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Giving birth to three children truly took a toll on my breasts so I made the decision to get implants.  Although Dr. Spiro sees a multitude of patients a day and performs dozens of surgical procedures a week, he still makes you feel like you are his only patient.  Dr. Spiro spent more than adequate time with me during my initial consultation and valued my opinions and concerns.  His attention to detail, his knowledge, expertise, and passion for what he does was glaringly obvious.  I immediately developed a level of trust that served as a sense of security for me when I entered the operating room and when I began my recovery process.  Dr. Spiro kept me informed of every detail of what to expect following the surgery.  I was amazed at how quickly I recovered.  I am extremely satisfied with my results and would recommend Dr. Spiro and his staff to anyone.

Lauren B

Its October 2018 and its Breast Cancer Awareness month across America. I am blessed that this is my first full year as a survivor.

I can recall the day I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.   My world fell apart.  The search would begin to find my team of doctors.   I am somewhat of a perfectionist. Perhaps in some ways like Dr. Spiro.   I was not looking for a good doctor.  I was looking for a great doctor. Not someone in a band.  I was looking for a “Rockstar”!

I went for numerous consults – top rated surgeons – NYC, NJ – the best of the best … for the breast. I was going to lose my breasts but I was going to be cancer free.  To me, reconstructing and rebuilding my body was as important to me as removing bad cells…. Finding a surgeon to put me back together and to be as close to what I once was before.

When I departed Dr. Spiro’s office after my first consultation, I remember standing in the parking lot with my husband on a cold winter day and I said “We found my doctor”. Words cannot express how truly grateful I am to have found such a caring, empathetic and reassuring doctor to help me through one of the most difficult challenges I’ve ever faced. Dr. Spiro’s staff were all equally as wonderful. Always on call… always there… even at 11:00 at night to ask a question. And I sure had many.  Breast Cancer is a very difficult thing to go through, I’ve encountered insensitivity and unprofessionalism during my journey. Never at Dr. Spiro’s office.  At Dr. Spiro’s office, everyone is professional, empathetic, courteous, patient and very experienced.

Why did I choose Dr. Spiro? He listened to me speak.  He understood what I hoped for. He did not sugarcoat anything.   He clearly explained with examples what he could do for me.  He made me feel confident that I could actually get through this nightmare and feel whole again.  I will share a personal experience that I remember and I believe gives just a small example of the kind of surgeon Dr. Spiro is.  When I was wheeled into the OR on the day of my second surgery, Dr. Spiro had me look to the corner of the operating room.  I was nervous.  He said “ Do you see all those boxes over there”?  There were boxes piled high, containing breast implants of all different shapes and sizes.  Dr. Spiro then assured me that we weren’t leaving that operating room until we found the perfect fit for me.  He then said “hey, what type of music do you want to hear when you wake up”!!  I went under that day with a sense of peace and a certain confidence knowing that I would be ok.

I wanted to look and feel as natural as possible.  I can honestly say that although the Breast Cancer diagnosis will always be with me, I was reconstructed so beautifully that no one other than myself would ever know what I’ve been through.

I am a Warrior.  Dr Spiro is an artist and I am proud to say that I am one of his masterpieces.


Sue from New Jersey





Dr. Spiro is the best of the best!

From the office staff, to the initial consultation with this outstanding physician, and finally to the day of my surgery, and post-surgical experience, everything was excellent!!!!

Dr. Spiro is a physician and a true artist, the clinical experience was great, and his aesthetic is amazing.

I am so pleased with the results and care I received from this five-star team. I would highly recommend them to friends and family. 

Elli P.



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