Breast Lift

Breast lift (mastopexy) is performed in cases where the breast sags. The decision to place an implant while performing a breast lift depends on several factors:

1) If a patient desires a “breast augmentation look” then an implant in addition to the lift procedure must be strongly considered. 2) When a breast lift is done, although the intent may be to save virtually all breast tissue (gland and fat), loose saggy surrounding skin is naturally eliminated and the combination of this process typically leaves the breast appearing slightly smaller. When a woman with saggy breasts puts on a bra, the loose saggy skin is “recruited” within the bra and fills the cup, making the breast appear larger and fuller than it actually is. So, if the desire is to maintain the same appearance or be larger than the breast appears in the bra, then an implant is recommended. 3) In certain circumstances with saggy breasts, it is desirable to remove saggy tissue (a reduction) while lifting and placing an implant even if the patient prefers to “remain the same size”. This is known as a breast lift-reduction-augmentation and although it may sound counterintuitive, it actually creates a more superior aesthetically appealing youthful breast that stands up to the aging process and gravity far better.

The incision choices are based on the 3D characteristics of the sag and the implant options and decisions are the same as I have described in our augmentation section.

I prefer to do this as a single step surgery, not staged in 2 steps as many surgeons do. In fact, I have taught a course at the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) annual meeting on this very subject: Mastopexy Augmentation.

Breast Lift without Implants

I have refined a procedure which internally shapes breast tissue to give a look close to what an implant would appear like. I refer to this as “auto augmentation mastopexy” or the use of one’s own breast to fill voids within the breast. This operation requires creativity in addition to artistry and surgical skill. In addition to the re-positioning of saggy breast tissue, I support the reshaped breast with the addition of an absorbable mesh material placed over the reshaped deeper tissue and under the reshaped skin envelope. This mesh material (essentially made from dissolvable suture material) is ingenious in that it supports the tissues as they heal into its new form and then slowly dissolves away over about a year. Therefore, it will not interfere with long term imaging and surveillance of the breast. It is especially useful in patients who have very thin skin and anticipated poor tissue support structure. Patient satisfaction is very high with this procedure.

We take pride in what patients say about us

Gloria Remelgado

Do you know what it’s like to look in the mirror and finally not look pregnant every day? Thanks to Dr. Spiro, I regained my self-esteem and now look better than I ever have.  I have put off writing this testimonial for way too long, because I felt no words can adequately express the gratitude I have for Dr. Spiro who was willing to take on the challenge, when no one else would…and for this I’m forever grateful!

My abdomen went from being a deformity and a source of shame to becoming a body part that is now an asset that I am extremely proud of and want to show off! Ii actually have definition in my abs…something that I thought was never possible!! Dr. Spiro also performed an incredible breast augmentation and breast lift, transforming my sad looking breasts into a front and center source of pride and confidence! After losing 75 pounds, I had unsightly amount of loose saggy skin which compromised my weight loss results. Dr. Spiro performed a lower body lift and back lift that was nothing short of miraculous! When my husband saw the result, he spoke volumes with one word…”WOW!” I can speak from personal experience Dr. Spiro’s level of skill is so far above other surgeons…he is in a league of his own. He truly cares about his patients and wants and consistently delivers a perfect result. Additionally, his aftercare is outstanding. His entire team is top-notch and is always eager to help in any way they can. They are genuinely kind, caring & compassionate and work like a well-oiled machine!!! Dr. Spiro is a miracle worker and the only plastic surgeon I will ever use…period!!!

Researching, contemplating, and vacillating back and forth for YEARS over whether or not to have a surgical procedure to correct my prematurely sagging breasts, my husband and I were never confident enough in ANY surgeon’s breast lift/augmentation results to pull the trigger and go for it. We are now THRILLED to have put our trust in Dr. Spiro and his team! Upon viewing Dr. Spiro’s astoundingly consistent results in his extensive Before/After galleries I immediately contacted Diane Arias, Office Manager. Diane patiently listened to my story and answered not only my concerns, but questions from my husband (a lawyer) and my sister (a doctor). Our quest was complete, we had found THE BEST. Dr. Spiro’s team then worked diligently to ensure my surgery was performed within the month in St. Barnabas Hospital as I requested. I am already 4 weeks post-op and my results are better than we could have imagined! My family and I are so grateful to have been under the superb care of Dr. Spiro and his team. At brunch with a few girlfriends, last weekend I confided in them I had undergone a breast lift/augmentation and felt thrilled with my result! The Miss One Upper of our group announced that she had her breasts reduced/lifted a year ago and inquired who my surgeon had been. When I answered, “Dr. Spiro” the group waited with baited breath for her inevitable “One UP”.  A pause; finally, one of us had stumped her. “Dr. Spiro was my surgeon too,” she said.  The consensus was unanimous Dr. Spiro must indeed be THE BEST!

I chose Dr. Spiro to be my surgeon when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and preparing for a bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction. So much to process and work through!! I wish I had the words to describe the level of gratitude I have for Dr. Spiro and his team! Dr. Spiro reconstructed my breasts to a beautiful and very natural looking C. I am beyond pleased with my recovery and results. The scars are minimal (and still very new). I anticipate having next to none before I know it. I don’t have any skin “ripples” either. My breasts look and feel absolutely fabulous!! Every step through my year long journey…Dr. Spiro has been a staple in my life. No doubt I made the right choice coming here. The entire team at Spiro Plastic Surgery is second to none!! Thank you Dr. Spiro & Team, I will always be grateful for all you’ve done. I could not be happier!!!

Susan S