Face and Neck Lift NJ

When performing a face and neck lift, I separate out the skin from the underlying (deeper) fatty/ muscle/fascia layer. I elevate the underlying deeper layers and redistribute this tissue layer to reduce/ eliminate jowls and create youthful shape to the face. This allows me to position the top layers (skin) slightly differently in the face and the neck and avoid applying excess tension on the surface of the face. I restructure the neck musculature returning it back to a taught state while at the same time I eliminate the surface laxity and lines of the neck. Combining the facial deep layers (SMAS) with the platysma layers of the neck are why it’s called SMAS Composite. Together, with fat grafting (and my blepharoplasty technique) I’ve had great success in turning back the clock for my patients. Preserving who they are, and maximizing their outcomes and maintaining their original image identities, are key to delivering the ideal natural face.

I perform these combination procedures in a hospital based setting and give patients the option to stay in the hospital overnight. Together with my nursing staff, we see our facial rejuvenation surgery patients several times a week for the first couple of weeks. This aids in a more rapid recovery and allows patients to resume the normal lifestyle in less than a month.

We take pride in what patients say about us

Thank you Dr. Spiro! Thanks to your excellent surgical talents, my energetic and youthful attitude now matches my facial appearance. The reflection I now see in the mirror is in sync with my youthful and energetic attitude about life. It took me more than six months to make a decision to have surgery, and although it was a very, very tough decision to make, I look back with 100% certainty that it was the right decision. It has been about two months since the surgery and I absolutely love my youthful profile and overall facial appearance. What I love more than anything is that I look like a very refreshed and younger “me.” You did not change what existed; you enhanced it. By putting my trust and confidence in your very capable hands, I feel as though I have gained more than just a youthful appearance; I have gained a renewed sense of myself; which has a direct impact on everything I do in life.

I finally made a quick decision to have a chin / face lift done. For a long time I have had this little pouch or “gullet” under my chin that I said someday I would have removed. Well, I had chosen to have it done this past January. I think it was a good choice for me. This is the time too, when nobody wants to go out in the winter weather. So I was glad to take the 2 weeks off from work, stay at home and relax after my surgery. I did have a fear of having the surgery done, but as soon as I met the staff and Dr. Spiro, my worries lifted, as all of them were so kind and supportive, and were able to answer any question I had.

I had the surgery done, and was quite surprised. It certainly surpassed my expectations. I never expected that the surgery would turn out so perfect. I was very happy with myself on how I looked. I also never expected on how it made me feel. There was a good feeling within myself. I even went on a diet and lost 13 pounds. For me that was something big, because I have always been close to my proper weight, and never was able to lose any pounds. The healing process was quick. I felt that Dr. Spiro did a wonderful job with the surgery, and I thought he was very neat with the work he had done on me. Dr. Spiro and his office staff always had time for me. I miss all of them. And don’t worry! If Dr. Spiro feels you are not healthy enough for the surgery, he will let you know. He is a very trusting Doctor, and he will tell you like it is. If anyone is looking for a doctor of Plastic Surgery, I would definitely suggest Dr. Scott Spiro. You will not be dissatisfied, and that’s with a promise.

Dr. Spiro is an exceptional plastic surgeon and I am very grateful that he was recommended to me. I had two separate surgeries with him. I think this in itself speaks to the level of confidence I have for both him and his staff. The first surgery was in 2014 — an abdominoplasty (full tummy tuck). Dr. Spiro and his staff were extremely thorough in preparing me for this surgery as I had to first have a hysterectomy performed by my gynecologist with the tummy tuck immediately following. Since I am anemic, Dr. Spiro and his nurses made sure they monitored me very carefully before the surgery and worked directly with my blood management doctors at St. Barnabas.

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter to you. I came to you looking “aged”. My heavy eyelids, drooped jowls and thick, saggy neck were making me feel old and unattractive. During our initial consultation you patiently explained the steps you would take to improve my appearance. My husband and I were impressed with your attention to detail and the amount of time you spent with us. Because of your professional and artistic approach, I felt very secure under your care. You and your staff made me feel special and relaxed at each and every office visit. My trust in you proved to be well placed. The remarkable results of my face, eye, and neck lifts have left me looking “naturally” younger. I recently celebrated my 60th birthday feeling and looking better than I have felt or looked in a long time. Dr. Spiro, you are an excellent plastic surgeon and talented artist. I have highly recommended you to those who say, “Wow, you look great!” My heartfelt thanks to you for making my cosmetic surgery a positive experience.

I could tell from the amount of pictures, testimonials and hands on experience, Dr Spiro was the right surgeon to accomplish the objective. Throughout the surgery preparation and recovery, my decision was further confirmed.  The admissions facility unsolicitedly confirmed Dr Spiro was a perfectionist and I was in the right hands for a beautiful outcome.  Additionally Dr Spiro and his staff personally checked up on me several times daily in the recovery and ensured I was actively following the nutrition and post op procedures for a fast, but safe recovery. At a week post op, I looked in the mirror and knew I had made the right decision.  My c-section “tire” of loose skin was gone & I had a core tighter than 29.  Within weeks, I was back to a size 4 dress I wore 20 yrs ago.  At 6 week’s post op, I started cardio again.  At 8 wks, I skied for 4 days straight.  At 12 wks, I ran a 5k & finished in the top 10%.  Cleared at 12wks to start weight training again, I am now looking forward to a summer of wearing bikinis on the beach with pride in my personal transformation. Thanks, Dr. Spiro & Team for your surgical skill, perfection and artistry you bring to the profession.