Breast Lift Auto-Augmentation Non-Implant Lift

Breast Lift Auto-Augmentation Mastopexy in NJ

A breast lift, or mastopexy, corrects sagging in the breasts by removing stretched skin and raising and reshaping the remaining tissue. However, this procedure doesn’t add volume to the breasts. An auto-augmentation breast lift provides a way to enhance your breasts’ size, shape, and position. It does this using your natural tissue without implants. When performing a non-implant lift, I can use the tissue I would remove during a breast reduction (as dermoglandular flaps to simulate an implant-look result), transfer fat from another part of your body, or both. 

Auto-augmentation breast lift is a highly customized procedure (in fact, in some cases, we use bioabsorbable slings to enhance the lift outcome), and, to me, every patient is special and unique. I infuse an artist’s vision with every surgical plan and procedure to optimize each result. Drawn by my reputation, patients have come from more than 25 states and 17 different countries to work with me. We want every patient to remember us for having been a positive, life-changing influence.

To learn more about how a breast lift auto-augmentation can transform your proportions, call (973) 736-5907 or contact us today.

Breast Lift Auto-Augmentation gallery

Please look at our breast lift auto-augmentation before-and-after gallery to see our patients’ stunning transformations after recovery!

Why You Might Consider an Auto-Augmentation Breast Lift

You might benefit from a non-implant breast lift with auto-augmentation if your concerns include the following: 

  • Pendulous breasts
  • A flattened or deflated breast shape
  • Stretched skin and enlarged areolas
  • Downward-pointing nipples and areolas
  • Nipples that fall below the breast crease
  • Currently have breast implants but feel that breasts have gotten larger over time and are considering removing implants

An auto-augmentation breast lift is an excellent solution if you’d like to enhance your breasts’ shape and volume without adding artificial implants. In my 27 years of experience performing breast lift procedures without implants, I have found that auto-augmentation gives my patients results that can rival those achieved with breast implants.

Meet Scott SpiRo, M.D., F.A.C.S.


I am a board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in breast cancer reconstructive surgery and cosmetic procedures of the breast, body, and face. To me, every patient is unique and deserves results tailored to their concerns. You can understand my approach to care by reviewing the testimonials and before and after galleries on this site and learning about the many “Top Doctor” awards I have won.


Art is my other passion, and my artist’s vision guides my work as a surgeon. I have done technical illustrations for many journal articles, book chapters, and patient resource pamphlets for national societies. I am also an accomplished painter, sculptor, and photographer. When you visit our office, you’ll see a gallery of reproductions of many of my pieces in oil, graphite, and photography.

Candidates for Breast Lift Without Implants

If you have sagging, flattened, or asymmetrical breasts and would also like the appearance of a moderate increase in upper pole breasts, you may be a candidate for an auto-augmentation breast lift. My auto-augmentation procedure works best for patients who have good skin quality and sufficient breast tissue support.

Ideal candidates for breast lift without implants share the following qualities: 

  • Are physically healthy
  • Are not pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Are not significantly overweight and can maintain a stable weight
  • Have realistic expectations for their surgical outcomes 

You must be free of all nicotine, cannabinoids, and ADHD medications for six weeks before and after surgery.

What to Expect During Your Breast Lift Auto-Augmentation Consultation

During your breast lift auto-augmentation consultation, I will talk to you about your surgical goals, medical history, current medications, and drug allergies. My staff and I will also go over potential risks or complications and outcomes of the surgery. 

I will determine the incision type by examining your breasts and evaluating your: 

  • Breast size, shape, and symmetry 
  • Degree of breast sagging 
  • Position of areolas and nipples 
  • Amount of excess skin vs. the amount of native breast tissue
  • Skin quality and elasticity

How to Prepare for a Breast Lift without Implants

Preparing for breast lift surgery without implants may include adjusting your medications, lab testing, and avoiding anti-inflammatory over-the-counter drugs or supplements. I may also request a mammogram screening before your surgery. Because you will be groggy from sedation, it won’t be safe to drive yourself home, so please arrange for someone to drive you back to your house after your procedure.

Auto-Augmentation Breast Lift Surgery with Dr. Spiro

I use general anesthesia and sophisticated long-acting post-operative nerve blocks to ensure my patients have a pain-free breast lift surgery. During an auto-augmentation breast lift procedure, I internally reposition the excess tissue to fill voids within the breast. Doing so creates volume, making it appear as if I had placed new implants into your breasts. 

In some cases, I also add fat from another part of the body using fat grafting. I may also place bioabsorbable mesh material over the deeper breast tissues and under the skin envelope to reshape the breast contour. The mesh material supports the tissues as they heal into their new form, dissolving away after a year.

Breast Lift Without Implants Recovery

Downtime for an auto-augmentation breast lift procedure is generally only 48 to 72 hours. Most of our patients return to work within a few days after their surgery. However, you will need to avoid exercising and heavy lifting for at least four weeks. During this time, you will wear a lightweight surgical compression bra to reduce swelling. Breasts, however, heal slowly, and return to an unrestricted lifestyle takes four to five weeks.

My staff and I will also give you post-operative instructions to follow, including how to care for your incision sites, which medications to take, and when to return for your follow-up appointment. You should expect to see an improvement almost immediately, but it takes six months to a year to see the full outcome as the tissue heals and settles and residual swelling subsides. Once your breasts are fully healed, you’ll see a more youthful and natural breast shape!

Don’t be alarmed if your bra size decreases after the surgery; this is a natural result of eliminating all the excess skin and making your breasts firmer and rounder. Remember, aging will make your skin less elastic, which can influence your breasts’ appearance over time. Also, weight fluctuations can cause your breasts to change size and shape. Maintaining a healthy weight will ensure you remain satisfied with your breast lift.

Book Your New Jersey Breast Lift Surgery Today

Dr. Scott Spiro is a board-certified plastic surgeon at Spiro Plastic Surgery in West Orange, NJ, specializing in auto-augmentation breast lifts. Call us at (973) 736-5907 or reach out online to learn more.

Breast Lift Without Implants FAQs

Ideal breast lift candidates are women experiencing sagging or drooping breasts due to factors such as aging, pregnancy, weight fluctuations, or genetics. You should be in good overall health and have realistic expectations about the results.

Breast lift involves removing excess skin, repositioning the nipple/areola complex, and reshaping the breast tissue to create a perkier contour. I will use your existing breast tissue to create these enhancements without the need for implants. In my approach, I use local tissue flaps (dermoglandular flaps)  to make the breast almost look like it has a small implant,but it’s all your own tissue! I refer to this as Auto Augmentation Non Implant Mastopexy. In some cases I will add an internal mesh graft to aid in support of the lift. This added “internal bra” slowly dissolves away over a years time, being replaced by body collagen and connective tissue.

While a breast lift can create a fuller and more youthful breast shape, it does not  increase overall breast size. If you would like larger breasts, a breast augmentation with implants combined with a lift may be more suitable.

After the procedure, you can expect bruising, swelling, and tenderness, which you can manage with prescribed medications. Please avoid strenuous activities and follow all your provided post-operative instructions for a smoother recovery.

Any surgical procedure involves risks. With breast surgery, these include infection, scarring, changes in nipple sensation, and possible asymmetry. However, you can minimize these risks by choosing a highly experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon. I will work to keep you as safe as possible while meeting all your goals with a customized surgical plan.

In most cases, mastopexy should not impact your ability to breastfeed. I take care to preserve the milk ducts and nipples during the procedure.

Yes, you can combine your lift with surgeries such as a breast reduction or fat grafting to achieve more comprehensive results. During your consultation, I will help you determine the best treatment plan for your needs. Additionally, tummy tuck procedures are often combined for more extensive body contouring (see our mommy makeover case outcomes).

While breast lift results are long-lasting, factors like aging, weight fluctuations, and lifestyle choices can affect their longevity. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and stable weight can help prolong the outcome.

Many women choose to have a breast lift after having children to restore their breasts’ shape and firmness. For optimal results, I recommend waiting until you finish adding to your family before considering this procedure.


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