Virtual Telehealth Consultations

Our $395 Online Consultation Will Allow You a One-On-One Conversation With Our Nurse and a 20-minute Video Consultation With Dr. Spiro.

To request an online consultation, please call our office at 973-736-5907

To better serve our patients both near & far, we have broadened our ability to consult you on your surgical needs.

Online Consultation Process – Website

  1. To request a consultation please call 973-736-5907 to speak with a staff member who will collect your demographic information
  2. A nurse from our office will then contact you to review your medical history and guide you through our photography process
  3. Once your information and photos are properly submitted and approved, you will be contacted again to schedule your virtual consultation and pay your consultation fee
  4. Your online consultation fee also includes an in-office visit and physical exam with Dr. Spiro to finalize and confirm your surgical plan. This in-office appointment will be scheduled following the surgical consultation
  5. A private link to start your online consultation with Dr. Spiro will then be provided to you by e-mail
  6. Please log in 10 minutes prior to your scheduled online consultation appointment
  7. Each online consultation will last approximately 20 minutes
  8. Following this consultation, one of our coordinators will contact you to review estimated surgical fees and answer any questions you may have
  9. If the surgical procedure is insurance-related, we will have one of our billing associates contact you
  10. Finally, you will come into the office for another 20-minute appointment with your surgeon to finalize your surgical plan and fees.
How To Log Into Your Online Consultation
Instructions For Taking Breast/Body Photos
Instructions For Taking
Facial Photos