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All patients undergoing any evaluation or treatment which necessitates the removal of your mask in our office must have a COVID test performed (with verified negative results) 48-96 hours prior to your office visit. This includes facial filler, skincare evaluations, and treatments, office consultations regarding face and neck lift.
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Meet Scott A. Spiro, m.d., f.a.c.s

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sCOTT a. sPIRO, m.d., f.a.c.s.

I want every patient to know that they are special and unique. I work tirelessly on their behalf to keep them as safe as possible while at the same time, achieving their desired goals. Each individual is unique. I infuse an artist vision with every surgical plan and procedure to optimize each result. We want every patient to remember us for having been a positive life changing influence. 

We take pride in our outcomes

Case of the Month

This woman presented as many other women do; after having children her breast deflated and sagged.  The solution:  a combination breast lift with silicone gel implants under muscle.In my practice this is routinely done in a single outpatient procedure with a recovery very much like a simple augmentation.  A beautifully shaped, round, high D/DD cup outcome.  A terrific result.

We take pride in what patients say about us

As a physician practicing in Manhattan, I always assumed that the best doctors and surgeons were in NYC. I was recommended to Dr. Spiro last year through a friend and boy did I stand corrected. I had a 60 lb. weight loss and now at my ideal weight felt so uncomfortable looking at my excess skin. I knew I needed surgical correction, but I needed to find the best person for the job. I decided to take the trip to NJ and quickly discovered that Dr. Spiro was amazing. During my first consultation he took a great deal of time to explain what was needed and to answer all of my questions. I knew he was the surgeon for me immediately as I was not only impressed with his bedside manner, but also his medical knowledge.  He is outstanding enough to be a doctor’s doctor and I am forever grateful to him for changing my life.

Thank you for helping me get my confidence back. For that, there are no words, which I can express, or action I can take to show how much I appreciate the gift that you have given me.

You have incorporated your love as a successful artist, into your day-to-day work as a miraculous Plastic Surgeon, which makes you stand out from the rest. If anyone reading this is debating or having second thoughts – don’t!  There is no doctor in the world that I would recommend more than Dr. Spiro!  And not only because of his flawless work, his product knowledge, his respect for his profession, his confidence in his abilities, but for Dr. Spiro’s personal touch “bed side manner” that so many doctors have lost today.  Again, Thank you Dr. Spiro- you are truly the best!

I was hesitant to undergo cosmetic surgery, especially to my face.  In recent years my upper eyelids had become very droopy and heavy.  I found Dr. Spiro in New Jersey Top Doctors.  I did some research and liked what I read about him.  Not only was he a top-rated plastic surgeon, but also an artist. Five weeks after my upper/lower eyelid surgery, fat transposition and lateral cheek lift I am thrilled with the results.  My eyes are so big and open and the bags are GONE. Dr. Spiro is gentle, sweet, attentive and caring. He always made me feel special and cared for.  His office staff, the nurses, everyone is professional, and caring. I thank you Dr. Spiro from the bottom of my heart.  You are an amazing surgeon and a beautiful caring person. 

I had the pleasure of working for Spiro Plastic Surgery for over 4 years as one of Dr. Spiro’s registered nurses. Dr. Spiro is a surgeon unlike any other. He takes in to account absolutely everything about each and every single one of his patients to make sure that their experience and outcome is nothing but the best.  The team is made up of caring and smart women who “hold your hand” through your entire surgical experience.  Like Dr. Spiro, they are all perfectionists. They are a team unlike no other. Take a look at his “before and after;” his work speaks for itself. The bottom line: this is a very gifted man with an extraordinary talent for transforming lives through plastic and reconstructive surgery who has chosen an exceptional staff.

Words cannot express how Dr. Spiro has made me feel physically and mentally, he truly is an incredible surgeon and artist!!!! He’s given me so much to look forward to and it’s only been three weeks since my surgery and my results are AMAZING and I know it will only get better!!! I can’t THANK Dr. Spiro enough!!!! He truly is a special person!! My experience was incredible from the moment I walked into Dr. Spiro’s office.  I felt comfortable and confident with his staff, especially with Dr. Spiro as a Surgeon… His staff is the most helpful, nice, educated and professional group I have ever met.  Thank you so much for exceeding my expectations!!!!  I will highly recommend him to anyone!!!

I am an over 50-year old fitness professional. I had a double hernia repair, an abdominoplasty and breast implants performed by Dr. Spiro. As I have progressed from post-surgery to recovery it has become clear genius, artistry and talent of Dr. Spiro. Dr. Spiro was attentive to my concerns and designed a surgical plan that was perfect for my issues and body type. I experienced nothing but positivity and encouragement from every member of his staff. I truly am of the mindset that exercise, plenty of water and a healthy eating plan promotes a fit body both inside and out. My birth of my twins left me with a large umbilical hernia. As I have aged it has become increasingly challenging to access my abdominals because of the hernia. I now have a repaired stronger abdominal wall which feels amazing. Thank you Dr. Spiro.

My abdominoplasty was the best gift I could have given myself. It was like stepping into a time machine and emerging out feeling and looking like I did 10 years and 3 pregnancies ago. It’s an amazing transformation. Dr. Spiro is not only a brilliant surgeon but also sensitive and patient, which are very important qualities in a professional who deals with your body and all the insecurities that you experience about it. I love the new me, and I have Dr. Spiro and his wonderful staff to be thankful for it.

Dr. Spiro,

When I lost hope you helped me gain it back. When I thought I just couldn’t stand another operation, you encouraged me to look through the tunnel and see the light.

Thank you for being so caring, professional, competent, meticulous, and simply amazing. I know my journey is not over, but knowing I am in the hands of the best surgeon, it eases the struggle!!

When someone asks, “Who is your surgeon?” I am blessed to say, “Dr. Spiro!”

All the staff, including Dr. Parcells have helped me in more ways than you’ll ever know. The warm welcome I receive from each and every one of you, every time I step in the offie, is heartfelt. Your smiles are uplifting and the sweet sincerities and genuineness during my most difficult times are truly assuring.

Thank you, Spiro Plastic Surgery!

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