I Love My Doctor!

On Wednesday evening, June 17, 2015, St. Barnabas hosted a tribute event called “I Love My Doctor”. The event paid tribute to both patients who recognized their physicians’ outstanding efforts and the physicians themselves.

The response of my patients was overwhelming and greatly appreciated. The hospital placed enlarged copies of patient letters around the entrance to the hospital. I went around and read each and every one. The messages were heart felt and inspiring to me.

While most physicians who were recognized had one, two, or three letters submitted on their behalf, I had twenty! The power of the written word (especially blown up in size) left me speechless.

Two of my patients actually came to celebrate and the hospital administrator read one of my patients’ letters out loud.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to recognize my efforts. I truly try my hardest for you!


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Graphite/Pencil Hybrid-Painting by Dr. Scott Spiro