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Breast Lift Surgery in NJ

Beautiful breasts aren’t all about size. The shape and perkiness of your breasts matter just as much. A breast lift, or mastopexy, raises the breasts by tightening the surrounding tissue and removing excess skin to provide a perkier and firmer breast contour. Changes in your breast contour or shape may be a result of aging, weight fluctuations, heredity, pregnancy, or gravity that can cause sagging over time. I’ve had great success in helping my patients restore their breasts to a more youthful and uplifted appearance!

Breast Lift Before and After

Please take a look at our breast lift before and after gallery to see our patients’ beautiful transformations and stunning results after recovery!


Breast Lift Surgery Candidates

A breast lift is ideal for patients who are experiencing a loss of skin elasticity and sagging in their breasts. Good candidates are also in good general health, have no serious medical conditions, and have realistic expectations of the outcomes of the procedure.

What to Expect During a Breast Lift Consultation

During your consultation, I will talk to you about your medical history and current conditions, history of cosmetic surgeries, and your desired goals for your breasts after surgery. My staff and I will also go over any potential risks or complications, your surgery options, and take photographs of the areas you would like to improve.
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How to Prepare for Breast Lift Surgery

Preparing for breast lift surgery may involve taking or adjusting certain medications, not smoking, and not taking over the counter drugs that may increase bleeding. You should also arrange for a family member or friend to drive you to and from our outpatient surgical center.

Breast Lift in NJ at Spiro Plastic Surgery

Depending on your initial consultation, I will determine the best surgical options for you based on your breast size and shape, position of your areolas, level of breast sagging, and skin elasticity. I perform breast lifts with implants and without implants to lift and reshape your breasts, improving their contour and firmness.

Women looking for a lift as well as a bigger breast size can combine a breast lift with a breast augmentation. During this procedure, I lift the underlying breast tissue, reposition the nipples and areolas to a natural height, and remove excess skin. I also place implants in your breasts to increase your cup size and give them shape. I like to combine breast lifts with a breast augmentation in a single surgery, and not in two stages as most surgeons do.

Through my 25 years of experience, I have refined a breast lift procedure without implants to make it appear as if I had placed new implants into my patients’ breasts. Also known as autoaugmentation mastopexy, I internally reposition the saggy tissue to fill voids within the breast. I reshape the breast contour by adding absorbable mesh material, placing it over the deeper tissue and under the skin envelope. The mesh material supports the breast tissues as they heal into their new form and then slowly dissolve away after a year. This procedure works best for our patients who have thin skin and a poor tissue support structure.

In certain circumstances with saggy breasts, it is beneficial to remove saggy tissue with a reduction while lifting and placing an implant even if you prefer to “remain the same breast size.” This procedure is known as a breast lift-reduction-augmentation. Although it may sound counterintuitive, it creates more youthful and aesthetically appealing breasts that stand up to the aging process and gravity far better.


Breast Lift Recovery

Following your surgery, I will close your incisions with bandages and provide you with a support bra to reduce swelling and support the shape of your breasts as they heal. Your breasts may remain swollen for at least two weeks after surgery, but patients can return home the same day of surgery and go back to work after a week. However, to help your breasts heal, avoid strenuous activities for at least six weeks. My staff and I will also give you specific post-op instructions to follow, including how to care for your breasts, medications to take, specific concerns to look for during healing, and when to make a follow-up appointment. After your recovery, you’ll see a more youthful and firm breast shape!
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