Mommy Makeover

“Mommy makeover” means so many different things to so many people. Generally speaking, it covers all combination procedures performed on women who have previously had children but can be only single body area focused as well. 

Post childbirth women have undergone changes in their bodies which either require surgical intervention to correct or the surgical intervention facilitates a level of which cannot be achieved by self-help alone. 

Certain physical conditions affected by pregnancies and early child-rearing include saggy and deflation of the breasts, abdominal skin quality and quantity changes including abdominal wall muscle separation (diastasis) and hernias, and fat redistributing or new and undesirable excess. 

Since every patient presents with both unique and varied physical presentations and concerns or priorities, a thoughtful evaluation, discussion, and plan are very important to management. 

Safety and quality outcomes are tantamount, so an experienced surgeon should guide the process and manage enthusiasm and expectations. 

Breast management might include an implant augmentation alone or lift and implants in women who sag with deflation. In those whose breasts have gotten very large, a breast reduction (and lift) may be required. Those with sagging of breasts who desire to maintain present size ca undergo a lift alone with preservation and redistribution of tissue (non-implant Auto augmentation). 

Abdominal procedures generally include some form of a tummy tuck, but the type of tummy tuck depends on the issues. Classically, a combination of removal of excess skin combined with abdominal wall repair is needed. There are versions of tummy tucks tailored to address more limited effects of pregnancies and I invite you to read about those in the abdominoplasty section of my website. 

Unwanted fat excess typically includes hip fat excess, and thigh and arm fat excess. Liposuction procedures are used to treat these. Deflation of formerly proportional body areas (most commonly buttocks) (aka BBL), may benefit from fat grafting in conjunction with liposuction. If sagging of skin or significant laxity exists where fat is in excess, then combination procedures of liposuction and lifting are beneficial. 

A combination of these conditions in a surgical treatment plan requires skill and experience. I have been performing “mommy makeovers” safely and reproducibly with quality outcomes for over 24 years in countless patients. Typically, the combination includes some form of breast surgery (mentioned previously), with some version of a tummy tuck. Modest amounts of liposuction in a certain area of the body and fat grafting of the buttocks can be performed in a single surgical setting as long as patients are medically able to undergo these combinations. I always require at least a one-day overnight hospitalization for combination procedures, or for abdominoplasty procedures involving abdominal wall management. 

I set limitations on which can be done in one surgical setting. This is based on over thirty years of surgical training and experience in the physiology of human healing. Therefore, some patients require a well-orchestrated series (or staged) procedures to accomplish their goals. 

Certain combinations or single body area procedures have varied recoveries. Most breast or liposuction procedures require less than a week off work while most tummy tuck procedures require at least a week if not longer. Combination procedures also have variable recovery, which is slightly longer, but overall patients are driving in a week, and back to work in 2 or less weeks. Fitness resumption is at 3-4 weeks in non-tummy tuck cases and 6 weeks in full abdominoplasties. 

Again, I pride myself on my safety record and quality outcomes and encourage patients to view the results and read testimonials present on my website in various sections which may be applicable to an individual patient’s concerns. I have patients who fly in from all over the US (and the world) for these procedures, and I hope to help you as well in the future!

We take pride in what patients say about us

I had breast reconstruction over 20 years ago and one of my breasts collapsed. Since the doctor who performed the original surgery has since retired I made an appointment with Dr. Spiro. He explained everything in detail and made me feel …

Gloria Remelgado

It has been a long and exciting journey, 3 years and a total body lift later, Dr. Spiro met and far exceeded all of my expectations.  Dr. Spiro makes you feel special and deserving, that it is never too late and you are never too old to make a change.  He expects the best results, and with Dr. Sprio you are getting the best!

For many reasons, my journey took longer than expected, but throughout Dr. Spiro assured me that when I was ready for each stage of reconstructive surgery he would be ready, willing and able to get the job done.  When I look in the mirror each day I’m astounded at how wonderful and natural my breasts look — just as he promised they would.  As any mastectomy patient can tell you, this process makes you feel as if you are losing a piece of yourself.  Dr. Spiro made me whole again.

Susan S