The Beauty Duo Enhancing Aesthetics at Spiro Plastic Surgery

Our beauty duo, Jamie Spiro and Victoria Murphy, were featured in the June 2022 issue of Vicinity Magazine to talk about The Medical Spa at Spiro Plastic Surgery. See the article below, and click here to view the full article at

The Art of Enhancing Beauty

By Deborah Schapiro

Like any good spa, The Medical Spa at Spiro Plastic Surgery offers a range of facial aesthetic treatments. Unlike others, however, it offers these services in a medical setting, by a highly trained Esthetician and Nurse Practitioner who work together to optimize and elevate outcomes.

Esthetician (and daughter of renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Scott Spiro), Jamie Spiro, specializes in medical-grade skincare treatments while nurse practitioner, Victoria Murphy, specializes in facial injectable treatments.

All treatments begin with an in-depth consultation to determine the patient’s goals and lifestyle. “All treatments are customizable,” states Jamie.

The goal of The Medical Spa is to make patients feel more confident by offering treatments with the skill necessary to achieve their desired outcomes. Under Dr. Spiro’s guidance as the Medical Director of the spa, both Jamie and Victoria have been trained to provide services that they are passionate about performing to help clients feel their best in their skin.

Jamie Spiro, Esthetician

Jamie provides treatments like microneedling, in which tiny needles pierce the skin to promote a higher level of collagen production, which reduces signs of aging.  Patients can choose microneedling with or without Platelet- Rich Plasma (PRP), which further accelerates the production of collagen and elastin. Jamie also does several different types of chemical peels, which provide cumulative results. 

She notes that “Medical-grade skincare complements our other treatments and maximizes the results of our surgical and non-surgical treatments. We work as a collaborative team. I think that is our strong point. It shows in our results.”

Victoria Murphy, Nurse Practitioner

With an M.S. in nursing, Victoria Murphy is also a Board-Certified family nurse practitioner and plastic surgery nurse that has worked with Dr. Scott Spiro for four years. Victoria was also extensively trained in injectable treatments by Dr. Spiro. She performs all of the practice’s injectables, such as Botox®, and cosmetic fillers such as Juvéderm®.

Clients consult with Victoria for reasons such as smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, plumping their lips, or wanting a more youthful appearance. She also assists Dr. Spiro in the operating room, where he performs procedures ranging from breast augmentation/reduction to liposuction to tummy tucks, fat grafting, and face and neck lifts.

“He is truly an artist; that’s why patients come to him from other states and even other countries,” commented Victoria.

Vicinity Magazine Full Article

The Medical Spa at Spiro Plastic Surgery

Both Victoria and Jamie bring a similar artistic eye to their clients and collaborate to personalize treatment plans. “Personalization of treatments is one of the things that separate us apart from other practices,” says Victoria. They pride themselves on giving patients an experience where their team communicates and listens to their clients and each other for optimal outcomes and service. At Spiro Plastic Surgery, we follow the highest safety standards in treating our patients,” Victoria adds.

Aside from patient safety, Spiro Plastic Surgery focuses on the ever-changing beauty industry and cutting-edge technologies, vetting different products and treatments. Jamie uses her experience in the beauty space to keep the practice ahead of the curve when it comes to cutting edge.

Additionally, what makes The Medical Spa at Spiro Plastic Surgery unique is that Victoria takes her approach to treatment from an anatomical structure and volume standpoint while Jamie focuses on tone and texture to enhance skin and facial features. Together, they strive to provide natural outcomes that promote rejuvenation and enhance self-confidence.

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Graphite/Pencil Hybrid-Painting by Dr. Scott Spiro