your body into a way you never thought would be possible. Thesaurus should consider including the word Spiro as a synonym for artistry into their dictionary.

Cristina V

As a physician practicing in Manhattan, I always assumed that the best doctors and surgeons were in NYC. I was recommended to Dr. Spiro last year through a friend and boy did I stand corrected. I had a 60 lb weight loss and now at my ideal weight felt so uncomfortable looking at my excess skin. No matter how many crunches I did and hours spent at the gym the skin never seemed to tighten. I knew I needed surgical correction, but I needed to find the best person for the job. At first I was reluctant; the thought of traveling to a NJ doctor seemed so unreasonable. I thought the best plastic surgeons were in my backyard, but I visited one in Manhattan for a consultation I was left unimpressed. I decided to take the trip to NJ and quickly discovered that Dr. Spiro was amazing. During my first consultation he took a great deal of time to explain what was needed and to answer all of my questions. I knew he was the surgeon for me immediately as I was not only impressed with his bedside manner, but also his medical knowledge. I underwent an abdominoplasty in June of 2012 and within 2 months, I was ready to show off my abs. My surgical results were amazing and better than what I had anticipated. There were no complications and my healing went exactly the way Dr. Spiro explained it. There were no unanticipated surprises along the way. The confidence I have gained from my results has no price tag and knows no distance traveled. In the medical field, we always joke that doctors make for the most difficult patients. This is merely because we know so much about the medical field that only the finest doctors can impress us. Dr. Spiro is America’s finest. He is outstanding enough to be a doctor’s doctor and I am forever grateful to him for changing my life


I was diagnosed with breast cancer several years ago and I was fortunate to have used Dr. Spiro for my reconstruction. He always explained exactly what to expect and I never felt rushed during my visits with him. I found him to be very calming during a stressful time. Over the years other doctors have told me that his work is the best they have seen. I recently found out I have the BRCA1 gene mutation and I chose to have another mastectomy. The only easy part of my decision was that Dr. Spiro would do my reconstruction again. Not only is he a great doctor, but he is an amazing artist and these skills serve his patients well. His staff is also very warm and supportive. I would highly recommend Dr. Spiro!


Dr. Spiro,

I would like to express my sincerest thanks to you and your staff in support of my recent surgery which included abdominoplasty, breast lift and augmentation. I was recommended to you by a friend who had done a similar surgery several years ago with great success. I quickly learned of many friends who could recommend you and it was comforting to know so many women who had great success and results with you. When I made my initial appointment, my nerves dwindled upon walking into your office. In addition to the staff being incredibly welcoming and kind, the discovery of your artwork in your reception area truly made me feel more confident and at ease with my decision. Your talent as an artist clearly transfers into your gift as a plastic surgeon.

I appreciated all of the time and discussion we had during the consultation and was impressed with your candid opinions, recommendations and information you provided me that helped me make the best decision for myself. The 7 + hour surgery went well and the recovery, while not particularly easy, progressed as you had informed me and I appreciated your staff being there to answer any concerns that I had. Your arrangements at St. Barnabas Hospital for pre-op, the surgery and recovery time are exceptional with the best nursing care I have come in contact with. I followed your instructions both pre and post op exactly and have the most perfect results that I could have hoped for. I am thrilled with how my body looks and how my cloths lay flat on my abdomen. I am 14 weeks post-op and have fully resumed all of my activities gradually with no set backs and with renewed strength and confidence. I finally look fantastic and the damage done from the multiple c-sections has been remediated. I finally have stomach muscle and potential! My breasts now defy the years of nursing and gravity! Everything looks very natural which is what I had wanted.

I, like my girlfriends, wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone who is considering this kind of surgery. You spend a lot of time and care with your patients, your staff is exceptional and welcoming and your results are proven again and again.


Dear Dr. Spiro,

I am sure I am just one of thousands of thank you letters you must receive for changing peoples’ lives, but I need to thank you as well.

I appreciate the time and attention you gave me, listening to me, educating me and putting me at ease. There is no doubt I chose the right doctor and I thank you for taking care of me and helping me finally feel like a complete woman.

There is no other eloquent way to say this than, “I love my new boobies!” From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

P.S. Thank you to your wonderful staff


Dr. Scott Spiro,

I started to write a testimonial many times and never really knew where to begin. However, after today’s checkup, thirteen months after the seven hour procedure (which included a breast lift, tummy tuck and liposuction of the buttocks and hips) I sat in my car in the parking lot of the Atkins-Kent office building and penned this testimonial to express my gratitude. When I refer to gratitude, I do not just mean for changing my body from what it looked like thirteen months ago, but for being the honest, caring and dedicated doctor that you are.

Seven years ago, I sat in your office after a good friend recommended you. I made an appointment and went to see you. After careful evaluation, you told me to go home, lose weight and not come back until I was ready for the surgery. In fact, your words were, “I am not a diet doctor!.” You knew, I wasn’t ready.

I wasn’t ready. It took seven years for me to lose seventy pounds and find the courage to reschedule an appointment and bite the bullet to commit to surgery. Many women and men both say that they are not going to live like “this” anymore. The operative word “this” meaning their out of control body, the way they have let themselves go, but not many have the determination to do something about it.

I am an ex-teacher and have a sales position working in an industry that deals with young people. I had made up my mind that I do not want to be that woman who looked like someone’s grandmother who came to the schoolhouse to work with the students anymore. So, after joining the YMCA, going to classes, changing the way I eat and losing enough weight to give me the courage to make a second appointment, I was ready. My second visit was a little more refreshing and relaxing. I had done the work. I had lost the weight necessary to have a successful outcome. I made an appointment for the surgery. Dr. Spiro, you have changed my life.

The frightening part of any surgery is the unknown. Everyone responds differently; emotionally, mentally and physically. The only surgery that I ever had were two C-sections when I delivered my children over thirty years ago. To say I wasn’t frightened would be a lie. I was frightened. I even wrote a letter to my family in the event I didn’t wake up. Deep down, I knew that everything was going to be just fine, it just made me feel better to go through the exercise.

Having finally reached the decision to go ahead, I spoke with three patients of yours. They all had experienced the same procedure I was about to undertake. One woman was forty, one fifty and the third, a sixty year old. All of the women convinced me to go ahead with the surgery, and that it was the best decision they had ever made, but it had to be you performing the operation. I went ahead and have never looked back.

Dr. Spiro, you are the “wizard of artistry,” in your field, as well as a kind, caring and compassionate individual. You are an artist as well as a surgeon. You have made me feel special. No, you have made me feel beautiful. You explained everything you were going to do, sometimes more times than you would have liked to. You gave me the time to digest the procedure, to my level of understanding.

You looked at me as a human being, one that you wanted to improve physically for my best interest and because of your artistic talent, you could. You are a proud man and extremely proud of your work. You work unrushed, are attentive both pre and post-op and have reassured me every time that I have had any doubt about myself.

Because of your gentleness, kindness and talent, I also had you perform a full face lift six months later. I believe that because of the weight loss, my face looks even more natural than I ever expected. I look twenty plus years younger and feel great. Wow, what a feeling!

Only a few close friends even know about the surgery, when asked about the pain I can’t honestly remember. I guess it is like having children. You forget what it was like. All I know is that when I look in the mirror and see the new me, I am grateful that I made the commitment to myself and I have you as my surgeon.

When you feel better about yourself, mentally and emotionally and then add the physical component to the mix, I honestly believe that you become more active and better contributor to society. You make a difference. You are noticed. Regardless of what you do, whether it be working full time, volunteering or taking care of your family, you must take care of yourself first. If you can’t do it yourself, don’t be afraid to ask for help. I needed help… I asked.

As far as I am concerned, people considering plastic surgery of any kind should not look any further than your office door. Your compassion, talent and your incredible staff is the perfect combination for success. Just like the old slogan, New Jersey and You… Perfect Together. It should read on your door… Dr. Scott Spiro and You… the Best Fit for Now and the Future.


Thank you for the amazing result you were able to give me! I truly appreciate your skill and artistry and just wanted to let you know how thrilled I am with my new and improved figure. I just love the results!


Dear Dr. Spiro,

It was one of the best decisions I ever made. Breast reduction surgery has greatly improved my life. It has allowed me to participate in sports pain free. I also feel much more positive about my appearance.

I owe my positive body image to Dr. Spiro and his staff. They were very helpful and answered all my questions.

I would highly recommend Dr. Spiro and his staff to anyone considering breast reduction surgery.


Thank you Dr. Spiro! Thanks to your excellent surgical talents, my energetic and youthful attitude now matches my facial appearance. The reflection I now see in the mirror is in sync with my youthful and energetic attitude about life. It took me more than six months to make a decision to have surgery, and although it was a very, very tough decision to make, I look back with 100% certainty that it was the right decision.

It has been about two months since the surgery and I absolutely love my youthful profile and overall facial appearance. What I love more than anything is that I look like a very refreshed and younger “me.” You did not change what existed; you enhanced it. By putting my trust and confidence in your very capable hands, I feel as though I have gained more than just a youthful appearance; I have gained a renewed sense of myself; which has a direct impact on everything I do in life.


I consulted with various surgeons over the past 5 years to correct a previous breast reduction with which I was very unhappy. I chose Dr. Spiro because he is incredibly professional, very patient, explains things clearly and his staff is wonderful! He came with excellent reviews and I knew I was in good hands when I chose him to correct the mistakes of my previous operation. I did not think I would ever feel sexy again, and now I feel young again, I am so happy with the results of my surgery and will recommend him to all my friends who are seeking a good surgeon.


I just want to say a few things about my experience at Dr. Spiro’s office. I had a breast lift with replacement of implants with muscle complications that the Dr. found and corrected when he went in.

First of all I’ll start with the staff, from my first appointment when I walked in I had a good feeling, and I didn’t have to wait long, the staff was amazing, very nice, very helpful, they did their job above and beyond, this was through my whole experience, before my surgery and after ( everyone was even better). I also want to thank everyone in Dr. Spiro’s office for making this complicated surgery and experience very easy to go through.

Dr. Spiro’s work and knowledge about breast surgery and beyond was unbelievable. His bedside manner never changed before and after my surgery, he put a smile on my face even the day of my surgery even as scared as I was, he made me very comfortable. This was the best life changing decision that I have made with the help of the staff and Dr. Spiro. Three months later and my results are more then I expected, my breast are exactly what I wanted and more, they look better then before I had children, the scars are are barely there and in another three months they will look even better. I am SO happy that I chose Dr.Spiro, words really can’t describe how I feel. If I choose to have any other surgeries in the future no doubt I am going back to Dr.Spiro. Thank you so much for my new ( better) look and great experience Dr. Spiro and staff.


Dr. Spiro is an attentive surgeon who truly cares about his patients’ wants and needs. I couldn’t have asked for a better result. Dr. Spiro and his wonderful staff did an amazing job making the whole surgical process as smooth as possible. I can’t thank him enough!


I have wanted breast augmentation every since I had two biopsies on my left breast six years ago which left my A size breast now disfigured somewhat and even smaller than the other. As I have approached my fifties, I have realized that I wanted to feel better about myself and had upper lid blepharplasty last year and felt and looked younger. And now I did not hesitate to research Dr. Spiro after a friend of mine’s sister had her breast augmentation last November.
I agree, Dr. Spiro is an artist. He made me feel confident about my decision and his staff is the absolute greatest.  His office is run so smoothly and professionally. I never had to wait, the staff is extremely attentive and courteous. His nursing staff is the absolute best, because I have used the 24/7 service for so many unexpected questions that came up that I did not anticipate… And the results are phenomenal. They look and feel real. There is no way you can tell I had the procedure. I look nicely proportioned with my 36 C plus breasts.  If I do any other procedures, which I may in the future, I will certainly see if Dr. Spiro performs those as well. I am absolutely beyond happy!  Thanks.


Since under-going breast augmentation surgery, I have a new quality of life that I never thought possible.  I have so much confidence and now look forward to wearing a bikini. I finally feel like a woman with breasts that match my body and no longer feel uncomfortable or insecure in clothing.

Dr. Spiro pointed out details that only an artist and talented surgeon could see that other surgeons missed.  I was told I had constricted breast anomaly, something that was never brought to my attention by any of the four surgeons I consulted before meeting Dr. Spiro. I knew he was my guy. He was able to correct it and give me the most beautiful, natural looking breasts.  I am so happy everyday when looking at the outcome.

Dr. Spiro and his staff are the most professional and friendly medical team I have ever encountered.  My expectations were consistently surpassed with each office visit.  I love Dr. Spiro and his staff for what they have done for me and highly recommend his services to everyone.  It’s impossible to find better than the Dr. Spiro experience!


I can’t say enough about the great job Dr. Spiro did for me.  I was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 40 and had a bilateral mastectomy.  My breast surgeon gave me several names for plastic surgeons but urged me to at least meet with Dr. Spiro.  From the first appointment I was comfortable in that he was confident in what he could do for me and how I would look afterward. After discussing all my options I still had some concerns and questions since there was a possibility I would have radiation after the surgery.  Dr. Spiro took the time to call me back and go over my concerns which made me feel better. I decided to go with immediate reconstruction using my lat flaps.  I was surprised how well I looked after the drains came out and tapes came off. Dr. Spiro made me look and feel like a “normal women who did not have cancer. After going through such an emotional and physical ordeal I am quite happy with my new breasts.

All of my doctors (medical oncologist, radiation oncologist, breast surgeon and gynecologist) are quite impressed with how I look only five months out from surgery. my Scars are healing beautifully. I can’t thank Dr. Spiro enough!


My expectations were met and surpassed. Dr. Spiro is an artist-as you can observe in his waiting room. A year after a tummy tuck and breast reduction, I smile at my reflection and can positively say he is an extremely accomplished artist, and Thank God that he chose plastic surgery to focus on…because I am so happy with my body and his “artwork”.

I have recommended many friends to him in the past year, and 6 of my acquaintances have had different things done by Dr. Spiro prior to me deciding to go with him. This made a difference in getting me to his office, but once I met him and his staff, I was so impressed, I would have chosen him without all of those recommendations.

Dr. Spiro and staff, Thank you for everything!

Mom of 2 with a pre-baby body thanks to you

After a terrible breast reduction almost ten years ago, I was desperately seeking to find my body again when I was referred to Dr. Spiro. Prior to discussing any procedures with me, he required that I quit smoking; I started to feel better about myself immediately. Shortly after that, he began walking me through the details of my procedures; all my questions were answered with absolute confidence. The office staff was consistently available to answer questions and offer moral support whenever I needed it. Before I knew it, my surgery date was upon me, and when I saw myself in the mirror for the first time just days after, I immediately began crying at the sight of my reflection. Dr. Spiro helped me find me again, confident, and beautiful on the inside and outside!


Dear Dr. Spiro

I am so grateful to you and your wonderful staff for bringing a silver lining to the nightmare of being diagnosed with breast cancer. My new breasts are truly amazing! (So much better than the ones I started with). Your most talented hands used the lat flap procedure to give me lovely, very natural-looking breasts. I am the envy of my friends. to the nightmare of being diagnosed with breast cancer. My new breasts are truly amazing! (So much better than the ones I started with). Your most talented hands used the lat flap procedure to give me lovely, very natural-looking breasts. I am the envy of my friends. You are a true artiste!

I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge and thank your very gracious staff who is warm, compassionate, and most professional. They bring a calm and warm embrace to a situation that could be very stressful.

I will be forever grateful to you.


If I had just known how much better I feel and look now I would have done my breast augmentation years ago. From day one on you and your team provided great care support and advice. I would like to thank everybody involved for the overall very satisfying experience.


As my husband and I approached Dr. Spiro’s “VERY LARGE” office doors, I said “I feel like we’re going to see the Wizard of Oz! Little did I know, I would be meeting the Wizard himself! Hence, we looked no further.

If you are sitting in Dr. Spiro’s office reading this testimonial you should consider yourself a very lucky person. If you have breast cancer you are probably scared beyond belief, but please know you are in the office of the most incredibly talented, compassionate doctor/man you will ever meet.

I was diagnosed with Paget’s disease of the nipple and DCIS breast cancer in late November 2009. My gynecologist recommended Dr. _____________, a breast surgeon located at the Ambulatory Care Center in Livingston. I was told I needed to have a mastectomy of my right breast and the odds were I had a 30 percent chance of getting cancer in my left breast. My husband’s comment helped me make my decision without a second thought. He said “If I was going to play golf and the weather forecasted a 30 percent chance of rain, I would bring my umbrella!” So a double mastectomy was my decision.

Dr.__________ recommended Dr. Spiro as a plastic surgeon along with a few other doctors. From the moment we entered Dr. Spiro’s office and saw his amazing artwork that covered his walls, we knew he had incredible talents! The office staff was amazing! His entire staff was friendly, compassionate and gave me a feeling of calmness in such a frightened state.

Dr. Spiro gave us a few different options for a double mastectomy. I was fortunate enough to be a candidate for a TRAM flap. As scary as this surgery sounded, Dr. Spiro spoke with such confidence and knowledge I knew in my heart this was the way to go.

It has now been two years and I am finished with my surgeries. I am healed and my results are amazing! I had a few infections along the way which set me back, but Dr. Spiro assured me each time I would be fine! Dr. Spiro will “NOT” let you leave his office or his care until you are totally happy and feel complete! These results don’t happen overnight.

I had many visits over the next two years and each visit I was treated with the same sincere compassion. My advice to you is be patient, listen to Dr. Spiro, and know when you are through with this journey…you will be a complete and beautiful new woman who beat breast cancer.

With all of my heart I thank Dr. Spiro, Kristina, Dina and Diane. You are all wonderful and make an amazing team.

Jill S.

I have been embarrassed about my stomach for as long as I can remember. I had a road map of scars from a burn when I was 1 ½, an emergency appendectomy when I was 17, and gallbladder surgery when I was 26. This has been life changing for me. The first time I exercised after my tummy tuck I was brought to tears when I could feel my stomach muscles contracting. I have experienced a renewed passion in my marriage that is unprecedented. The list of positives goes on. I would recommend Dr. Spiro and his staff to anyone considering any work. Dr. Spiro is a true perfectionist and his staff are compassionate and a pleasure to deal with.

Thank you does not express how grateful I am. Thank you Thank you Thank you!


I came to Dr. Spiro with sub-glandular,encapsulated, 26 year old breast implants. In a word, I came to him with a “mess”. Dr. Spiro was clear, concise and caring in explaining my options and addressing my fears. My initial intention was to take the simple and least expensive approach but after deliberate thought and consideration with the knowledge gained from Dr. Spiro, I opted for the more involved approach. Needless to say, now, just nine months later, the results are nothing less than spectacular! Dr.Spiro and his staff exemplify not only quality,knowledge and experience but also take pride in their craft and care of their patients.

I unequivocally recommend Dr.Spiro to anyone considering plastic surgery.


Dear Dr. Spiro

I just want to take the time and thank you for the change you had done to me. I was always so insecure about my nose. Even as a young child I hated my nose. I was so determined since my first paycheck that my goal is to save up for a Rhinoplasty. I was so scared about choosing the right doctor. I went to several doctors for consultations, but once I walked into your office and sat in your chair I had a feeling, a connection that I didn’t get from any other doctor. You and your staff made me feel so comfortable. From that point on I knew you will be my doctor. You made me feel so confident about what changes you will do to my nose that I wasn’t even nervous. Once my date was picked out I was so excited, I had counted down for months. I would look at the picture images I received about 10 times a day, if not more. January 20, 2011 was the day my self- image changed for the best. I can’t even put into words about how happy I am, so overwhelmed and speechless. I have never been so happy with myself EVER! I can’t even tell you how many times I look at myself. Now I can look in the mirror and feel good about myself. I even walk through parking lots and I catch myself looking at the window reflection of myself. My swelling isn’t even healed yet and I am so pleased. Once again, thank you so much! You changed me and my confidence forever and I am so grateful for having you as my doctor.


I finally made a quick decision to have a chin / face lift done. For a long time I have had this little pouch or “gullet” under my chin that I said some day I would have removed. Well, I had chosen to have it done this past January. I think it was a good choice for me. This is the time too, when nobody wants to go out in the winter weather. So I was glad to take the 2 weeks off from work, stay at home and relax after my surgery. I did have a fear of having the surgery done, but as soon as I met the staff and Dr. Spiro, my worries lifted, as all of them were so kind and supportive, and were able to answer any question I had.

I had the surgery done, and was quite surprised. It certainly surpassed my expectations. I never expected that the surgery would turn out so perfect. I was very happy with myself on how I looked. I also never expected on how it made me feel. There was a good feeling within myself. I even went on a diet and lost 13 pounds. For me that was something big, because I have always been close to my proper weight, and never was able to loose any pounds.

The healing process was quick. I felt that Dr. Spiro did a wonderful job with the surgery, and I thought he was very neat with the work he had done on me. Dr. Spiro and his office staff always had time for me. I miss all of them. And don’t worry! If Dr. Spiro feels you are not healthy enough for the surgery, he will let you know. He is a very trusting Doctor, and he will tell you like it is. If anyone is looking for a doctor of Plastic Surgery, I would definitely suggest Dr. Scott Spiro. You will not be dissatisfied, and that’s with a promise.


Dear Dr. Spiro,

I needed to tell you just how amazing I feel now that the surgery is finished…As a mother of four children, I have discovered new facets to my body that I never had before-when I pull in my stomach I have a waist. That has never happened to me before in my life! I have a new confidence. When I walk around in my clothes, I strut! I am so proud of the way I look now. Thank you so very much Dr. Spiro. The results are exactly what you explained they would be and then some!


When I was looking for a surgeon, I was looking for someone that could demonstrate a level of support and compassion for my needs and at the same time show a level of expertise that was unparalleled by the competition. I found this with Dr. Spiro. Over the course of a year, he has spent a great deal of time with me. The surgery went smoothly and he continues to provide comprehensive support during several follow-up appointments. I am more than pleased with my results and could not have selected a better surgeon than Dr. Spiro.


To say the least, Dr. Spiro has changed my life for the better. As a teenager I was always self-conscious about my appearance. For years I had only imagined what my life would be like if I were to look how I wanted to. From the moment I met Dr. Spiro, I felt confident that the job he would do would be nothing less than perfect. My breast reduction surgery was my first surgery in my life and from the moment I stepped into Dr. Spiro’s office I knew he was my surgeon and that I was in great hands. Not only is he confident in his work, but he also makes you know that he is going to do the job right and that you will be pleased. After my healing was completed I was nothing less than happy, and since December 2010 I have been ecstatic with the results of my surgery. Dr. Spiro has changed my life, and the confidence I have in myself that he was able to give me. I cannot put into words how thankful I am. I recommend Dr. Spiro to anyone who is in need of breast reduction surgery. Dr. Spiro is an excellent surgeon, and his staff is very compassionate and professional. Thank you to Dr. Spiro and his staff for everything you have done for me. Dr. Spiro, I am proud to call you my surgeon.


Dear Dr. Spiro and staff,

I apologize as this letter is way overdue and very necessary to help those women who may be searching for the right surgeon. Well ladies look no further. I was lead to the “wizard” as my friend and I affectionately call him because of her journey with breast cancer requiring full mastectomy with a tram flap which he amazingly performed to sheer perfection. I needed a revision from a bilateral mastectomy that had been reconstructed without expanders and wound up with severe capselitis, pain, deformities, dimpling etc. Though scary to go through this whole procedure again, once I met with Dr. Spiro his outstanding professionalism, confidence, and kindness made me realize I was in the right place. He is an artist (literally) and a skilled, hard working perfectionist of a surgeon who treated me like I was his only patient every time I had an appointment. A lot of plastic surgeons claim they can do reconstruction surgery but cannot. Ladies, do your homework and fight for your right to use the best, Dr. Spiro. His staff and office atmosphere is like no other. I miss seeing the girls and will have to go back and get a spa treatment just to visit with them. By the way as a bonus to myself while under anesthesia I also had the doc do a little fat grafting around my marionette lines & lips as a present to myself. He knew I wanted something very subtle but to make me feel a little less tired and old looking. He accomplished that and so much more with the complex 3 stage procedure to redo my breasts and I feel whole again and love my results and owe it all to Dr. Spiro and his wonderful staff. They will always hold a special place in my heart.


Dear Dr. Spiro and Staff,

My battle with breast cancer began 17 years ago when I was 30 years old and 7 1/2 months pregnant. I had a lumpectomy and radiation on my left breast. Four years later is when my second battle with breast cancer began, this time on my right breast. It was at this point that I decided to have bilateral mastectomy with bilateral reconstructive surgery by a prominent surgeon in a very well regarded hospital in New Jersey. Because I had radiation the procedure that this surgeon used is now not recommended and the final results were absolutely a devastating disappointment despite the fact that this surgeon thought it came out very well. He told me even after going back to him a couple times throughout the years that this was as good as it was going to get and when he did pose some more modern solutions to the problem this past year he did not instill any confidence in me whatsoever that he could fix all of the problems that I have had to live with over the last fourteen years. I have been through a lot…..Over a dozen surgeries, radiation and two rounds of chemotherapy and a baby, who is now seventeen years old. Over the many years I just mourned my loss and got use to my deformed appearance by strategically wearing clothing that was not necessarily my style but because it had a high neck line I would have to wear it. I came to Dr. Spiro because I have met several of his patients over the years who have shown me their miraculous results. When I first met Dr. Spiro and he told that he could fix all of the problems, I cried the whole way home. I did not even realize the flood of emotions that would overcome me. Going in to visit him for this initial consultation I set myself up mentally to protect myself as I figured that this would be just another disappointment. My outcome has been life changing and spectacular.

I have been thinking about my thank you note to Dr. Spiro for many months now and I have decided that it is absolutely impossible to put in to words how I feel. How do you possibly thank a doctor who has given you back a part of your life that was taken away from you fourteen years ago. How do you thank someone for their incredible God given artistic skills to put your body back together so that you can go out, buy and wear something as simple as a tank top (not to mention a bathing suit) without being conscious of people looking at your caved in chest area. I feel like you have given me back something as important as an arm. How do you thank someone for giving you back your complete positive body self image because they have eliminated the ugly scars that have draped your chest for fourteen years. How do you thank someone for making both sides of your chest/breast area feel like your own body again with a warm body temperature and a natural feeling. From the day I completed my reconstructive surgery 14 years ago, my chest has felt like a pair of new, tight shoes that never quite fit right and I was constantly aware of their foreign presence. It is absolutely amazing to me that my mind is so clear now. I do not have that constant nagging thought of “I wish I could fix the way I look” anymore. There are so many other things I would rather think about and you with the support of your amazing staff have helped me to do just that. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul!


Never have I had more self-confidence. Never have I ever felt more comfortable with my body. Never have I ever loved shopping more. Never have I ever run faster. Never have I ever played better lacrosse. Never have I ever been happier.

I never really considered getting a breast reduction. A friend of mine had gotten one in high school, but I never really thought I was a candidate. My mom mentioned the idea to me the spring of my senior year and after my first appointment that following fall, I was absolutely sold for the idea and could not wait.

I had always had back pain, but since I was a three-sport varsity athlete I attributed the pain to the wear and tear I suffered from all the physical contact. After learning about the relief I would feel after the weight would literally be taken off my shoulders I began to count down the days.

I had an extremely successful freshman year playing division 1 lacrosse. After receiving multiple accolades for rookie of the week and getting a lot of press for being one of the leading point scorers on my team, I highly anticipated how this surgery would only help my game.

The first time I ran post-surgery after I was cleared and the swelling had subsided, I felt like a new person. I no longer felt instantly winded from the weight of my chest on my lungs. I ran faster and with ease. I could not wait to hit the lacrosse field.

My coaches and teammates noticed the difference instantly. Everything about my game had improved. I dropped a full minute off my timed mile and mile and a half times combined. I was winning sprints and easily completing fitness tests that I had once had extreme difficulty with. Besides helping me outrun defenders, my new chest has allowed me to be so much more agile and has allowed me to get in the best shape of my life.

My family and friends noticed the difference instantly. I can wear clothes that I was never able to wear with my old chest and I finally enjoy shopping again. One of the best parts was finally being able to buy bras, sports bras, and bikinis in a normal store. I loved and continue to love hearing all the compliments about how great I look.

I look at pictures from before my surgery and cannot even imagine going back. The only thing about the process I would change is I would get the surgery much sooner. Every aspect of my life has improved so much that I only regret waiting so long.


Dear Dr. Spiro:

Although I suspect you may already know what I am about to say, I feel compelled to commit my thoughts to paper. I have written multiple messages inside my head and purchased this card quite some time ago, but until now have successfully procrastinated. I know you have received many testimonials and letters of appreciation, but to date you have not received mine. So here it comes…

Thanks to Dr. ________, we met four summers ago. I still remember walking into your office with my sister at my side. I knew from the start we had encountered the second member of my “dream team”. (FYI – Drs. _______ and _______ later became members three and four.)

I still remember going into surgery for the first time – you on my left side, Dr._______ on my right – reassuring me that you would take good care of me and I would be fine. Although I already knew that, it was really comforting to hear the words out loud.

The care I have received from you and your wonderful team has been extraordinary. I have been gently guided along a rather long road – where I have been taught, encouraged and supported. Each office visit and surgical procedure has felt like a celebration or an accomplishment. The rarity of that event made my journey that much more unique. You and you former nurse _______ skillfully guided me through the larger side step of the kidney situation as well as the chemo phase.

As a result of a breast cancer diagnosis, I’ve shared in a medical/scientific wonder. I could not have dreamed that choosing the tissue expander would give me a sense of reliving puberty (at least on the left side). I know this may sound strange, but I never felt a loss of a breast – only the presence of a brand new one in my very own skin. A miracle of sorts, isn’t it?

I have had a front row seat witnessing a transformation. I believed the nipple sharing phenomenon was my final phase, but amazing ly my body made room for additional fine tuning. I can honestly say that most adjectives fall short in describing this entire experience.

I’ve always been modest relative to my body – but now I feel I could show and tell the world for the purpose of allaying any fears or worries (even though I’ve told friends I’m preparing for the next Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition).

The words “thank you” don’t seem to be enough under the circumstances. So I must let you know how blessed I feel each and every day for having met you. I will remain forever grateful Dr. Spiro.


I can remember putting my head on my grandmother’s chest as a child and feeling her heart right beneath my cheek. My grandmother had breast cancer when she was in her 50’s, had a mastectomy, and wore a false breast in her bra for the rest of her life. My grandmother had a loving husband that adored her and thought she was so beautiful. She lived to be 94 years old. I found out that I had breast cancer on my 41st birthday. I remember hearing my breast specialist say that the cancer was deadly for my breast but not for my life. After explaining all of the options that I had to remove the cancer, I chose mastectomy. My first thoughts were of my grandmother.

I couldn’t imagine losing a part of my body and still having the strength and self esteem that she had. I was given a list of plastic surgeons that could perform my reconstructive surgery and was told to consult with each one until I found the doctor that was right for me. Dr. Spiro was the first surgeon that I saw. After speaking to him, I knew that he was the doctor that would perform my surgery. He explained all of the options for reconstructive surgery and I chose to have tram flap reconstruction. I sat with my friend and watched the video about breast cancer reconstruction. I also looked at Dr. Spiro’s albums showing so many women who had the procedure I would be having. My thoughts turned to fear when my friend voiced her concerns that Dr. Spiro would be able to reconstruct my breast and make me look like the pictures in the photo album. Would I feel normal and whole? I was only 41 years old. I had a boyfriend at the time, but wasn’t married. How would he feel after my surgery? What if my relationship didn’t work out and I wanted to date other men? Dr. Spiro eased my fears and performed my surgery. Today I look absolutely amazing. I do look like all of the women in Dr. Spiro’s album. I feel whole and beautiful. I have confidence in my appearance. Dr. Spiro is a truly gifted surgeon who gave me back my life.

Thank you.


In 1994 at age 44, I underwent a bi-lateral mastectomy and began my reconstruction process with tissue expanders. After 5 months, the expanders were replaced with silicone implants. While pleased to regain some breast-like shape, for years I experienced a tightness all around my chest and back area. Also, the breasts were cold and very thin skinned. During the past few years, the breasts began to dimple and showed signs of scar tissue. I became concerned about my health and the integrity of these implants.

Dr. Spiro came highly recommended to me by one of my closest friends, who had recently undergone a bi-lateral mastectomy. She utilized the skillful and artistic hands of Dr. Spiro to undergo her reconstruction process. She was more than willing to show me her results and I was truly amazed. You couldn’t even tell she had undergone breast reconstruction.

After an in-depth consultation with Dr. Spiro, I agreed to move forward with the replacement procedure of my implants. Dr. Spiro explained how he would be able to create a soft, much more natural looking breast by creating a crease under the breast and softening the area around the breast with fat grafting.

After less than three months post-surgery, I cannot begin to tell you how incredibly pleased I am. The results have completely gone above and beyond my expectations. Not only do I feel much safer with the new implants, I no longer have any tightness in my back and chest area and my breasts are actually soft and warm again. And, by taking unwanted fat from my abdominal area and using that to perfect and soften the breast area, I received an added bonus of a much flatter tummy. What woman doesn’t want that?! I am completely blown away by the esthetic results and feel so much better in so many ways.

Dr. Spiro, I am so glad I placed my trust in you and know that I am forever grateful. Please keep up the incredible, innovative, artistic work that you do so well.

J. Andrews

I recommend Dr. Spiro and his staff to anyone and EVERYONE! If you are thinking about having any form of plastic surgery, DO IT! AND, make sure sure that Dr. Spiro is in your corner. I originally came to his office because I wanted a nose job. I wanted it for two reasons. My confidence has always suffered due to the appearance of my nose, but also I am an actress/singer and I knew that my nose was costing me consideration for certain roles. Since my surgery, the number of auditions I have been called in for has doubled if not tripled. Furthermore, I can suddenly sing in a way that I have NEVER been able to sing before. Also, his staff is exceptional. I had some huge financial concerns, but they helped me come up with a plan, and due to the outcome it was worth every penny! I cannot begin to put into words the gratitude I have towards Dr. Spiro for not only changing my look, but to be perfectly honest, he has changed my life! This was the best decision I have ever made for myself! Thank you Dr. Spiro!


Dear Dr. Spiro,

After our visit the other day, I truly realized that it was time for me to talk about a chapter in my life that has been very painful for me to discuss. The day I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I got the words that no woman ever wants to hear. I’ve always felt in my soul that it was only a matter of time that I would hear the news that my grandmother and mother once heard.

My grandmother, at age 46, died of breast cancer. My mother had her first bout with breast cancer at age 52. Her surgeon back then, did a radical mastectomy with no reconstruction. Years later it returned in her other breast in which she received another mastectomy, and again, no reconstruction surgery. After seeing how disfigured my mother was after her mastectomies, it left me with such a horrible impression in my mind, that if I knew if I ever got breast cancer, I would have to consider another option for me.

Last April I got the news that changed my life forever. I was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer. I knew that I had some serious work ahead of me. My first impression was to find the best doctors to do the mastectomy and reconstruction. I already had Dr. _______ picked out as my breast surgeon. I had been seeing her since having a biopsy four years earlier. Dr. _______ gave me the names of a few different plastic surgeons that she recommended. The first name given to me was Dr. Spiro. I had heard of his name before, so I started with him. I knew I would be getting a second opinion because that is what I have always done in the past. Needless to say, once I met with Dr. Spiro, my decision was made.

Dr. Spiro gave me the different reconstruction options. The pluses and minuses for each option and what he felt was best for me and my body structure were discussed. Within the first visit, I knew the type of reconstruction I would have and that it would be done at the same time as my mastectomy. I don’t make hasty decisions, but after spending close to two hours with him, I knew what my plan was going to be. I left his office feeling positive and relieved. Everything else would be in God’s hands.

It was important to me that both Dr. ______ and Dr. Spiro would perform the mastectomy and reconstruction consecutively in a marathon surgery that resulted in me losing my breasts and gaining my reconstructed breasts before I awoke. I was able to go to surgery with breasts and come out with breasts I never had. I was afraid to look at my new breasts for over a week after coming home from the hospital for fear of what they would look like. My husband assured me that they really looked good. I was able to smile after seeing them for the first time.

I can honestly say that the day of my surgery I was very calm and relaxed. It was Dr. Spiro that gave me my calmness. I knew in my soul that I was going to be alright. Dr. Spiro gave me some insight into his level as a surgeon. Like a true genius or anyone at the pinnacle of their profession, he so eloquently stated: “the actual surgery is almost anticlimactic as I have already visualized doing the procedure” – my apologies for not being able to quote him verbatim. Besides the artistic talent that this man has as a top notch surgeon, he also has the compassionate side for any woman going through this life altering experience.

The second part of my surgery was held up due to me having to go through chemo. I had my heart set on having my second surgery soon after I healed from the first one. Plans got delayed a little bit with chemo. I’ll never forget what Dr. Spiro said to me, “Don’t worry, just get through the chemo first, if I have to operate on you on New Year’s Eve, I will do so”. We ended operating on December 30th. Close enough.

As a chapter of my life is finally closing and a new one is beginning, I look at myself now and I do not see a cancer patient. I refused to fall victim to that horrible disease. I now have a different way of looking at my life. When I get out of the shower and look at myself, I don’t see a woman that had to have her breasts removed due to breast cancer, I see a woman that had a wonderful plastic surgeon that gave me the most magnificent breasts. Not to mention that they are better than the ones I originally had. I can honestly say that I don’t miss them, nor will I ever have to worry about breast cancer again.

The one person I will miss dearly is Dr. Spiro, and his wonderfully pleasant staff. It was always a highlight when I visited with the group. Whenever I went there feeling sad, hurting, or feeling depressed, I always walked out of there feeling wonderful with a smile on my face.


One last note, I made a decision not to completely leave you or your staff at this time. You made me whole again on the inside and therefore I decided to let you make a few things on the outside look just as beautiful.

There are no words big enough to thank you for all you have done for me physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

I truly love you all.

Linda Humphris

Seven months ago it surprised me when I looked in the mirror and I did not know who was looking back.

Bags under my eyes, wrinkles, graying thinning hair and rolls in the mid section. The sagging gravitational changes in the pattern of the skin plus loss of volume.

I chose the scalpel of Dr. Scott Spiro to improve some of the signs of aging. In addition to all the medical training; very skillful surgery, aesthetics , and art are a part of Dr. Spiro’s talents and expertise. The result is fabulous; along with flattery it has brought me a lot of pleasure.

His competent friendly staff helped me through all of the healing process and with all my visits to Dr. Spiro’s office.

Many thanks for the transformation.

Christa Studzinski

Dr. Spiro:

This letter is long overdue, however it seems impossible to put into words all that you have done for me. Not only are the results amazing, but the whole process has been easy. I felt your confidence from the moment I met you and knew I was in the right hands. During the consultation all of my concerns were addressed and finding a date that worked for the both of us was very simple. I remember being terrified of the actual surgery and following recovery, but I was quickly proved wrong. I recall only mild pain/discomfort that quickly vanished. I would do it again in a heartbeat (if I had to).


In the past 2 years my breast size went from a C to AA, which was the result of nursing my two children. As a 32 year old woman I felt disfigured. I was also embarrassed to undress in front of my husband. Dr. Spiro was highly recommended by someone who had the same issues as myself, and loved her results of breast augmentation. When my husband and I came for a consult, Dr. Spiro answered all of our questions and made us feel at ease. I left the consult feeling relieved that there was a way I can feel god about my body again. I went back to his office a few weeks before the surgery and expressed my concerns about “looking to big” as a C cup. He assured me the results would be very natural and he was right. The results from my surgery were amazing and my expectations were surpassed. I would recommend breast augmentation to women in my situation as it has improved my emotional health and self confidence.


Dear Dr. Spiro,

After two battles with ovarian cancer and positive test for BRCA – I decided to have prophylactic mastectomies. You were highly recommended to me by my Gynecologist, Internist and Oncologist. From the moment I entered your office I knew I made the right choice. During my initial appointment you took the time to walk my husband and me through the three stage surgery with detail, pictures and lots of answers to the endless questions we had. I was apprehensive about changing my appearance (from A cup to a B/C cup) but you reassured me that I’d be happy with the results. How right you were! I’m enjoying my new figure and feel more confident in the way I look. Your artistic ability is not only captured in the pictures that enhance your office but in your ability to create beautiful physical features.

I also commend your office staff who are compassionate and professional women who added to my experience with plastic surgery. My thanks to Lina, Kristina, Karen and Dina for always being there for me. All I had to do was pick up the phone and all my needs were met.


Dr. Spiro

It is my pleasure to write this small note about you and your practice. You are a true artist; many plastic surgeons are skilled mechanics but what separates the average ones from the excellent ones cannot be taught. Anyone considering plastic surgery would be well advised to use the best doctor possible. They need only visit your office.


I recently turned 45 and have become increasingly unhappy with my reflection. I embrace getting older but had always considered plastic surgery as an option once I became dissatisfied with my appearance. I am a cancer survivor and feel healthier and younger than I have ever felt. I wanted to look as good as I feel, so I decided it was time to seek out a reputable plastic surgeon.

Dr. Spiro came highly recommended to me by a friend, so I made the call for a consult. During the very first appointment it was obvious to me that not only was he talented, but compassionate, reassuring and conscientious. Because I felt confident in him, I had the courage to start my extensive makeover beginning with cosmetic dermal fillers. This easy procedure has replaced lost volume and restored more youthful contours to my face. I was thrilled with the immediate results. Had I known it was so effortless, I would have done it much sooner.

Thank you Dr. Spiro and your warm, wonderful staff for giving me back my confident smile.


I am a 46 year old mother of three, who was diagnosed with non-invasive DCIS in September, 2008. Although my cancer was in one breast, I chose to have a double mastectomy. I am so very grateful to have been referred to Dr. Spiro. After my husband and I first met with Dr. Spiro, we knew he was the doctor we wanted to perform my reconstruction. I chose to do latissimus reconstruction, which before meeting Dr. Spiro, I knew nothing about. Dr. Spiro explained the surgery in detail, with compassion and showed us several photos so we could truly understand what the outcome would look like. Now, only seven weeks after my surgery, I feel “complete”. After hearing you have breast cancer, you feel as though your world has been shattered. I couldn’t imagine removing both of my breasts before meeting with Dr. Spiro. I can honestly say that I do not feel as though I lost my breasts, because I have two beautiful breasts that were created with my “own” skin.

I will forever be grateful to Dr. Spiro for his warmth and “skilled” hands. He is truly a talented surgeon, but also a gentleman who makes every visit special. His entire staff is not only professional, but also very warm and friendly. It is truly a pleasure to go to his office and be treated in such a way that makes you feel so wonderful!

I thank you from the bottom of my heart, Dr. Spiro. You are an exceptional surgeon and a compassionate human being.

Joann DeCicco-Maicas

I just want to say Thank you so much to Dr. Spiro and everyone in the office for making me feel very comfortable with my consultation today. I will be calling this week to see if I can schedule my surgery.



Dear Dr. Spiro,

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter to you. I came to you looking “aged”. My heavy eyelids, drooped jowls and thick, saggy neck were making me feel old and unattractive. During our initial consultation you patiently explained the steps you would take to improve my appearance. My husband and I were impressed with your attention to detail and the amount of time you spent with us. Because of your professional and artistic approach, I felt very secure under your care. You and your staff made me feel special and relaxed at each and every office visit.

My trust in you proved to be well placed. The remarkable results of my face, eye, and neck lifts have left me looking “naturally” younger. I recently celebrated my 60th birthday feeling and looking better than I have felt or looked in a long time.

Dr. Spiro, you are an excellent plastic surgeon and talented artist. I have highly recommended you to those who say, “Wow, you look great!” My heartfelt thanks to you for making my cosmetic surgery a positive experience.

Elaine Dolsky

My name is Kirstin Coppola, I am a 38 year old mother of 4 who was in desperate need of regaining my pre-pregnancy figure. I have a very small frame and with having 4 babies all over 8 lbs. and breast feeding for 4 years, well… you can just imagine. I can not say enough nice things about Dr. Spiro and his staff. I went to a few Manhattan plastic surgeons for consults before I was referred to Dr. Spiro, who came highly recommended by Dr. Stephen Crane my OB/GYN. Dr. Spiro spent so much time with me at the consultation, taking measurements, explaining in great detail all of my options. He spent over an hour with me. I instantly fell in love and knew that he was the Doctor for me. His bed side manor is amazing and he is very confident and makes you instantly feel at ease. Enough about his personality, his work in unbelievable! I have NEVER looked this good even at 18. I had a breast lift and augmentation to restore my breasts to their original full C. They are absolutely beautiful. I also had an umbilical hernia repaired, full Abdominoplasty and flankplasty, and some liposuction to give me a waist again. I was very nervous about having all of this done at one time but he assured me that it is a typical Mother package that he does all the time. The other surgeons I went to never focused on body contouring. I would have ended up with a very flat square torso if I had not gone to Dr. Spiro. Now I have the figure of a super model. If only I were 6 feet tall. His assistant, Lina is amazing and the rest of his office staff is so nice and accommodating. They make you feel like family. After the surgery, you have a couple of rough weeks but not much pain. You are mainly uncomfortable but is so worth it in the end. I would do it all over again if I had to. Dr. Spiro will always be my plastic surgeon. I am sending my friends there too. There is no need for you to look any further it will just be a waste of your time and money.

Thank you so much Dr. Spiro for giving me back my beauty! You are truly a gifted Surgeon.

Kristin Coppola

Dear Dr. Spiro,

I am writing to thank you for the way you have transformed my body! I never thought I would have to have breast augmentation, but after having 2 children and losing weight, I went from a 34C to a 34 deflated A.

I am 36 years old and work in the Professional Beauty Industry. Therefore image is a priority. I was embarrassed to wear clothes, change in front of my husband, and lastly disgusted that I could not wear the clothes that were being shown in fashion magazines.

I want everyone to know how beautiful you made my breasts, which are now full, even and tasteful.

I no longer feel self conscious about my appearance, and can’t help but share how much I love them! It was by far the best thing I have ever done for myself.

I could go on and on. I highly would recommend anyone who is hesitant about having breast augmentation to do it. Take it from me Dr. Spiro is the Best!


When I look in the mirror, it is hard for me to believe that less than a year ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and just 9 months ago I underwent bilateral mastectomy and latissimus flap reconstruction. During that time I was in such shock and grief about having breast cancer and having to lose both breasts, that all of my emotional energy was devoted to making wise treatment decisions and just getting through every day. My breast surgeon recommended Dr. Spiro so highly that I entered his office for my initial consultation with complete confidence that I was in the hands of “the best”. What better a plastic surgeon than a gifted artist to reconstruct my breasts, I thought. Especially helpful to me in deciding which kind of implants I wanted was talking to other patients of Dr. Spiro’s. I highly recommend that anyone facing this do the same. Now that my tattooing, the third and final stage of my reconstruction, has been completed, I couldn’t be more pleased. I still miss the way my own breasts felt, but my new ones look far better than my own ever did. Friends regularly tell me how good I look, and doctors who examine me tell me how superb Dr. Spiro’s work is. Having breast cancer involves not only the adjustment to having cancer itself, but also the adjustment to a body that looks and feels completely different from the way it once did. The excellence of Dr. Spiro’s work combined with his professionalism and compassion, as well as that of his staff, have made this adjustment much easier for me than I ever imagined it would be. I can honestly say that I anticipate my final appointment with Dr. Spiro next month with a mixture of relief that this is finally over and sadness that I will be saying farewell to him and to his staff.


To All Those Who Said I Made The Walls Jealous (because I was so flat chested) Look at me know!

After nursing our children, I was ready to have the asymmetry and size proportionally corrected. It was the right time in my life and Dr. Spiro was the right doctor to make it happen.

I never felt hurried, pressured or judged during my consultation or follow up appointments. The actual surgery went smoothly and the outcome is so natural looking and feeling.

Thanks to Dr. Spiro and his professional team, I have my self esteem back in order to enjoy my family life to the fullest!


First of all I would like to express my thanks to Dr. Spiro and his staff. I was important to me that I chose a doctor that would be very honest with me with a good bedside manner. He is knowledgeable, down to earth and will answer all of your questions regarding your procedure. No matter what procedure you get done,  he pays lots of attention to detail and perfectionism. I feel comfortable recommending Dr. Spiro. He is a true artist, amazing doctor and incredible human being. He is a great listener who understand the patient’s needs, gifted and a true surgeon. The medical staff that works with him is also highly recommended and very caring.

Ms. C

Dear Dr. Spiro

I never thought that I would ever feel like a normal, happy, confident girl.

My breasts always made me feel insecure. Waking up every morning was so hard for me, knowing I had one breast bigger than the other. Thanks to you I am no longer insecure, I am Confident! I never felt so good about myself. This summers vacation was the best, knowing I had the Best Doctor, and making my breasts look the best they will ever look, which is amazing! Thank you for making my dream come true and making me feel like a gorgeous, confident girl. I have the self esteem I never thought I would have.


It has been 4 years since my bilateral mastectomy and latissimus reconstruction surgery. Having chosen Dr. Spiro to perform this lifesaving and life hanging procedure, I knew I was in the hands of a compassionate, gifted and most extraordinary doctor. I couldn’t have been more right!

Every testimonial speaks to what anyone who has ever met or been treated by Dr. Spiro already knows…. He is, (as Tina Turner belts out in one of my favorite songs)…..” Simply The BEST!”

Kudos also to your awesome staff who I actually looked forward to seeing during the numerous appointments before, during and after my surgery. You have restored my faith in the medical profession. Thank you.

Jane Williams

In October 2007, I was diagnosed with breast cancer of the right breast. I chose double mastectomy. My breast surgeon highly recommended Dr. Spiro for the reconstruction. Although I did not know what to expect, I found him to be extremely informative in deciding the appropriate reconstructive techniques. Upon the recommendation of Dr. Spiro and with independent information, I chose bilateral latissimus flap reconstruction. I found the actual surgery and recovery to be remarkably close to what I had been told to anticipate by Dr. Spiro. He was extremely caring and provided me with both his surgical skills and his ability to comfort me when needed.

The staff was supportive in every imaginable way. They were emotionally supportive on each visit. They also spent hours assisting me in maximizing the amount of payment from my insurance carrier. Their relentless approach toward my insurance company brought additional payments in the thousands of dollars.

Dr. Spiro displayed his extreme level of competence by creating breasts that were more beautiful than those that were removed. I am astonished by the symmetry of the breast form and Dr. Spiro displayed his artistry in the delicate nipple reconstruction. I am amazed at the disappearing scars and credit this to his performance alone.

I consider myself fortunate to have been referred to Dr. Spiro at the most difficult time of my life. I had total confidence in Dr. Spiro and his ability to return me to a state that allows me to enjoy a normal life. His ability and success with me has given me back my life. I will always think highly of Dr. Spiro’s professionalism and recommend him to anyone needing his miracle help.


Dear Dr. Spiro,

I want to thank you from thee bottom of my heart for changing my life.

Even in my early stages of healing now, your gifted talent is clearly visible. Never in my life did I ever imagine having the contour, shape and sexiness in my legs. I’ve worked out my entire life and been a small size as well, yet I’ve never felt comfortable wearing shorts, dresses or skirts. You have changed that for me!

Your tremendous skill is unparalleled and your patience with each and every question has always been present. If you haven’t already, you should consider insuring your hands with Lloyds of London!!!

I feel fortunate to have found you and I am extremely proud to call you my surgeon.


I always had the perfect figure…petite (I am only 5 feet tall), curvy, and toned. But then I had kids. And that all changed. In my early thirties, I had two children, nineteen months apart. After my second pregnancy, I asked my OB/Gyn why there was all this extra “stuff” on my belly. “When does this go away?”, I asked meekly. She grimaced and squeezed the flesh hanging off of my abdomen, and replied “The only way to get rid of this is to have plastic surgery; a tummy tuck.” She explained to me that it wasn’t fat…it was all badly stretched out extra skin. The pregnancies had taken a toll on my body.

Plastic surgery? I remember feeling angry. Why did this have to happen to me??!! I know plenty of women who still have flat tummies after childbearing. Why me? My tummy became a source of shame for me. I would not let my husband see me without a shirt on. During “intimate moments” I would freak out if his hand or arm brushed over my tummy. It is not that it really bothered him at all. But it definitely bothered ME.

I was tired of feeling bad about my post-pregnancy appearance. I hated passing by a mirror. I hated getting dressed in the morning because nothing fit me properly. I hated having to fold my underwear down below the skin that hung down. Four days after my second child turned 5 years old, I had abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) with umbilical hernia repair. Yes, I was nervous but it all turned out fine and I am SOOOO glad I finally went through with it. My only regret is that I should have done it much sooner!

Dr. Spiro is wonderful and his staff is very professional and friendly. When you are having a procedure like this, only the best will do and Spiro Plastic Surgery in my opinion is the best. Dr. Spiro and his staff were very attentive and I received personalized, individual care from them.

Now when I get out of the shower, and I am toweling myself off, I reach for that disgusting flap of skin that used to hang over my C-section scar. But then I immediately realize that skin is all gone now!! I have my petite curves back and my tummy is flat again!!! My confidence is back too!! Buying clothes is a joy…I purchased six swimsuits and I don’t even know how to swim! I am also getting complements from friends and family who think I look great!

The recovery was nowhere near as bad as I imagined…in fact, it went very smoothly and in no time at all I was doing all my normal daily activities. The transformation in my BEFORE and AFTER pictures is amazing and is better than I ever thought it would be. I like walking by mirrors now.


Dr. Spiro

Thanks so much for all you have done. I hope this testimonial helps others decide as easily as I did to choose you for their surgery.

It has been a year since I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It is hard to believe that no one would ever know what has happened to me, even in a bathing suit. I am so grateful to have had Dr. Spiro as my Plastic Surgeon.

As a physician myself, I interviewed with other doctors before choosing Dr. Spiro. My husband and I knew before we left our consultation that Dr. Spiro was the doctor for us. He was extremely calm and confident, compassionate, practical, and reassuring. He presented all of our options, and helped us choose the best procedure for me.

I underwent bilateral mastectomy with latissimus flap reconstruction. Dr. Spiro walked us through the process the entire way with meticulous attention to detail, words of encouragement, and helpful advice. Following chemotherapy, approximately eight months after my intial surgery, I had nipple reconstruction. My husband and I could not be more pleased with the results. Even my internal medicine physician has said my breasts and nipples were the best surgical outcome he has ever seen!

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr. Spiro and his dedicated staff. I will continue to refer patients to this extremely talented physician and artist.

Ann Marie Soranno

Dear Dr. Spiro,

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude to you and your wonderful team for making my breast augmentation such a success. You were extremely professional and thorough from day one in all aspects of discussing the procedure and making me aware of the various possibilities. You did everything to my specifications and I could not be happier. Your artwork speaks for itself. Your staff was cheerful and accommodating and also were very helpful in making me feel comfortable. I have already referred you to many friends, so thank you again for making me beautiful.


I had to write to say Thank you. My breast reduction was the best decision I ever made. You have changed my life for the better.

I now can exercise without back pain. I’m even losing weight and improving my posture. I’m more confident with my body and have better self esteem. I’m truly grateful to you. Also, I wanted to thank the entire staff. Everyone was very professional, kind and caring.

I will highly recommend you, Dr. Spiro to my family and friends. Thanks again for all you have done for me.

Jean C

After the birth of my twins, I suffered from 2 hernias and a lot of extra skin. I am a very small woman and was extremely self-conscious about the appearance of my stomach and all the skin that hung over my favorite pair of jeans.

Dr. Spiro came very highly recommended and upon meeting him for the first time, I was overtaken by his professionalism and his incredible passion for art. I knew he was the doctor that would transform my abdominal area and make me look and feel incredible.

I decided to have the hernias repaired and also have abdominoplasty and I could not be happier with my results!!! I feel wonderful, my posture has even improved and I look awesome because of Dr. Spiro. In my opinion, he is THE BEST. His staff is kind and caring and always takes the time to help on the telephone or in person.

Dr. Spiro pays attention to the fine details and it shows in everything from his office, to his art and now ON ME!


Thank you, Dr. Spiro for your skill, knowledge, creativity and thoughtful care during the entire process of my corrective breast surgery.

Nine years before meeting Dr. Spiro I had subglandular breast augmentation performed by another surgeon and then several years later the same surgeon replaced my right implant to correct capsular contracture that had made it hard, unattractive and uncomfortable. After two years the new implant also suffered the same fate and I was again faced with the decision of either living with the result or having more surgery. I was afraid a third surgery would have the same results and fortunately for me, I met Dr. Spiro. I was impressed during my first consultation because he took the time to explain why the contracture occurred and to draw pictures of the results I could reasonably expect for each of the options he presented. His explanations, answers to my questions, and patient photos on his website all made my decision to replace both implants with submuscular implants and a breast lift to eliminate excess skin much easier. Four months after my surgery I can say that the results exceeded my expectations, as did the post-surgery care that I received from Dr. Spiro and his compassionate and competent staff.

I’d also like to thank all the women who shared their results through photos on the website, you didn’t have to and I am grateful for your generosity.


After two lumpectomies, I was told I needed a mastectomy which as you can imagine was devastating news! I decided to do a prophylactic bilateral so I would never have to deal with this again. My breast surgeon informed me that he would only work with one plastic surgeon: Dr. Spiro. I made an appointment but also contacted several other breast/plastic “teams” in NYC etc. because I wanted to make sure I chose the best group.

The first thing that impressed me about Dr. Spiro was his artistic talent… having gone through all this I now see that plastic surgery is really an art form. After my first meeting with Dr. Spiro I cancelled all my other consultation appointments because my husband and I were convinced that no one could achieve better results than what we saw and read on his website and in his office.

Now that I am almost 5 months “out” from my mastectomy and latissimus reconstruction I can definitely say that we made the right choice. Since I was so impressed with my new breasts I began contemplating liposuction on my legs at the same time I was to do my nipple reconstruction. Dr. Spiro brought me into another room (with the patients permission of course) to meet someone who had done what I was contemplating. Of course she looked amazing and when she showed me her “before” pictures I was sold!

Now that I am four weeks out of this surgery I feel like I have a new body with perky breasts and nice legs… what a “silver lining” to my whole breast cancer experience. I can tell you that I am 100% thrilled with Dr. Spiro (and his wonderful staff which are all very kind and extremely helpful) and recommend doing whatever plastic surgery you are thinking of. You will have the benefit for the rest of your life!


After being diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2001 at the age of 29, I was in shock. I was told that I needed a bilateral mastectomy and being so young, I thought I would never be the same. Dr. Spiro came highly recommended from both my breast specialist and my oncologist. From the moment I met him, I knew instantly that everything was going to be fine and he was going to make me look even better than before. He explained every detail of the procedure and was very patient with questions about the process. I felt very confident in his skills and expertise.

Dr. Spiro’s confidence and compassion helped me through this difficult time in my life. He gave me hope and inspiration to keep moving forward and reach the end of the tunnel. Now, 6 years later, I am thankful everyday that I made the decision to have Dr. Spiro as part of my team.

Each visit to Dr. Spiro’s office was a pleasant experience as well. His staff was always very professional, supportive, caring and understanding throughout the entire process. They always make you feel very comfortable.

I want to thank Dr. Spiro for my amazing results! He is truly an amazing surgeon and individual. I would recommend Dr. Spiro to anyone facing this challenge in their life or for any other plastic surgery need. He is truly the best!! Thanks again Dr. Spiro.

Beth Weinblatt

Dear Dr. Spiro,

I have a lovely story to tell:

When I first made an appointment with you I didn’t know it would be the beginning of a whirlwind called anxious and excited. It began in the lobby of your office building. I was standing there deciding if I should keep the appointment or just run, when this nice lady came over to me and asked if she could help me, and when I hesitated she said, “are you looking for Dr. Spiro’s office?” I replied, “yes” and she said, “I’m going that way, I’ll take you”.

Little did I know it was Diane, who has throughout this whole process been incredible.

I have a business of my own, albeit a small retail business, but the same rules apply: always be nice and helpful to your customers. I’ve been in business for 26 years and to tell you the truth I’ve never found a business with a staff quite as wonderful as mine, u until I met yours. They are kind, professional, knowledgeable, and treat you as if you’re their only client. No question is silly or unimportant. You must be very proud. You’ve built an outstanding practice.

How do you get to know a doctor who is going to alter your life? How do you build trust and confidence enough to give your face to someone that is going to modify it? My confidence came from your staff and a patient that came into my store and just couldn’t wait to tell someone what she had done and who had done it. Since then I’ve met other patients of yours that shop in my store and have said the same thing. So the decision was an easy one, a new car or a new, updated face? The verdict: I’ll keep the car I have for a while longer.

So thank you and my sincere thanks to your whole staff who has made this process much easier.

G. Rogers

My journey with breast augmentation started about 2 yrs ago with another doctor. Although he was skilled at what he did, I experienced many complications and had several surgeries concerning my implants. After my last procedure, my breasts were still not right and needed a lot of work. I knew I needed to see another doctor. After several consultations with other doctors, I finally arrived at Dr. Spiro’s office. Dr. Spiro was honest, kind, and spent over an hour explaining what he could do to help me. He answered all my questions as well as my husbands. I felt very confident when I left his office and excited about finally getting the breasts I wanted.

My procedure was not an easy one, as Dr. Spiro had told me due to the many complications I had experienced. Dr. Spiro’s office staff assured me that Dr. Spiro was an artist and very good at his craft. His staff told me that he would do his best to fix whatever problems I had to make me look and feel better. They were right.

After my successful procedure, I felt very little pain. Whatever pain I had, was taken away when I took one look at my new breasts.They looked great and I was so happy. Dr. Spiro performed a miracle on me that I do not think even he thought he could do. I was so happy and so was my husband. Dr. Spiro is an excellent doctor and is truly skilled in his work. He only wants the best for his patients and tries his hardest to give them what they want. I am so happy my journey is over thanks to the terrific work of Dr. Scott Spiro.


When I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 41, I decided to have a bilateral mastectomy. While I was confident that the surgery would help save my life, I was unsure of how my self esteem would be affected afterward. Fortunately for me, my surgeon referred me to Dr. Spiro – she said he was the best. After meeting with him to discuss my reconstruction options, I came home feeling relaxed and reassured. His honesty and confidence immediately put me at ease. Six months later, after undergoing latissimus flap reconstruction, I am amazed at the results. I never expected to look and feel better than I did before my diagnosis. Thankfully, now when I look in the mirror I no longer see a cancer patient. I will be forever grateful to Dr. Spiro for his skill and expertise, and to his warm and compassionate staff for helping me through such a negative time in my life and creating such a positive outcome. He truly lives up to his reputation.


This letter serves a thank you to Dr. Spiro and his entire staff for their exceptional care and service during my battle with breast cancer last year.

Last August I was busy taking four graduate classes, running my three children to their respective sports and my one son to therapy two nights a week for a severe speech disorder. Between all of that and planning our first family vacation, there just wasn’t time for much else until the last week of the summer, when I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Life changed in a heartbeat. As September rolled around, instead of preparing lesson plans for my students, days were filled with scheduling doctor appointments and surgeries. As a woman who had always been confident and bold in making decisions, I did not recognize the woman who appeared unsure of herself and the course of action that needed to be decided. I did know that whatever happened I wanted to come out of this better than before I was diagnosed. I did not want people to say, “She looks good for someone who has had cancer.” I wanted people to just say, “Wow, she looks good-period. That meant reconstructive surgery was going to be part of my future and my surgeon did not just highly recommend Dr. Spiro, she informed me, Dr. Spiro was the best and that I should make an appointment with him immediately.

The moment my husband and I met Dr. Spiro, we liked him. He was serious and matter-of-fact enough to let us know how knowledgeable he was about the procedures we were considering, and yet down-to-earth enough to allow humor and laughter into the conversation; that put both my husband and I at ease while making some very difficult life changing decisions. The patient pictures he showed us gave me reassurance that I, too, could and would look womanly again, and I was completely comfortable that I would in fact, look even better than I did before.

The day of the surgery, I panicked. My husband and I had always joked about getting a “boob job” but I never actually thought about what I would want. Dr. Spiro took my hand and I remember him saying, “If you had come to my office for cosmetic surgery instead of reconstructive surgery, I would have suggested the same.” I trusted him. I had seen his work. I knew he would make me look complete without making me look unnatural. That was very important to me.

A year has passed since my reconstructive surgery. Friends joke that they want to look like me in a bathing suit. It’s a nice compliment, but it is also a powerful piece to the healing process. Cancer is cruel. It takes so much away from the individual that it becomes important for a woman to have a piece of her dignity and femininity brought back to her. Dr. Spiro did this for me. I look in the mirror every day and I am thankful. I look forward to getting my life back and thank Dr. Spiro for being such an instrumental part of my recovery.


Thanks to Dr. Spiro, I love getting dressed every morning. After having three children my stomach muscles tore and I had loose skin. For over fifteen years I would layer my shirts so that no one would notice my stomach. I did countless sit ups hoping that it would help, but it did not. I finally decided to visit Dr. Spiro and he very successfully performed an abdominoplasty. Now my stomach looks like it did when I was a teenager. The results far surpassed what I could ever have imagined. I feel so much more confident about my body. I even wore a bikini this summer, something I have not done in over fifteen years. It felt GREAT!!!! Dr. Spiro and his staff are amazing. I have already recommended him to a friend and would do it over and over again.


I sat for days trying to think of the most perfect thing to say about Dr. Spiro and the life altering breast reduction he performed. It was actually quite silly because all I really wanted to do was scream out to the world “I have the most perfect breasts, do you want to see?”When in fact before the surgery, I had tried so hard to cover them up. How incredibly lucky was I to have found the most talented plastic surgeon. He is truly an artist, a very rare breed. The pain was minimal, more uncomfortable than anything. I can’t believe it’s over!!! Why did I wait so long??? Thank you Dr. Spiro for truly being the best at what you do!!!

Lisa K

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in December of 2005. I met with Dr. Spiro in January of 2006. The entire year of 2006 was a “surreal” experience for me. I am so thankful that it has passed and I am so thankful for Dr. Spiro and his staff.

His office was a place of hope and was an uplifting experience as opposed to my other doctors at the time, which were “cancer” related. Upon meeting Dr. Spiro I only remember hearing one thing. He said,”one day this would be behind me and I would want to look whole again”. So I began the process, not fully understanding what was ahead of me, but somehow trusting this man who I had just met because of his manner.

Dr. Spiro was confident, self-assured and definitive which was exactly what I needed at the time. I made the right choice. A year has passed, I look amazing and he is a “genius” in every way possible. His work is superb, his confidence is so well deserved and once again I could look in the mirror and not think “cancer”.

Additionally, his entire staff was outstanding. Thanks to all for helping me get my life back.

P.S. Don’t even go for a second opinion on this one….He is the Best!!!


Plastic surgery was not an easy decision for me until, until I met with Dr. Spiro. Even after consulting with several surgeons, I was unsure if getting the breast implants I had wanted for so long was the right decision for me. Dr. Spiro not only explained every aspect of the surgery and recovery, but answered any concerns I had thoroughly and honestly. I actually left his office after our one hour consult thinking, “I can’t wait to do this! I could not have been in better hands. I never felt like “just another patient”. Everything went perfectly. It is now 6 months post surgery and I am thrilled. The way I feel about myself is life changing. Dr. Spiro listened to my expectations, and then surpassed them. I would not hesitate for one second recommending Dr. Spiro and his staff to any of my loved ones.


From the moment you walk in the office and are greeted by his exceptional staff, to the day of surgery I can promise you nothing but perfection. Dr. Scott Spiro is known and respected by all. I have had Breast Augmentation and Liposuction surgery as well as Botox treatments and Restylane in my lips. It is hard to express the level of comfort I experienced because never in my life have I felt so much confidence in a doctor. I had virtually no real pain with my surgery and love my results. A short four days after I was at a Fourth of July parade! My mother, sister, sister-in-law and 15 plus of my close friends and acquaintances have used Dr. Spiro and all love him as much as I do. His professionalism and charming personality is second to none. He truly is the top in his field, just ask around and you’ll see. Dr. Spiro you are the best, to know you is to love you!


Thanks to Dr. Spiro I finally love my upper body. It took me until 52 years old to do something about my big, saggy breasts. I felt very comfortable with Dr. Spiro and his staff from the moment we met. His skill and artistry as a surgeon is amazing. I know because I now have breasts that look 30 years younger.


Words cannot express the enormous change you have made in my life. I had breast implants and a tummy tuck and it was by far the best decision I have ever made in my life. My husband, parents, and friends thought I was absolutely crazy to have this surgery. You have truly made them all believers, especially my mother. They also couldn’t believe my recovery. In less than 8 days, I was walking the mall looking for new clothes (even with the tubes).

I cannot begin to imagine the change in my body. You gave me the body I have always dreamed of. I dress like a different person. I am more confident in my personal and in my professional life.

When I picked your office, I really did my homework. Many people wanted to know why I didn’t choose a “Manhattan” famous doctor. My research included your surgery, the hospital stay and your staff. None could compare. I was worried how I would be treated in the hospital having “elective” surgery. The nurses were wonderful. I received the best care from your nurses in the hospital and your office.

I would like to say, my plastic surgery days are over, but I will come back when I need my eyes done or Botox or whatever. I recommended you to everyone and believe me, everyone wants to know “who changed me”. It’s been about 3 years since my surgery and I look as good as I did right after my surgery.

I would not be who I am today had you not helped me. Like it or not, how we look affects us mentally, physically, personally and professionally. I did speak to one of your patients, but please feel free to have any others call me. I can’t speak enough about how wonderful you are.


Breast cancer. Scary word, scarier situation! It’s hard to imagine how you managed to turn this into a positive experience for me, but you did. You put me back together, and somehow better than before. I feel like I was given a great gift when I was referred to you.

Your staff has also played a big role in my recovery. It is very easy to feel sorry for oneself in this situation, but they never let me give in to it. I have no doubt that it’s the reason I recovered so quickly.

As for the purely cosmetic work you did for me, I am transformed. Make no mistake, you are an artist first and foremost.


On December 2, 2006, it will be one year since you performed my lifesaving breast cancer surgery. It is so hard to believe that a year of surgeries and chemotherapy has passed and that a new and healthier year will be beginning. What a difference a year makes!

As I reflect on the past and look toward the future, I want to take a moment to thank you for the amazing work that you performed. The words “thank you” seem so insignificant when compared to what you were able to do for me. As I am sure you are able to understand, the diagnosis of breast cancer to any woman is devastating, but as a thirty-year-old woman with a new son, the news was almost debilitating. As I went into your office a year ago, I was so frightened about my future. Was I going to survive this, and, if I did, what could I possibly look like when surgery was over? As soon as I met you, however, I felt a sense of security and confidence that I had not experienced before. Your nature exudes confidence, and I knew that if anyone was going to put me back together it had to be you. I had heard that your work was outstanding, but I did not expect to be as impressed as I was. I certainly understand that you work in a profession where your patients expect perfection, I was just hoping for normalcy, but you gave me so much more than normal- I look and feel like a 31 year-old-woman. When I look in the mirror, I can not believe what I see. Yes, there are certainly scars, my battle scars, but you were able to restore my femininity and for that I am eternally grateful. You led me in the right direction from the start. The latissimus surgery and the silicone implants were the right choice, and I would recommend these procedures to any woman facing the same circumstances.

Dr. Spiro not only are you a gifted and talented surgeon, but your demeanor with me was wonderful during each step of the process. Before this experience I was an overly inhibited person, but you always made me feel comfortable and at ease. Although you probably don’t recall when you had to operate the second time I was so scared. Before I was put under you were there. I told you just how scared I was and you took my hand, held it, smiled, and said I would be fine. You held my hand until the anesthesia took hold. To you that moment probably meant nothing, it probably never crossed your mind, but to me it meant so much.

I am so grateful for you and your dedication to the field of breast cancer. You have made such a difference in my life and the lives of many other women. I will continue to advocate for you and your practice. I sing your praises to all who will listen. Additionally, your office and medical staff are truly wonderful sincere people who also played a significant role in my recovery through their support, encouragement and care.

Once again, the words thank you do not seem to be sufficient, but it is all I am able to offer. Please know that the words come along with sincere appreciation, humility, and gratitude. Thank you Dr. Spiro, thank you.

Sheila Snyder Harrison

The success of my surgery with you had a dramatic effect on my self-image and esteem. It wasn’t that I did not consider myself a nice looking woman but I was not happy with my body. You and your staff respected my opinions and my desires. They made the surgery an easier procedure as I did have fears and trepidations which you all helped to eradicate. I am definitely a stronger-minded person who now feels good about herself. It has made me a positive person who now approaches all relationships, be they male or female with a good outlook. I hope all your new patients will have the confidence that I have in you. You were very professional, but also warm and caring, making me feel that I was important to you as a patient. I love to look in the mirror now. If you are looking for a doctor with excellent surgical skills you need to see Dr. Spiro. If you are looking for a doctor who possesses compassion, kindness and caring call Dr. Spiro. I will definitely be consulting Dr. Spiro in the very near future.

Mara Schwartz

For Dr. Spiro from a very happy patient. My life changed ie: I have become positive, confident, and regained proudness and love of life since my facial surgery, followed by breast surgery. Thank you to all, you are professional, sincere, compassionate, and you lived up to my expectations.

Future patients who are considering plastic surgery will be in the best hands under the auspices of my hero Dr. Spiro. You are the best.

Hilde B

Initially I went to see Dr. Spiro for liposuction in my abdomen, but after seeing some of his work I was also interested in breast augmentation. During my exam Dr. Spiro addressed all my concerns and we had decided to do a complete tummy tuck and augmentation to get the results I was looking for. At this point I was not having anymore children and was excited to get my “old” body back. I felt confident he was the surgeon for me. His staff is also wonderful. The surgery went as planned. Of course there is pain involved. Would I do it again? Absolutely. My body looks better at 38 than it did at 20. My stomach is flat and my breasts look so natural. Thank you again Dr. Spiro for all your wonderful work!


No one could ever prepare you for the moment a doctor tells you that you have breast cancer but since my diagnosis in May 2007, I feel as though I have a whole new outlook on life. I owe this all to my wonderful breast and plastic surgeons; they went above and beyond in comforting me in my decision. Looking back, it should not have been a difficult decision for me as I have two young boys and a life time ahead of me that I could not let this disease take away from me!

My diagnosis came as a result of an MRI; the finding was a Stage 0 but due to my age (42) and my family history, the breast surgeon recommended a double mastectomy. The only plastic surgeon she works with is Dr. Spiro. On our initial consult, he took as much time as my husband and I need to help us understand each procedure that could be done. In the end, we all came to the same decision. Several days prior to my surgery, I became very nervous and tried to cancel the surgery. Dr. Spiro and his staff spent hours with me talking through my options and in the end realize today that this was the best decision of my life.

Even though the surgery was very lengthy, Dr. Spiro gave us a very clear picture of what was going to happen and what to expect. His bedside manner was truly amazing – I would wake every day in the hospital looking forward to seeing him and knowing that everything was going fine. The first few weeks after my surgery were a bit difficult and I thought I would never regain all of my mobility and have major scaring. However 1 year after the surgery, there are days that I do not even realize I had this major surgery. My breasts look better than ever, the scars are healing perfectly, I am back to working out every day and the best of all, I am no longer worried about ever getting breast cancer again in my life!

I do want to thank each and every one of his staff for the love that they offered to me during this time and it was such a pleasure to come into the office for an appointment, it felt more like visiting friends than seeing a doctor! I am more than 100% satisfied with my procedure and would be more than willing to speak to any patient on his behalf.

Roseann Findeisen

After a few years of being embarrassed from an unexpected inverted nipple, my mother a breast cancer survivor recommended me to Dr. Spiro. Dr. Spiro first pierced the nipple which did correct the problem and made me comfortable with my breasts again.

Unfortunately, due to the family history of breast cancer and the series of tests I must undergo my “back to normal breasts” went back to embarrassing because I had to remove the piercing and along with that the nipple was inverted again.

Dr. Spiro once again saved the day this time permanently and performed and excision of the tightened ducts…this outcome was better than the first.

For some people it’s hard to understand the negative self confidence that overwhelms someone when they are not happy with their bodies. Dr. Spiro clearly does have this understanding and has turned my self confidence back around! Thank you very much! You and your staff have made my experience as comfortable and stress free as possible and I greatly appreciate all your efforts.


My experience with Dr. Spiro was unbelievable! Nobody was more scared than I was! I almost didn’t go through with my abdominoplasty! The surgery was a walk in the park- I literally felt no pain! The pain medication worked like a charm! I look and feel great! My expectations were surpassed, the staff treated me great and Dr. Spiro is my hero!

Jayme Bancala

I knew from the moment I met Dr. Spiro that he was the doctor I would use (after interviewing several others before hand). He is the most compassionate and caring doctor and always made me feel comfortable. I loved how he talked to me and spent the time with me to find exactly what I wanted. By the time of my actual surgery I trusted him completely I love the outcome. He made my breasts perfect. There is a reason why he is known to be the best plastic surgeon!


I was diagnosed with breast cancer and needed to have a double mastectomy. Before the surgery, I met with several plastic surgeons but after talking with Dr. Spiro I knew that he would be the one to do the reconstruction. He understood that I was entering a “world” that I knew nothing about and that I was afraid of that unknown. He spent as much time as I needed explaining all of my options and answering all of my questions patiently & to the point.

My breasts weren’t something I ever really thought about until I was faced with the reality of breast cancer. Before the surgery I would look in the mirror every day and cry. Well, now every morning when I see myself in the mirror, I thank Dr. Spiro. If it were not for his artistry & talent I would not have the feeling of “wholeness” again.

Everyone at Dr. Spiro’s office was extremely caring, helpful & friendly. My final visit was an emotional one. I felt like I was leaving family!!

I have and will continue to have the utmost respect for this man and his talent.

Kathleen Gecek

I first heard about Dr. Spiro from my mother who is a nurse at St. Barnabas Medical Center. I had a scar on my breast from a previous doctor who did not remove a beauty mark correctly. I wanted to make sure that the doctor I went to was good because of my previous experience. My mother assured me that Dr. Spiro was one of the best and was known throughout the hospital for having “hands of gold.”

I had always thought about breast implants but was concerned because my family has a history of breast cancer. When I went for my consultation with Dr. Spiro about the scar on my chest I inquired about breast implants and expressed my concerns. He assured me it was safe. I then decided I wanted to go through with the surgery. I was extremely nervous and had a lot of questions. Dr. Spiro and his staff were always very good in answering all of them for me and allowing to come in whenever I needed to talk to them about my concerns. I went through with the surgery and I am very pleased with the results. I love the way I look in my clothes and my bathing suits now. It motivated me to go to the gym and work out and it made me feel better about my body.

One of the number one questions people ask me is how bad it hurt. It really didn’t hurt that much at all. I think the recovery process is uncomfortable but not painful. Once you get through the recovery stage and your breasts soften up and drop into place you start feeling more comfortable. It’s very exciting and it has been well worth it for me.


I want you to know that writing is not my strong suit, but I want you to try to put into words how much I appreciate what you have done for me.

When I found out that I was going to lose my breasts I was beside myself. I remember our first meeting, I was in a complete daze and consumed with fear. I thought if I really spoke to you I would not have been able to contain my tears. Since then I’ve done a lot of crying for the loss of my breasts and never ever thought I would be whole again but thanks to you I am. I feel like a complete woman again and I’m looking forward to a long life.

You are the most gifted and talented surgeon, but not just according to me. How do you say thank you for giving me back my life.

Carol Sexton

In late 2004, Dr. Spiro performed a breast augmentation on me, increasing my breast size from an A to a full C. Dr. Spiro has surpassed every expectation of a plastic surgeon from professionalism to the quality of his work. The office and medical staff went out of their way to make me comfortable and answer any questions. Having seen the results of many breast augmentations performed by other surgeons, I can say with confidence that Dr. Spiro is one of the top plastic surgeons. My advice to any patient is to follow all post surgery instructions provided by your doctor. In doing so, you will enhance the quality of results and greatly reduce any chance of complications. In closing, I would highly recommend Dr. Spiro for your plastic surgery!


By the New Year, I anticipate that my treatment at the cancer center and my reconstruction with you will be complete (as we only have the tattooing left). However, it is October, and therefore it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As a result, I am reminded daily of my experience with this illness.

The constant breast cancer ads relentlessly remind many survivors of their suffering, but thanks to you and the rest of my doctors, I do not feel that way. Instead, I am reminded that I have a caring team of highly skilled professionals helping me get passed this really scary disease. At this time, I would like to thank you for making me feel whole again.

Considering I was 29 when diagnosed, I feel reconstruction was a very important part of my personal healing process. I cannot express enough how impressed I am with your work. Even in the absence of the tattooing, the results are amazing and much more realistic than I ever could have imagined.

In addition, your staff has also been exceptionally caring and helpful. All those at your office have been kind and patient, even when I have been indecisive and extremely distraught. At this time, I want to communicate my appreciation to you and your staff for minimizing the distress created by this illness. It has been a long process. Thank you for all that you have done for me.

Shannon McGinn

At first I was scared to have a breast reduction. After seeing Dr. Spiro and getting a chance to see before and after pictures of other patients I was truly amazed. The surgery was not painful, and Dr. Spiro’s staff was very kind and gracious to me. It honestly was the best thing I could have done for myself. I am more confident with my body and no longer self conscious. If anyone is experiencing back problems or even psychological problems due to the size of their breasts, I would definitely recommend they have a breast reduction by Dr. Spiro. The surgery has changed me as an individual.


I went into my first consultation with Dr. Spiro not sure whether I would opt for reconstruction surgery or not.

When I saw his before and after pictures I suddenly became aware that I would look better than I ever did before once he was through with me. Dr. Spiro is an artist and he won’t be satisfied until he leaves you looking and feeling beautiful.


The procedure and the whole process went above and beyond my expectations. Dr. Spiro and his staff are very caring intelligent professionals. They all made me feel confident and very well informed right from the start. I am so much more confident now and I love my results!


Dr. Scott Spiro was referred to me in October 2004 by my surgeon after I was first diagnosed with breast cancer in my right breast. Over the past 2 years I have been a patient of Dr. Spiro. He was my surgeon of choice for TRAM (transverse rectus abdominis musculocutaneous) surgery after a mastectomy of the right breast and reduction of the left breast in November 2004, followed by Latissimus Dorsi breast reconstruction after a mastectomy of the left breast in January 2005. Final reconstruction was completed this year.

Before, during, and after each of the surgeries/procedures mentioned above, I had numerous visits with Dr. Spiro. I found him always to be focused, extremely detailed, and easy to speak with. His strive for the best possible outcome for me was always evident. His staff is professional, energetic and friendly. Dr. Spiro and his staff have certainly exceeded all my expectations.

Due to Dr. Spiro’s training and expertise in the area of breast reconstruction, even his talent as an artist; have contributed to placing my life back on track. He has restored a significant degree of normalcy and symmetry to my otherwise disfigured body from the mastectomies. The outcome of each surgery well exceeded my expectations.

My recommendation to any future breast reconstruction patient: you could not be in the hands of a better plastic surgeon than Dr. Spiro. You want to be in the hands of a perfectionist when you are faced with a diagnosis of breast cancer and the serious challenges it comes with thank you Dr. Spiro!


It was an honor to meet you. I feel so fortunate that my daughter was in such competent and extraordinary care. You are truly a special and gifted doctor. Blessings to you and your family.

Mrs. L

Thank you for your skillful work, your healing words, and your positive energy. You are truly an artist.

Kathy Starrick

My experience with Dr. Spiro and his staff was very positive. It seems to be true that when you look better you feel better. I find I have more confidence with people and no longer avoid old acquaintances. It also seems to be true that success breeds success. Since the procedures I have continued to lose weight and am almost at my ideal weight which is something I would not have thought possible before.



When I learned I would require a mastectomy because of breast cancer, I was introduced to the concept of breast reconstruction through Dr. Spiro. I have been under his most expert care for the past four months, have had three surgical procedures performed by him, and numerous office visits. Throughout I have been extremely impressed by (and most grateful for) the high degree of professionalism, knowledge, compassion, and availability of Dr. Spiro and his outstanding staff. There is a very warm and personal tone inherent in every office encounter. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have found Dr. Spiro.

Rhoda Stickel

From my first consultation through my final visit after my bilateral breast reduction Dr. Spiro treated me with his utmost courteous professionalism and kindness. He was very patient and thorough explaining and answering all my questions, putting my mind at ease. Since my surgery I am living my life according to my expectations being more comfortable with my self-image. I have not encountered any backaches since my surgery, and my self-esteem has been reinstated.

If you have any doubts about this procedure know that the pain is temporary, but the results will last a lifetime. At 51 years old I feel like a new person, and I have absolutely no regrets about choosing Dr. Spiro to do this surgery. As a matter of fact I have already recommended several family members and friends to his services because they were so impressed with my results.


I was initially hesitant to undergo any form of plastic surgery, but after meeting with Dr. Spiro I decided that the breast reduction surgery would improve my active life style. Throughout the entire process Dr. Spiro, the nurses, and the staff were caring and helpful. Since the surgery I feel that my self-confidence has improved and I am less worried about my appearance in clothing. I was 20 when I had the surgery and I would encourage young women in similar situations not to feel that they are too young to have a breast reduction because it will improve many aspects of their life that they had not realized.


“Every doctor that has seen my reconstruction comments on what an incredible job my plastic surgeon did. And though not endorsed or encouraged by Dr. Spiro, I played golf 3½ weeks after a mastectomy with latissimus dorsi flap reconstruction.

Immediate reconstruction following a mastectomy is the way to go! My husband refers to Dr. Spiro as The Miracle Worker. Personally, I think he’s an artistic genius.”

Breast Cancer Survivor

Almost two years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Hearing such news is a life-altering event. I thought first of my precious family and how my illness would affect them. Coming face to face with my own mortality, I wondered if I would be around to share with them all the special occasions that lay ahead. I also was concerned with how I would look and feel after the surgery.

There is a wonderful Yiddish expression that I never understood until now: even an unlucky person has luck. I have been very lucky in a number of ways. First, there was good treatment available to me, treatment that would not have been possible only a few years ago. Most of all, I have been fortunate to have had skilled and caring physicians. My surgeon, who was my best advocate, led me through my options and suggested that I consider undergoing reconstruction at the same time that he performed the mastectomy. When I asked him for the name of a reconstructive surgeon, he said there was only one person he would recommend: Dr. Scott Spiro. He described Dr. Spiro as both an excellent practitioner and an artist. That is truly what I have found him to be.

From the time I first met him, Dr. Spiro has been a calming and reassuring presence in my life. He explained everything thoroughly and answered all my questions. As a result, I went into surgery with an optimistic and peaceful state of mind. He saw me a number of times in the hospital; each visit was unhurried and helpful in my healing process. It was very important to me that I left the hospital feeling whole. In the months after the operation, I visited his office many times. His staff was unfailingly kind and efficient. If I had occasion to call, I always got a prompt response. Dr. Spiro monitored my progress with genuine concern and enthusiasm.

Putting myself in Dr. Spiro’s exceptionally able hands was one of the best decisions I have made in this difficult process. I am now almost at the end of the reconstruction process. Anyone who has seen the remarkable outcome, including nurses and other professionals, is in awe. I thank Dr. Spiro for all he has done. I could not have asked for a better result or a better doctor.

Sylvia Orenstein

I write this letter to let you know how much I appreciate all you have done for me. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the end of May 2004, I was devastated. DR.- explained my options and sang your praises. He said there were a lot of plastic surgeons doing this kind of work, but that he refused to work with anyone but you. I met with you and you immediately put me (and my family) at ease and helped me to see the light at the end of the tunnel. You possess compassion, patience, attention to detail, the ability to explain in detail what the surgeries would entail-the list just goes on. You are the consummate professional. Throughout my recovery from the mastectomy, you were my rock. You made me feel whole again.

Thank you so much for doing everything in your power to help me heal. You never gave up-willing to try anything to make me better again. I know I have a long haul ahead of me, but I am confident that you are there for me. I look forward to the day when I can visit you for a different sort of surgery. (I have always hated my chin!)

Lastly, and I am sure I don’t need to tell you this, I want to let you know how blessed you are to have Melissa assisting you. She is feisty and honest and hard working and committed to the same standard of excellence and care that you possess. She is truly an angel and I cannot thank her enough for all that she has done. You have a wonderful team at Spiro Plastic Surgery. Keep up the good work!!!


Words cannot describe how happy I am with my new breasts. It is a pleasure to say goodbye to padded bras and to fit into any type of clothing I like. Dr. Spiro is truly a talented and gifted man. My experience with his staff was wonderful. They are kind, courteous, and very professional. My recovery was unbelievably fast. I felt almost no pain after 24 hours. I would definitely recommend this procedure to anyone who is unhappy with their breasts. My only regret is I should have done it sooner.


I have been a patient of Dr. Spiro for six years. Dr. Spiro is without a doubt the most professional, caring and reputable physician that I have ever met. By far he deserves all the respect that he receives as a wonderful leader in his field of medicine.

Dr. Spiro and his professional staff have always made me feel comfortable from the initial consultation to the last follow-up appointment. They were always there to answer all of my questions and provided warm support during each during each procedure and the time of healing. The results of each one of my procedures greatly surpassed any expectations that I had going into surgery. I feel very fortunate to be able to say that I am one of Dr. Spiro’s patients.



Breast Augmentation surgery with Dr. Scott Spiro (and his wonderful staff) has tremendously enhanced my self esteem. After having nursed my children for a total of four years I lost much of my breast tissue and was extremely self-conscious about the way I looked. My body now looks balanced and well-proportioned (a completely natural looking C-cup). I have absolutely no regrets about my decision to get breast implants.

Dr. Spiro is professional, knowledgeable and kind. He has a warm bedside manner, takes the time to answer all questions, and even though he has an incredibly successful and busy practice, Dr. Spiro makes you feel as though you are his number one priority. The recovery time wasn’t easy, but Dr. Spiro was honest about what to expect. He was also easy to reach throughout the entire process whenever my husband and I had questions. I now have a new-found confidence and positive body image and I have Dr. Spiro to thank.

37 Year Old Mother of Two

“Prior to my pregnancies, I was an attractive athlete and very proud of my slim figure and flat stomach. Of course, I gained some weight during my pregnancies, but after two C-sections I developed an excessive amount of flab around my lower abdomen which completely skewed my figure. I lost all of the weight gain and quickly returned to my athletic lifestyle. But despite all my hard work and exercise, including innumerable stomach crunches, unending sit-ups, and even a litany of personal trainers, the flab remained. I was miserable and determined to regain the figure that I once had. This prompted me to visit Dr. Spiro, who took a great deal of time and interest in my case. He assured me that he knew exactly how to give me back what I had lost by performing an abdominoplasty. Dr. Spiro was very attentive, understanding, and patient. He answered all of my questions and concerns, and put me at ease regarding the procedures and the recovery process.

The operation was a huge success, and thanks to Dr. Spiro I once again have the flat stomach and attractive figure I worked so hard for and was accustomed to all of my life. Of course, I still visit the gym regularly and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Spiro and his staff were a true pleasure to deal with. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to improve their quality of life. I can’t thank Dr. Spiro enough. And I think of him every time I put on a bikini!”


In 1999 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was then given even more devastating news, because the cancer was in both breasts I was going to have a Bi-Lateral mastectomy. I was going to become a woman’s worst nightmare.

At the same time, however, I was told that there were procedures for breast reconstruction. I was refereed to Dr. Scott Spiro by my surgeon.

From the first visit with Dr. Spiro, I felt that there was hope and that I would be made whole again. He took the time to explain all of the procedures and to select the one that was appropriate for me. Every time I had an operation on my “Reconstruction Journey”, he made me feel that he really cared about the outcome. He is truly a perfectionist.

On my final visit I gave him a card thanking him for being so dedicated and interested in his profession and in helping women who have to face this disease.

I want to reiterate that THANK YOU.


I am quite honored to be writing a testimonial for Dr. Spiro. I had gone in to see him 10 months after delivering my third child. From the moment I met him, I felt at ease. That is crucial when you are about to “bare all”. You are insecure about undressing in front of a complete stranger. Within minutes, I felt trust. Again, very important when you are talking about having someone perform elective surgery. Throughout the consultation, it was quite apparent that he is extremely knowledgeable and rather passionate about his art. I use the term “art” because Dr. Spiro truly uses his artistic talents to sculpt and form your body beautifully. And boy does he ever! I had researched many doctors, but Dr. Spiro was the only doctor I went to see. After meeting him at my consultation, I knew right away, so did my husband, that Dr. Spiro was the right doctor for me. I booked my surgery that day. I had a tummy tuck and liposuction done on my hips and thighs. Dr. Spiro’s staff is wonderful, too. They truly make you feel comfortable and are willing to do anything to ensure your satisfaction. I am extremely pleased with my results. This is the first time in years I can actually wear a two piece bikini. I feel extremely confident and love the way I look and feel. People are amazed that I am a mother of three; you wouldn’t know it by looking at my body. How great is that? Dr. Spiro has made shopping fun again. I even enjoy working out now. It’s amazing how quickly you see the results from your workouts once you have removed what I call “The plateau creator.” I can’t thank him enough for all he has done for my appearance, self-assurance, and well-being. Susan



Until I was diagnosed with breast cancer in June, 2006 and was told that I needed to have a mastectomy, I was pretty healthy, never had any type of surgery and was never hospitalized before. If one has to go through this, then you go through it with the wonderful doctors that I was blessed to find. Although I have a tremendous amount of support and love from my family and friends, I found that it is just as important to surround yourself with individuals in the medical field that not only treat the disease/condition, but treat the patient. For me this made a world of difference and I was lucky to find it in both my breast surgeon and in Dr. Spiro.

I consulted with Dr. Spiro only and I knew from the moment that I met him, that I wanted him to do the reconstructive surgery. There was really no need for me to consult with anyone else. Dr. Spiro not only thoroughly explained everything to me, step by step, but made me feel at ease and made me feel safe. I instantly knew that he would take care of me and that I would be all right. For someone who is going to have surgery for the first time in her life, I was never afraid or worried. I knew in my gutt that I was where I needed to be. I remember being taken to the OR on the day of my surgery. Although I usually don’t show my emotions, I must have been nervous – it’s not normal not to be – but when I saw Dr. Spiro through the glass window of the doors, I remember a calmness overcoming me and all my fears dissipated. You can get a doctor’s qualifications, expertise and skill, etc. from his CV, or resume, but what you don’t get is the quality of the person. Dr. Spiro is extraordinary. His compassion, thoughtfulness, and empathy for women affected with breast cancer touched my heart.

Every office visit was made pleasant not only by DR. Spiro but by his wonderful staff. You almost felt like you were at home with good friends. Can you imagine getting this feeling and only being a patient for about one year – that’s how truly unique they are. I don’t think I would have had the same results if I had gone somewhere else. My experience was truly made less stressful and less traumatic because I was surrounded by a group of exceptional individuals who happen to be medical care givers. For the first time in my life, I now have two breasts that are the same size! I bet that when gravity hits other parts of my body (in which case I will be back, my breasts at least will stand firm!

Dr. Spiro, my heartfelt thanks to you and your wonderful staff. I will be forever grateful to you for making me whole and better that I was before. Mille Grazie!

Lucia Barile

If you are contemplating plastic surgery for whatever reason, do not hesitate choosing Dr. Spiro as your surgeon. He is skilled, dedicated, compassionate, and approachable. You may feel free to ask any questions and receive honest answers. He has chosen a staff that reflects the same high level of performance and compassion. They will be there for you. Thanks to Dr. Spiro, I now have a chance to be whole again following breast cancer and mastectomy. He will never know how much my life has been touched by his dedication and kindness.

Ellen Sabio

recently had breast augmentation by Dr. Scott Spiro and want to express my satisfaction with every aspect of my experience. I want to thank Dr. Spiro and his staff for such excellent care prior to, during and after my surgery. Sharing some of my thoughts might help ease the mind of someone considering this procedure.

Having been under the care of a breast surgeon for several years, I asked her opinion about breast augmentation. Her response was “if that is something you want to do, I would strongly recommend Dr. Spiro”. I had several biopsies in the past and wanted to be sure what I was doing was completely safe. It was something I wanted to do for a long time but never had the confidence until I met with Dr. Spiro and spoke to him at great length about all of my concerns. I was older than most breast augmentation patients and had experience with biopsies, ultrasounds, and aspirations. The outcome was always benign and I decided it was time for me to take the plunge. I had waited long enough.

Every visit was a pleasant experience and Dr. Spiro and his staff answered every one of my questions until all my concerns were addressed. Although the steps leading to the surgery were completely routine for the doctor and his staff, I was made to feel that the utmost attention was being given to me. Dr. Spiro is not only excellent at what he does in surgery, but his manner is professional and at the same time very comforting. I went into surgery having complete confidence in him and my decision to have breast augmentation.

It has been about 2 months since my surgery and I am more pleased with the outcome than I had ever imagined. I was amazed at the ease and speed of my recovery. I followed all of the doctor’s instructions and found that I had no problem. Looking back on those weeks, I cannot say that any of it was painful, only mildly uncomfortable. In fact, I am now a back sleeper and although I am permitted to sleep on my side, I am more comfortable on my back and all of my neck and backaches that I used to wake up with are now gone! It was an added bonus for me.

The obvious benefits are so great and I am thrilled with the outcome. Dr. Spiro’s work is superb. I have two absolutely identical, natural looking breasts. In months to come, they will become even softer and more natural. I would strongly recommend Dr. Scott Spiro for anyone considering this surgery.

Thank you for everything you have done.


Dr. Spiro is a wonderful and caring doctor. Shortly after my surgery I inadvertently during my exercise program opened several stitches. I was very concerned but waited 24 hours to contact him because it was a weekend and I did not want to disturb him. When I did contact him he made immediate arrangements to return from his weekend after instructing the surgeon in the emergency room exactly what procedure he wanted him to perform. He examined the results in his office Sunday morning at 8am. One could never expect such focus and dedication, but then because he is a perfectionist and an artist he took personal and immediate action to reverse the damage that I caused. He and his staff have been so wonderful and friendly to me.

I feel the result of my surgery has given me the confidence to feel, act and look younger than my years.


Breast Augmentation was something I pondered upon for a very long time. After having my two children I lost all of my “baby weight” plus some. Unfortunately, my chest went away just like the weight did! I researched for a very long time but was afraid of the “unknown”. It wasn’t until my cousin went to Dr. Spiro that I said to my husband I must go for a consultation. She looked great and felt great too!

My husband and I met with Dr. Spiro for a consultation. He spent much time with us and answered all of our questions thoroughly. I was then able to go home and feel confident about making my life altering decision.

Before I got this done I swore that until I had breast augmentation I would not put on a bikini. Not only was I able to wear a bikini this summer but I felt great wearing sundresses and cute tank tops too!

Thank you Dr. Spiro for making me feel great about myself and for helping me fill out thosecute little shirts that I never thought could look so nice! Not everyone could have performed such a wonderful surgery. Plastic surgery is truly an art. It takes someone with an artistic eye to be able to do such a perfect job. I will recommend everyone and anyone who even thinks for a second about having breast augmentation. Dr. Spiro and his office get an A+++ in my book!


A Very Happy Patient!

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006, aged 57. When my doctor first told me I had cancer the word itself hit me hard. I considered it as a matter of life and death, top priority is to get rid of every single cancerous cell from my body. I was advised that I needed to have a mastectomy and I was referred to meet a breast reconstruction specialist – Dr. Scott Spiro. He is warm and honest, he patiently explained various treatment options for my condition. Based on the advice given to me, I decided to have breast reconstruction (tram) at the same time as my mastectomy. Dr Spiro was reputable in breast reconstruction surgery for many years. The care I received from the hospital and his office was kind and personal, the procedure was efficient and thorough. I was glad to be able to entrust my care to the expert.

After the operation I was pleased and happy with my new shape. I did not grieve over the lost breast because of the immediate reconstruction with the added bonus that I had a tummy tuck. My new breast looks symmetrical to the other side. I am comfortable to how I look now as if I was in a new portrait. I did not think I would feel confident with my body and myself without reconstruction. I am very pleased with Dr. Spiro’s work, thank you for his dedication and his great artistic surgery.

I was very fortunate that the cancer was detected early and I was more fortunate to have good doctors take care of me and basically saved my life.

All the best


I wanted to take a moment to thank you for taking such good care of my friend Mary. In doing so, you have taken care of her family, closest friends and people whom she has yet to inspire.

Mary shared your website with me. I have seen many medical sites for various treatments. Yours, Dr. Spiro, touched me from the very first time I opened it. Upon previewing your site, I felt as though I had already met you, and how she was treated in your office.

In seeing how well Mary has been coming along since one year ago, and under your care, I wanted to send my sincere thanks for taking such good care of a very special person, a valued colleague, and dear friend.

Dr. Spiro, along with prayers that I’ve been sending to Mary, I’ve also kept her doctors in my prayers too. You are an amazing man. Thank you for the heart, alongside your expertise, that you bring into your work.


It has been almost a year since I had a double mastectomy for breast cancer followed by immediate reconstruction by Dr. Spiro. My first concern when undergoing these procedures was, of course, my health but I also worried about appearance following such radical surgery. Dr. Spiro patiently and thoroughly explained my options, listened carefully to my concerns and priorities, and honored my choices. Incredibly, due to Dr. Spiro’s expertise and artistic sense, I now feel better about my appearance than ever.

Dr. Spiro has noted several times how well I healed after each step in my reconstruction. In deep gratitude for his wonderful work, I hereby offer my special secret to fast recovery: chocolate.


I have wanted to have cosmetic surgery (nose) since I was a teenager and am so thrilled I finally did it! It is amazing to me that I now walk around no longer self conscious about the way it looks-it looks so natural and is just no longer an issue. I am so incredibly happy about it every time I look in the mirror! An added bonus is that I had a very deviated septum that was also corrected in the process. I had no idea a deviated septum had been the cause of my constant severe headaches. I am now virtually headache free!

I am so grateful to Dr. Spiro for all of this. His skill is just amazing


Dear Dr. Spiro:

I just wanted to properly thank you for everything you’ve done for me regarding my breast surgery / reconstruction. From the moment I met you, I knew you would be the best choice as my doctor. That decision proved to be one of the best I’ve made. It was an extremely difficult decision to not only do a prophylactic mastectomy but to choose the TRAM flap reconstruction. Your confidence made it easier for me to be confident as well. It’s been 14 years since my first breast surgery (by a different doctor). The deformity of the reconstructed breast never made me feel whole or attractive and it got to the point where I didn’t even care. Last Halloween changed all that. I was astounded by the results of both my new breasts. You are extremely talented and I couldn’t be happier or more grateful with the outcome. I finally feel whole again and I owe that to you! So…thank you so much for everything.


It took my 10 years and numerous consultations with plastic surgeons to find a physician who gave me the comfort level, encouragement and confidence I needed to have abdominoplasty surgery. Dr. Spiro and his staff were warm, professional and supportive. After having had two children and, despite a commitment to regular exercise and a healthy diet, my stretched out abdomen was a source of discomfort for me. Because of the lack of elasticity in my stomach, had difficulty finding clothes that fit properly and, as a result, my body image suffered. In addition, my lack of abdominal strength contributed to significant back pain. Despite my anxiety about undergoing elective surgery, I had great confidence in Dr. Spiro’s care. After much contemplation, I finally underwent the surgery in January 2010 and all I can say is – WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG??!!!! Not only does my stomach look amazing ( and probably looks twenty years younger than the rest of me!), but my core strength is truly unbelievable. The surgery has given me back my confidence and my health – my back feels a million times better. Thank you Dr. Spiro, Lina and the rest of the staff for your kindness, competence and amazing work! I have sung your praises to all my friends who are contemplating this or any other plastic surgery. Thank you!!!!!


It has been a year since I had a double mastectomy with reconstruction surgery by Dr. Scott Spiro. I have to say that “I like my breast better now than before surgery.” When I look at myself in the mirror I can’t believe what he was able to accomplish. He is truly an artist! I have a strong family history, mother and grandmother had breast cancer and I had to make a “tough” decision, but the most “logical” decision was to have a prophylactic double mastectomy in July of 2010. When I met with Dr. Spiro he said I was a candidate for nipple preservation mastectomy. He answered all my questions and was so informative that it allowed me to be able to make a life changing decision. I knew after my appointment that this was the doctor for me! His professionalism, knowledge and kindness made me so comfortable with my decision. His staff was so welcoming and always very pleasant and kind. This decision was a life changing experience and I know I would never have made it through this surgery without Dr. Spiro and his staff. I am forever grateful and consider myself so blessed to have had Dr. Spiro as my surgeon.

E. Burns

I want to thank you, Dr. Spiro, and your excellent staff for your assistance, professionalism, and expertise on my behalf in my time of need. As you know, I was diagnosed with Stage I invasive ductal carcinoma (IDC) in my right breast, and eventually opted for a bilateral mastectomy with immediate reconstruction surgery using tissue expanders followed by silicone gel implants. The bilateral mastectomy had always been my initial gut reaction to the IDC diagnosis, but I believed that I needed to consider other possible medical options that were not so radical. Others encouraged me to take the most aggressive steps available to rid myself of cancer.

I was presented with possible procedures and treatments for the IDC by my breast surgeon. I was not keen on a lumpectomy followed by radiation, and initially began considering a unilateral mastectomy with implant reconstruction. In my single mastectomy discussion with Dr. Spiro, I learned that a possible lift and some augmentation would also likely be needed on my left breast for improved symmetry between the breasts. After much reading and study about breast cancer and the relative accuracy of the various tests for detecting breast cancer, and the fact that some surgical work would be needed on my left breast if I had a single right mastectomy, I again began leaning toward a bilateral mastectomy as the best option for me and the only option that seemed to give me any comfort. My biggest concern was that my breast surgeon and Dr. Spiro would not be supportive of my decision, but they were both immediately responsive and supportive.

The year prior to my IDC diagnosis, I had been called back by the mammography lab for some additional detailed mammograms on my right breast, but was told after further study that everything appeared to be fine. The year of my IDC diagnosis, I was called back again for additional detailed mammograms on my right breast, which were followed this second year by a targeted ultrasound of my right breast and then an ultrasound guided core biopsy that confirmed that I had IDC in my right breast. Prior to the bilateral operation, MRIs of both breasts were performed, which did not provide much additional information regarding my right breast diagnosis. In my left breast, two nodular foci and some small lesions (likely benign) were identified that would need future monitoring. Dr. Spiro indicated that resolution of the foci issue would be needed before any plastic surgery work on my left breast could begin. Based on all of this information, I chose a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction. I did not want to learn at a future date that I also developed cancer in my left breast.

Following the bilateral mastectomy and reconstructive surgery, the pathology report of the breast tissue did confirm the IDC in my right breast, but surprisingly also found a lobular carcinoma in situ in my left breast, which had not been detected by any of the prior tests. Fortunately, the pathology report also confirmed that the bilateral sentinel lymph nodes were clean. My breast surgeon said that my decision to go with the bilateral mastectomy was one of the best decisions of my life. Thank you to my breast surgeon and Dr. Spiro for their steadfastness and support as I made my decision. In truth, if nothing were found in my left breast, I still would have been happy with my decision. In retrospect, I am very happy that I had the immediate support of my doctors and the courage to go with my gut feeling.

A bilateral mastectomy is not the answer for everyone, but it was right for me. I thank Dr. Spiro for his skill and artistry and for his many months of encouragement and information that he and his staff provided throughout the reconstruction period. I feel like a new women with a new outlook.

I learned of Dr. Spiro and his proficiency from my sister’s girlfriend who a few years ago was a breast reconstruction patient of Dr. Spiro. My breast surgeon also was aware of Dr. Spiro’s well-regarded expertise in breast reconstruction and plastic surgery. Without hesitation, I would recommend Dr. Spiro for his breast reconstruction services.

Thank you again Dr. Spiro and your staff for all of your concern, dedication, and medical expertise.


Dear Doctor Spiro and staff,

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for an amazing job. you and your staff are all such a pleasure to be around. Breast augmentation is not something I’ve always thought of doing but it has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!!! The results are even better than I imagined. having a Doctor and staff like yours has made this such a great experience, I would recommend you to anyone!!! I feel very lucky to have had you as my unbelievably talented surgeon. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.


Dr. Spiro is a superb doctor. He is knowledgeable, skilled, and compassionate. He makes sure his staff possesses the finest of qualities too. I would highly recommend Dr. Spiro to anyone who is in search of a plastic surgeon.


Dear Dr. Spiro,

Thank you so much for the beautiful “work” you did on my body.  I love it, it is just what i was looking for.  I am very pleased once again.  Thank you for always being there for me.  You are my friend.


I am 53 years old, I have always followed a very healthy diet, I exercise regularly and am quite petite except for my stomach, which before surgery stuck out and made me look 6-months pregnant, even fifteen years after the birth of my last child and despite continued abdominal exercise. Dr. Spiro did an abdominoplasty and repaired about four hernias. I was extremely nervous about having this surgery, especially since it was elective, and my experience was better than I could have hoped. Dr. Spiro and his staff explained all details of the surgery beforehand; he has a very comforting and kind attitude. I was pleasantly surprised that despite descriptions that I had read on the internet about patients’ experiences in other practices (you should never do this!) i did not experience any true pain once I left the hospital 24 hours or so after surgery. There was more what I would describe as discomfort, and only really for the first week. Dr. Spiro’s staff was available and attentive throughout the process and explained to me exactly what I should and should not do each week. Following all of Dr. Spiro’s advice, I was able to return to work about ten days after the operation, and was able to resume my daily activities, little by little, over the next six week. After six weeks I was running, swimming, hiking, biking, without any discomfort. My stomach is amazingly flat and finally seems to fit with the rest of my body!My posture has improved, and now I don’t feel the weight of my body supported only by my back muscles, since after surgery i actually have stomach muscles again. I would definitely recommend Dr. Spiro to anyone!


I wanted to reach out and say thank you for the incredible work you did in my breast reduction surgery. I was very hesitant to undergo the procedure at first but after talking to you and your staff, I felt like I was in such good hands and that made my decision that much easier. And it was definitely the right choice! I am feeling so much more comfortable in my own body when I’m exercising and on a daily basis. I’m incredibly grateful to you and your staff for your approachability and all your help.

Thank you again! Hope to see you sometime soon!

Lily B

After years of being very over weight and miserable I decided to take control of my life and lose weight!  But what was left on my body was loose hanging skin which I could do nothing about.  It was embarrassing and it made me feel very old.   I was unhappy but I just thought the damage was done and all I could do was try and hide it.   With some urging from family, I consulted with quite a few doctors to see if we could fix some of the damage. They all assured me they could help, but that I shouldn’t have my expectations too high. I always left feeling let down and worried that surgery would look worse then the loose skin.

Finally, a friend referred me to see Dr Spiro. At my consultation, we addressed my many issues and my fears and anxiety about surgery.  He laid out a plan for me that he conveyed with honesty and a quiet confidence.  He had a vision for my outcome that I couldn’t quite see but yet I believed he could achieve it.  Dr. Spiro is not only a very skilled surgeon, the best in my opinion,  he is also a talented artist with a passion for what he does.  While surgery days can be very scary, Dr. Spiro has such an ease about him in the operating room that all your fears immediately go away.  As you drift off you know you are in perfect hands!!

It has been a long and exciting journey, 3 years and a total body lift later, Dr. Spiro met and far exceeded all of my expectations.  Dr. Spiro makes you feel special and deserving, that it is never too late and you are never too old to make a change.  He expects the best results, and with Dr. Sprio you are getting the best!

He has the most wonderful nurses and office staff who are all very sensitive to the scary and exciting roller coaster you are on. They all know your name and greet you with a smile and a kind word at every visit!

Thank you so much Dr. Spiro for giving me back my confidence and the gift of starting over! Thank you for seeing what no other Doctor could!!   and thank you for giving me at 50 years old a body I had only dreamed of!!


I am especially grateful for my waist!  🙂 🙂

Thank you so much!!

Susan S

I have wanted to have a Tummy Tuck for 10 years but was always afraid to do it and,  honestly, did not even know where to begin.  After my second child was born, I realized that it did not matter how hard I exercised.  The stretched muscles combined with hernia made me look like I was always 6 months pregnant.  Then my friend got a Tummy Tuck and I started to learn more.  I finally went for a consultation with Dr. Spiro after several other consultations and never looked back.

First, Dr. Spiro’s office is meticulously clean and organized.  He is running a tight ship, and it made me feel very good.  Second, he showed me his past examples of before and after procedures and answered all my questions.  Finally, when I decided to move ahead with the procedure, he and his team prepared me ahead of time with the instructions, encouragement and support.  The surgery went great and the “before and after” is unbelievable!  I am very happy with the results – the best decision I made!

Dr Spiro is an amazing surgeon, a professional and an artist in his own right.  He gave me so much confidence and I feel that I got my body back – even better than what I had before kids.  I would recommend this doctor without any hesitation and also this procedure – it has changed my life.


When this journey began I quickly reached out to my doctors, nurses, family and friends seeking their recommendation of a reconstructive breast surgery specialist.  I needed to schedule a bilateral mastectomy and time was of the essence. As responses flooded in, one name repeatedly came up: Dr. Scott Spiro.

The confidence of so many in Dr. Spiro compelled me to meet with him, and by the end of my consultation the choice of who would perform my surgery was an easy one.  I knew I would be in the hands of a very gifted surgeon and caring person.

As I proceeded through my treatment, I found myself in awe of Dr. Spiro’s meticulous practice habits.  It was like no other doctor patient-experience that I’d had.  He was clear and thorough in his explanations of procedures; so much so that in most instances he answered any questions I might have had before I even had the chance to ask!  When asking me questions, he left no stone unturned and clearly wanted to garner any and all information that could assist him in preparing for surgery.  He is a perfectionist in every way, and that reinforced my confidence in him.

Further, Dr. Spiro’s caring and kindness pervades his entire office.  From my very first interaction with his staff, it was evident that they were eager to make my experience as painless as it could be and that they fully appreciated the gravity of my circumstances.  Time and again, they rearranged Dr. Spiro’s schedule to fit me in, knowing what I was dealing with was time sensitive.  They always responded fully and promptly to my every question.  It was apparent that everyone from his office staff to hospital personnel was highly aware of the standard of care and performance Dr. Spiro expects and worked tirelessly to meet those standards.

For many reasons, my journey took longer than expected, but throughout Dr. Spiro assured me that when I was ready for each stage of reconstructive surgery he would be ready, willing and able to get the job done.  When I look in the mirror each day I’m astounded at how wonderful and natural my breasts look — just as he promised they would.  As any mastectomy patient can tell you, this process makes you feel as if you are losing a piece of yourself.  Dr. Spiro made me whole again.

Maria D