What is CoolSculpting?

Searching for a new way to reduce fat? CoolSculpting brings a non-surgical fat reduction solution to patients that delivers fast, noticeable results. With thousands of success stories around the globe, it should come as no surprise that CoolSculpting is the #1 non-surgical procedure for fat reduction in the world. CoolSculpting works by safely freezing stubborn fat cells in 9 FDA-approved areas of the body. By safely delivering precisely controlled cooling, we can target fat cells under the skin. Once frozen, the affected fat cells die, leaving your body to naturally process the cells, producing a more refined, sculpted look in the treated area.

Am I a Candidate?

Candidates for CoolSculpting can be male or females that have a noticeable fat bulge in certain areas that they’d like gone. If intensive diets and exercise didn’t deliver the results you were hoping for, CoolSculpting provides a viable solution before turning to liposuction. Since the series of treatments in non-surgical and non-invasive, you’ll be able to return to normal activities immediately after their session is complete.

Where Does the Fat Go?

The second most common question we receive after “what is cool sculpting?” is people asking where the fat goes after they receive their CoolSculpting treatments. By utilizing a procedure known as cryolipolysis, CoolSculpting effectively freezes the fat cells, “killing” them and allowing the body to excrete them through the liver over the following weeks. 

When Will I See Results?

Despite contrary beliefs about CoolSculpting, the fat doesn’t simply “melt” away in your body. As mentioned, once the fat cells are frozen and dead, your body begins to process them over some time, usually 1-3 weeks, and excretes the byproducts of cell death through the liver. This means that most patients will begin to see noticeable results after 3 weeks, with the most visible differences coming after 2 months of CoolSculpting treatments.

Will I Need Supplements?

Once you’ve completed your cool sculpting treatment, there’s no additional supplements or treatments necessary. Of course, most of our patients see the results that CoolSculpting delivered and want to maintain that look, so they begin to develop a better lifestyle that helps them feel and look better for years to come.

Cool Sculpting: What to Expect

As a leader in CoolSculpting in West Orange and the surrounding areas, we are constantly meeting with new patients who are ready to see the results that CoolSculpting can produce. We start with a consultation to determine which areas of the body can be treated, what the desired result is, and how many treatments it will take to accomplish the desires of the patient. 

Your Customized Treatment Plan

Each CoolSculpting treatment is different, and can depend on variables like the number of areas to treat and the amount of fat cells in each area. We tailor our treatment plans to meet each patient’s goals, schedules, and budget.

Each treatment takes about one hour to complete, and since CoolSculpting is a non-surgical procedure, you’ll be able to jump right back into your day once your visit is complete.

As your body works to flush out the dead fat cells, results may seem slow during the first few weeks. From 3 weeks through 2 months from the start of your CoolSculpting treatment is when you’ll see the most noticeable results.

Coolsculpting Treatments in West Orange NJ

Contact us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Spiro to learn more about CoolSculpting, the #1 non-surgical fat reducing treatment in the country! We are proud to offer various procedures, such as fat grafting, abdominoplasty, and breast augmentation. Our team in West Orange, NJ is focused on helping you look and feel as confident and comfortable in your skin. During your consultation, we will discuss your goals for the procedure, and decide which is best for your body and the look you desire.

We take pride in what patients say about us

I finally went for a consultation with Dr. Spiro after several other consultations and never looked back.  First, Dr. Spiro’s office is meticulously clean and organized.  He is running a tight ship, and it made me feel very good.  Second, he showed me his past examples of before and after procedures and answered all my questions.  Finally, when I decided to move ahead with the procedure, he and his team prepared me ahead of time with the instructions, encouragement and support.  The surgery went great and the “before and after” is unbelievable!  I am very happy with the results – the best decision I made! Dr Spiro is an amazing surgeon, a professional and an artist in his own right.  He gave me so much confidence and I feel that I got my body back – even better than what I had before kids.  I would recommend this doctor without any hesitation and also this procedure – it has changed my life.

Dr. Spiro and his staff explained all details of the surgery beforehand; he has a very comforting and kind attitude. I was pleasantly surprised that despite descriptions that I had read on the internet about patients’ experiences in other practices (you should never do this!) i did not experience any true pain once I left the hospital 24 hours or so after surgery. There was more what I would describe as discomfort, and only really for the first week. Dr. Spiro’s staff was available and attentive throughout the process and explained to me exactly what I should and should not do each week. Following all of Dr. Spiro’s advice, I was able to return to work about ten days after the operation, and was able to resume my daily activities, little by little, over the next six week. After six weeks I was running, swimming, hiking, and biking, without any discomfort. My stomach is amazingly flat and finally seems to fit with the rest of my body! 

Dr. Spiro is an exceptional plastic surgeon and I am very grateful that he was recommended to me. I had two separate surgeries with him. I think this in itself speaks to the level of confidence I have for both him and his staff. The first surgery was in 2014 — an abdominoplasty (full tummy tuck). Dr. Spiro and his staff were extremely thorough in preparing me for this surgery as I had to first have a hysterectomy performed by my gynecologist with the tummy tuck immediately following. Since I am anemic, Dr. Spiro and his nurses made sure they monitored me very carefully before the surgery and worked directly with my blood management doctors at St. Barnabas.

I needed the hysterectomy due to my anemia, I was so happy with Dr. Spiro that I decided to have a second surgery in 2015, an auto-augmentation with breast lift. I had very large breasts for my body frame which prevented me from feeling comfortable and confident in my clothing. It has always been difficult buying clothes, especially exercise bras and bathing suits. Being the gifted surgeon that he is, Dr. Spiro explained that he had a wonderful surgical trick for women like me who have very full breasts: Without even using an implant, he was able to achieve a beautifully shaped new breast by using my existing breast tissue, with a lift. To say the least, I am absolutely thrilled with the results! I can’t say enough about Dr. Spiro and his entire staff. They are professional, compassionate, and I felt the level of care both pre and post-surgery was exceptional. Thank you,

Dear Dr Spiro & Team: It’s amazing to look back on this journey and admire the results of my recent tummy tuck.  I feel like I am 29 all over again ! For me, this decision came after several years of losing 45 lbs post two children and recognizing that my 5-6/day wk workout and nutrition regimen was not going to show the hard work and results of my efforts.  I also wanted a strong core to take me to my next level of fitness. After 4 consults, I finally confided in a friend that led me to Dr. Spiro.  She raved about her own friends and family results, the attention to detail and level of personal care Dr Spiro brought to every case. What sets Dr Spiro apart are a few factors:  the artistry plus medical expertise he offers, the time & effort he patiently explains with all options, and the concern about the overall patients health vs the cosmetic outcome.  It was paramount to me that if I undertook a cosmetic procedure, that the scar would be minimized and that my health would not be compromised.

I could tell from the amount of pictures, testimonials and hands on experience, Dr Spiro was the right surgeon to accomplish the objective. Throughout the surgery preparation and recovery, my decision was further confirmed.  The admissions facility unsolicitedly confirmed Dr Spiro was a perfectionist and I was in the right hands for a beautiful outcome.  Additionally Dr Spiro and his staff personally checked up on me several times daily in the recovery and ensured I was actively following the nutrition and post op procedures for a fast, but safe recovery. At a week post op, I looked in the mirror and knew I had made the right decision.  My c-section “tire” of loose skin was gone & I had a core tighter than 29.  Within weeks, I was back to a size 4 dress I wore 20 yrs ago.  At 6 week’s post op, I started cardio again.  At 8 wks, I skied for 4 days straight.  At 12 wks, I ran a 5k & finished in the top 10%.  Cleared at 12wks to start weight training again, I am now looking forward to a summer of wearing bikinis on the beach with pride in my personal transformation. Thanks, Dr. Spiro & Team for your surgical skill, perfection and artistry you bring to the profession.