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Breast Anomalies & Asymmetry

Breast anomalies are more common than you think. It is normal for one breast to be slightly larger than the other one. A true breast anomaly is when one breast has a significantly different appearance than the other breast, giving an asymmetrical appearance.

Breast Anomalies & Asymmetry Before and After

Types of Breast Anomalies

Anomalous breast conditions alter the breast size and shape to an unpleasant form. Below are the various conditions that are considered breast anomalies and deformities.

Breast Asymmetry

Breast asymmetry is the most common type of breast abnormality. It is when one breast is significantly larger or denser than the other breast. Breast asymmetry can be uncomfortable, as you may have trouble finding a bra that can accommodate the two different sizes. If one breast is noticeably denser, you may feel pain throughout the day in comparison to the other breast.

Tuberous Breasts

Tuberous breasts are a congenital abnormality, where one or both breasts do not fully form during puberty. This condition does not mean that your breasts are smaller than usual. Tuberous breasts are defined by puffy areolas, unusually wide spacing between the breasts, and a narrow footprint attachment to the chest wall.

Poland’s Syndrome

Poland’s syndrome is a birth defect where the muscles are underdeveloped on one side of the body. This condition often affects the chest area, where the pectoral chest muscles either never form or are diminutive. Additionally, the breast on the affected side either never develops or is quite small, creating a stark asymmetrical appearance.

Surgery for Breast Anomalies

Congenital birth defects of the breast or developmental anomalies create challenges in breast surgery. Reconstruction of these deformities may require stages of surgery and entail various combinations of implant augmentation, breast lifts, and breast reduction.

Breast Reduction

Breast reductions decrease the size of a larger breast to match the other one. They are often performed with breast lifts to help attain a lighter, smaller appearance.

Breast Lifts

I recommend a breast lift to correct sagging breasts. This procedure lifts the breast tissue, thus creating a more youthful, perkier appearance. Breasts lifts often are performed in conjunction with breast reductions. Lifting the abnormal breast can even it out with its partner and help achieve a more symmetrical appearance.

Breast Reconstruction

In severe cases, I recommend breast reconstruction to create new breast tissue, skin, and nipples. This procedure involves a combination of implant augmentations and grafting to return the breast back to normal form.

Treating Breast Anomalies in NJ

Breast anomalies are normal and treatable. No matter what breast abnormality you may have, there are treatments available to help your condition. Contact us today to Request a Consultation and learn more about how we can help you.

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