Breast Anomalies & Asymmetry Case 27



This woman presented with dramatically asymmetric breasts. The right breast was an A cup and the left breast was a very sagged fuller B cup (top row of 3 in 2 sets of photos). This presents a series of complex challenges. How to create shape, symmetry, size match, and nipple position equality? How can all this be done while maintaining vital blood supply to tissues? Many surgeons would opt to do it as a 2 stage procedure because of the complexities of spatial creation and surgical execution. That would require 2 recoveries in a 6-month interval. The outcome may depend on scar formation from the first procedure.

I routinely combine this into one surgery with implant placement under the muscle canopy, removal of left breast excess tissue,  and llifting of the left with significant reshaping.

Look carefully at the armpit region. Among many other things, I eliminated the excess fatty fullness which created an unsightly bulge, by liposuction and release.

She is shown (bottom 3 views in each set) 4 months later with a nicely healed, beautifully aesthetic C cup outcome. A great triumph!


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Graphite/Pencil Hybrid-Painting by Dr. Scott Spiro