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As they get older and undergo life milestones like pregnancy and weight loss, many women experience changes in their bodies, especially in their breasts, abdomen, waist, and buttocks. Often, diet and exercise alone are not enough to correct these issues. Talented plastic surgeons can reverse the sagging and loosening effects of pregnancy, breastfeeding, and weight changes. A mommy makeover is a highly customizable combination of surgeries that simultaneously corrects multiple concerns, and you don’t need to have children to undergo these procedures. These procedures suit women (and men) who have had significant weight loss alone.

I tailor each New Jersey mommy makeover to my patients’ unique needs, so the results will be as individual as you are. My surgical approach combines breast, abdomen, and other body contouring procedures to restore the shape and appearance of my patients’ bodies with truly transformational results. I infuse every procedure with an artist’s vision. Patients have traveled here from more than 25 states and 17 different countries because of my reputation as an outstanding surgeon. We want every patient to remember us for having been a positive, life-changing influence.

To learn more about how a New Jersey mommy makeover can transform your proportions, call (973) 736-5907 or contact us today.

Mommy Makeover Before & After

A mommy makeover can be life-changing, restoring confidence in your appearance and yourself. View our mommy makeover before-and-after photos to see how we’ve helped previous patients!

What Procedures and Treatments Can Your Mommy Makeover Include?

Every mommy makeover is a customized combination of procedures chosen and planned to address each patient’s specific needs. Most mommy makeovers include:

  • A tummy tuck to flatten the belly, remove excess skin and fat, and tighten weakened or separated abdominal muscles.
  • A total body lift to reduce sag and remove excess skin and fat from the abdomen, hips, and buttocks.
  • Breast surgery to lift and reshape sagging breasts and, as needed, enhance or reduce volume.

Depending on how your body has changed and the improvements you want to make your mommy makeover can also include:

  • Liposuction to remove excess fat and recontour the hips, thighs, upper arms, waistline, back, or buttocks.
  • Fat grafting to replace lost volume in areas like the breasts or buttocks.

Meet Scott SpiRo, M.D., F.A.C.S.


I am a board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in breast cancer reconstructive surgery and cosmetic procedures of the breast, body, and face. To me, every patient is unique and deserves results tailored to their concerns. You can understand my approach to care by reviewing the testimonials and before and after galleries on this site and learning about the many “Top Doctor” awards I have won.


Art is my other passion, and my artist’s vision guides my work as a surgeon. I have done technical illustrations for many journal articles, book chapters, and patient resource pamphlets for national societies. I am also an accomplished painter, sculptor, and photographer. When you visit our office, you’ll see a gallery of reproductions of many of my pieces in oil, graphite, and photography.


Why You Might Consider a Mommy Makeover

You might benefit from a mommy makeover if: 

  • You are unhappy with your abdominal appearance or contours after pregnancy or weight changes — if your abdominal muscles have stretched, separated, and lost the ability to hold your belly flat, or if loosened skin or excess fat create a droopy, wrinkled effect.
  • You are embarrassed about sagging breasts, or by breasts that are too large or too small in proportion to your body. 
  • Stubborn pockets of fat and skin laxity remain in other parts of your body that resist slimming efforts with diet and exercise.
  • You are unhappy about other signs of aging on your body.

Who Is a Good Candidate for a Mommy Makeover?

You may be well-qualified for a mommy makeover if you are unhappy about the ways your abdomen, breasts, and other parts of your body appear after pregnancy, significant weight loss, or the aging process. 

Ideal candidates for a mommy makeover share the following qualities: 

  • Are physically healthy
  • Are finished with childbearing
  • Are not significantly overweight
  • Have realistic expectations for their surgical outcomes

You must be free of all nicotine and cannabinoids as well as ADHD medications for at least six weeks before and after your surgery.

What to Expect During a Mommy Makeover Consultation

Mommy makeover surgery is a highly individualized procedure since every patient presents unique and varied physical changes and concerns. Therefore, extensive evaluation, discussion, and planning are paramount during your initial consultation. My team and I will evaluate your general health status, discuss your surgical options based on your goals, and explain the likely outcomes after surgery. Please come to this confidential meeting prepared to discuss your previous surgeries, medical treatments, medical conditions, and drug allergies during this time.

How to Prepare for a Mommy Makeover

In preparation for your mommy makeover, you will need to get lab testing, adjust your current medications, stop smoking, and avoid taking aspirin or any other over-the-counter drugs or supplements that can increase bleeding. You should also arrange for someone to drive you to and from the surgery.

What Happens During a Mommy Makeover?

My surgical treatment plan involves combining various breast and body procedures. Based on my years of surgical training and experience in the physiology of human healing, I limit how many body areas are to be performed in one setting. Therefore, some patients may require a well-orchestrated, carefully timed series of operations to achieve their goals.

Mommy Makeover Recovery

Following your surgery, I apply gauze, bandages, and wrappings to your incisions to provide support and reduce swelling. I always require that patients stay at least one night in the hospital for combination procedures or abdominoplasty procedures involving abdominal wall management. Recovery from mommy makeover surgery varies. Most breast or liposuction procedures require less than a week off work, while most tummy tuck procedures require at least a week, if not longer. Combination procedures also have a variable recovery period, but patients can go back to work in two weeks and resume fitness activities in three to six weeks.

My team and I will also provide instructions on how to care for your surgical site(s), medications to control discomfort and reduce the risk of infection, specific issues to look out for, and when to make follow-up appointments. 

Mommy Makeover Results

Mommy makeover results reveal themselves in stages as incisions heal, and the breasts and abdomen settle into their new place. While some improvements are immediately noticeable, it can take six weeks to four months for all the swelling to subside. While you can enjoy long-lasting outcomes, you must use healthy lifestyle habits to maintain your enhanced contours and new youthful image.

Schedule your New Jersey Mommy Makeover Today

Dr. Scott Spiro is a board-certified plastic surgeon at Spiro Plastic Surgery in West Orange, NJ, specializing in mommy makeover surgery for women who are looking to boost their confidence in their bodies again. Call us at (973) 736-5907 or reach out online to learn more.

Mommy Makeover FAQs

“Mommy Makeover” can mean different things to different women. Most commonly, mommy makeovers include a breast procedure (augmentation, lift, or reduction) and a tummy tuck or total body lift depending on the needs of the patient. These procedures will often include liposuction of the hips to further enhance the results.

Patients can typically return to work in 10-14 days, depending on the type of work they do (sooner if they are able to work remotely). They can drive in 7-10 days. No physical activity of any kind (even walking and household chores) for 3-4 weeks. They can return to fitness at 6 weeks and to isolated core exercises at 12 weeks.

We recommend patients are within 15 lbs. of their goal weight before to undergoing this type of surgical procedure.

This type of surgery can take anywhere from 4-8 hours depending on the combination of procedures and their complexity.

You may begin exercising 6 weeks after your mommy makeover surgery but cannot perform isolated core exercises for 12 weeks.

Stop drinking alcohol 10 days before surgery. Stop all blood thinning medications, vitamins, and supplements 3 weeks prior to surgery. Stop all nicotine and THC products at least 6 weeks prior to surgery.

Yes, healthy patients can safely undergo this combination of procedures which is discussed in detail at the time of consultation.

You will be in a surgical bra for 3 weeks and a surgical Spanx type garment for 4-6 after surgery.

You will be instructed to sleep with the upper part of your body raised and with a pillow underneath your knees for the first week after surgery. You can do this comfortably by propping yourself up in bed with pillows. After that, you can be flat or on your side. You cannot sleep on your stomach for 12 weeks if breast surgery was included in your mommy makeover.

Most of my patients don’t describe their recovery from a mommy makeover as painful, but they do experience tightness and soreness, especially when a tummy tuck is part of their surgery. Pain is a subjective matter, though. Any discomfort you experience after your mommy makeover can usually be managed with a combination of never blocks, Tylenol, and muscle relaxants.

Absolutely not. It’s called a “mommy makeover” because the combination of abdomen and breast procedures is popular with mothers due to the changes brought about by pregnancy and breastfeeding. Anyone who’s bothered by cosmetic issues on more than one part of the body can benefit from a customized combination of procedures. That includes women who aren’t mothers. It also includes men. Call it “my makeover” or give it whatever name you want!

The best time for a mommy makeover is when you’re unhappy with the way your body has changed, whether due to age, significant weight loss, or as a result of having children (once you’re finished having children).

If you are planning to have more children in the near future, we recommend waiting to have your mommy makeover surgery.

For breast procedures, we recommend waiting till 8-12 weeks after your last latch if you are breastfeeding to come in for a consultation. For tummy tuck procedures, we recommend waiting 4-6 months after giving birth. This is because your body is going through a lot of changes in the postpartum period, and your surgical plan may change as your body changes.

The rejuvenation made through a tummy tuck and liposuction are permanent and the results of breast surgery are long-lasting—as long as you maintain a stable weight through healthy eating and exercise habits. Of course, your skin will continue to age, but if it’s not stretched again through weight gain or pregnancy, it won’t go back to its condition prior to your surgery.

The cost of a mommy makeover can vary widely depending on your customized surgical plan and the techniques used in each of the procedures. My team and I can provide an accurate estimate after meeting with you and learning about your concerns.


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