Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Near Livingston

Dr. Spiro is a board-certified plastic surgeon in West Orange that offers comprehensive cosmetic and reconstructive care for patients in Livingston. At Spiro Plastic Surgery, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality pre and post-surgical care, regardless of what procedure you undergo. Our ultimate goal is to satisfy patients’ needs while educating and constantly communicating with them about their health. Dr. Spiro specializes in a wide variety of surgical procedures and non-surgical treatments with the intent to help patients in Livingston become confident and comfortable in their skin.

Livingston, NJ Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 

Dr. Spiro and his team perform a wide array of cosmetic surgeries and treatments for all areas of the body in a comfortable office setting. All of our surgical procedures are performed at Saint Barnabas Medical Center and Livingston Surgery Center in New Jersey, using safe and effective techniques. We offer the following services to those in Livingston and the surrounding areas:

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