Breast Reconstruction (Latissimus Flap) Case 40



This woman presented having had attempts elsewhere at breast reconstruction after right mastectomy for breast cancer (top views). She had an implant reconstruction on the right and a breast lift on the left already done when I initially saw her. Her right side reconstruction was without shape, had profound hollowness and rippling (top right view) and was not a match to the left, either by volume, position or shape. The left side was poorly shaped and the nipple was too high (top left view).

I removed the right side implant and scar tissue, performed a latissimus flap with implant, created a new nipple, re-lifted the left breast, and added an implant on the left side to create balance, symmetry, and aesthetic shape. In the post op views (bottom) the left breast now has a properly positioned nipple, balanced volume, and improved shape. The right reconstruction matches well, has a nice natural shape, and the hollowness (upper pole) was corrected with fat grafting (compare the two right photos; view of the patients breast before and after). An outstanding transformation.

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Graphite/Pencil Hybrid-Painting by Dr. Scott Spiro