Breast Revision Surgery in NJ

Breast revision surgery is a solution for women who are looking to change the type or size of their implants or who are experiencing complications due to previous breast augmentation. Complications may involve implant malposition, nipple-areola mismatch, persistent sag, capsular contracture, or a failed attempt to correct breast asymmetry. With 25 years of experience, I specialize in correcting prior reconstructive or cosmetic breast surgery to help make you feel more confident about your appearance!

Breast Revision Before and After

Although repeat surgery is discouraging, there is a solution for everyone! View our breast revision surgery before and after gallery to see our patients’ transformative results.

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Who is a Good Candidate for Breast Implant Revision Surgery?

Ideal candidates for breast revisions are women who have had complications from previous breast surgery or are experiencing or interested in the following:

  • Change in Shape/Size Due to Time
  • Interest in Changing Breast Size
  • Interest in Changing Type of Implant
  • Pain from Capsular Contracture
  • Rupture or Migration of an Implant
  • Previous Surgeon Failed to Properly Diagnose the Issue with the Implant
  • Previous Surgeon Failed to Properly Perform an Extensive Breast Revision
  • Previous Surgeon Improperly Executed the Initial Surgery

What to Expect During a Breast Implant Revision Consultation

During your breast revision consultation, I will talk to you about your surgical goals, previous medical conditions or surgeries, current medications, and drug allergies. My team and I will also go over potential risks and complications, outcomes of the procedure, and examine your existing implants to determine the best way to achieve your aesthetic goals.
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How Do You Prepare for Breast Revision Surgery?

Preparing for breast revision surgery may require you to stop taking certain medications, quit smoking, receive an additional medical evaluation, and avoid taking over-the-counter drugs that may increase bleeding. After your surgery, you are not allowed to drive. Please coordinate with someone to give you a ride to and from our outpatient surgical center.

What Happens During a Breast Implant Revision

Based on my recommendations during your initial consultation, I will customize your breast revision surgery to meet your desired goals. Surgery can involve improving the breast shape, size, symmetry, or previous unsatisfying outcome of surgery. Depending on your case, I will replace the implant size or type and make one of the following incisions during your procedure:

  • Breast Lift Incision – Wise Pattern or Vertical
  • Inframammary Incision – Under the Breast
  • Peri-areolar Incision – Part Way or Entirely Around the Areola

How Long is the Recovery for a Breast Revision?

Following surgery, I apply bandages to your incisions, and a small tube is placed under the skin to drain any excess fluid or blood. My team and I will provide you with specific post-op instructions to follow, including concerns to look out for and when to make a follow-up appointment. While recovery time from a breast implant revision varies based on your surgery, most of our patients return to normal activities within two weeks. Your breasts will appear more natural and softer than ever after your recovery!
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