A New Blog From A Plastic Surgeon In New Jersey

Today marks the beginning of a new era in plastic surgery blog postings. I aim to provide the reader with insight, fact, dispel fiction, debunk innuendo, with a concise, and informal approach.

You will be educated as well as entertained. There will be some humor and irony with a touch of satire. Nothing will be off limits. Some of what I will discuss will pertain to our own plastic surgery family – my patients and what is going on in our own practice. I will, however, also keep you posted on current events in general– not only those in plastic surgery.

We’ll comment on breast augmentation,implant selection, styles, saline vs silicone gel, as well as updates on the latest technology. I’ll give you my thoughts on different procedures- those that we find worthy and those that are not.

I’ll talk about RETAF – a component of my abdominoplasty procedure that helps give my patients their outstanding outcomes.

We’ll review my philosophy of composite SMAS lift and variable vector approach to face lifting that has benefited many of my patients. I’ll also explain my strong convictions regarding lower eyelid check interface management.

Look for my discussion on fat grafting- I’m confident you’ll find it enlightening.
I hope you’ll find my approach to rhinoplasty refreshing.

Finally, I will discuss over time my many years of experience with breast reconstruction including tissue expansion, latissimus flap and implant, and TRAM flap.  Together we’ll draw from my 19 years experience and over 15,000 procedures!

Look forward to the interaction
Dr Spiro


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