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Arm Lift in NJ

An arm lift, also known as a brachioplasty, is a body contouring surgical procedure that reshapes the entire upper arm, reducing both excess sagging skin and overall fat excess as well that droops downward. I combine liposuction with most of my brachioplasty procedures. The procedure tightens and smoothes the underlying tissue that defines the shape of the upper arm, reducing localized pockets of fat from your arm to your elbow. I can create a high-definition effect that reveals anatomic muscular contours of the arm from triceps, biceps, and deltoids. I have 25 years of experience performing arm lift surgery, helping my patients feel confident in their skin again.

Arm Lift Before and After

Please take a look at our am lift (brachioplasty) before and after gallery to see our patients’ transformative results after recovery!


Arm Lift Surgery Candidates

Ideal candidates for arm lift surgery are women or men who have lost a significant amount of weight or had weight loss surgery that has caused a sagging appearance in the upper arms. Generally, arm lift candidates include: Adults with significant upper arm skin sagging and drooping Adults who are not overweight and maintain a relatively stable weight Adults who do not have other medical conditions that increase the risk of surgery or impair healing Non-smokers

What to Expect During an Arm Lift Consultation

During your arm lift consultation, I will talk to you about your medical history, medical treatments, previous surgeries, and surgical goals for the procedure. I will also evaluate your general health, discuss your surgical options with you, and talk to you about the likely outcomes and potential risks of the surgery.
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How to Prepare for Arm Lift Surgery

In order to prepare for arm lift surgery, I may ask you to do the following: Adjust your current medications Avoid over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications or herbal supplements Stop smoking a minimum of 6 weeks before surgery Get additional lab testing, such as basic blood tests or an electrocardiogram Arrange for someone to drive you to and from surgery

Arm Lift Surgery in NJ

During your arm lift procedure, I perform liposuction to first remove excess fat and then remove excess skin and fat from between your armpit and elbow. There are three types of incisions I can make, depending on the amount and location of excess skin I need to remove. Generally, I make incisions on the inside of the arm or the back of the arm, but there may be some cases where I make an incision from the underarm to just above the elbow. Once I make the incision, I remove the excess skin and tighten the underlying tissue, reshaping it with internal sutures. Before I close the incision, I smooth your skin over the new contours of your arms.

Arm Lift Recovery Timeline

After your arm lift, I will cover your incisions with bandages and loosely wrap your arms in elastic bandages to minimize swelling in the area. My team and I also give you post-operative instructions on how to care for your surgical site and when to come back for a follow up appointment. It takes two to three weeks to recover from arm lift surgery. In the first few days, I will advise you to avoid lifting your arms above your shoulders for three weeks and avoid physical activities with your arms for four weeks after surgery. Once you have fully recovered, the results of your arm lift procedure will reveal a more toned appearance in your upper arms.
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