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Oncoplastic Breast Reconstruction in NJ

Oncoplastic reconstruction combines traditional breast cancer surgery with reconstructive plastic surgery. Your tumor is completely removed by your breast surgeon through a lumpectomy. In the same procedure, I reshape the remaining breast tissue to help you preserve a more natural breast appearance and restore symmetry to your breasts. You can be confident in your cancer treatment and how you look and feel after your surgery.

Oncoplastic Reconstruction Before and After

Please take a look at our oncoplastic breast reconstruction before and after gallery to see our patients’ natural results after recovery!


Oncoplastic Breast Reconstruction Candidates

Women who are good candidates for oncoplastic breast reconstruction have smaller tumors in their breasts, have larger-sized breasts, and choose to have a lumpectomy. You may not be a good candidate for oncoplastic reconstruction if you have smaller breasts or had more than one lumpectomy. The location of your tumor may also play a factor in determining if this procedure is best for you.

What to Expect During an Oncoplastic Breast Reconstruction Consultation at Spiro Plastic Surgery

During your oncoplastic breast reconstruction consultation, I will talk to you about your medical history, previous surgeries, and surgical goals. I will also evaluate your general health and examine your breasts’ shape and size, skin quality, and nipple and areola placement. I will talk to your oncologist thoroughly before the procedure to determine the best course of action for your reconstructive surgery. My team and I will also go over with you any potential risks or complications of the procedure.
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How to Prepare for Oncoplastic Breast Reconstruction

I may ask you to get further lab testing, adjust your current medications, quit smoking for six weeks, and avoid anti-inflammatory medication to prepare for your oncoplastic reconstruction. You will also need to make arrangements for someone to drive you home after your overnight stay in the hospital.

Oncoplastic Reconstructive Breast Surgery in NJ

During oncoplastic reconstruction, your surgeon performs a lumpectomy to remove your tumor, a small amount of surrounding tissue, and possibly nearby lymph nodes to ensure all cancerous cells are taken out of your breast. After the tumor is removed, I will immediately reshape the remaining breast tissue to reconstruct the appearance of your breast, camouflaging any defects left by the lumpectomy. While reconstructing your breasts, I may also perform a breast reduction or breast lift on the opposite side to make both breasts look even and natural, creating a more attractive breast shape.

Oncoplastic Breast Reconstruction Recovery

Following your procedure, you may likely not need to stay overnight in the hospital. I will put surgical drains in place and put you in a surgical bra to reduce swelling. Recovery time for oncoplastic surgery is four to six weeks, however, most patients are able to return to work in two to four weeks. Strenuous activities should also be avoided for four to six weeks. Most daily activities can be resumed within a couple weeks of your surgery. Within weeks your swelling will subside and your scars will be nearly unnoticeable, resulting in breasts that look and feel natural.
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