How Long is the Recovery for a Breast Augmentation?

Increasing your breast size with a Breast Augmentation is a procedure that requires pre-surgery prep and post-surgery recovery. Like any surgery, taking care of your body and listening to your doctor’s medical advice is most important to have a successful outcome. If you have ever wondered how long it takes to recover from breast augmentation, continue reading to get an idea of what to expect during postoperative Breast Augmentation care. 

Breast Augmentation Recovery

Every woman is different; thus, recovery time can vary. There are various factors such as implant size and type, placement, and even the surgical skill of the doctor which can affect recovery time. On average, a full recovery period usually takes about 4 to 6 weeks. It’s important to refrain from physical activity, lifting heavy objects and overworking yourself during the initial three weeks recovery.

What to Expect After a Breast Augmentation

24 Hours Post-Op Breast Augmentation

After the operation, you may experience soreness and tightness in your chest, and oversensitivity or a loss of sensitivity in the breasts. You may also notice minor swelling and bruising, which will fade over time. Immediately after the surgery, you will be required to rest for a couple of hours in the surgical postoperative room until the anesthesia fully wears off. It is crucial you have a ride home from a trusted family member or friend who will continue to help and take care of you a few days post-op.  During the first 24 hours, you may feel pressure and some discomfort; thus, taking over the counter pain relievers as directed, like acetaminophen is recommended. Your doctor may also prescribe pain relievers and muscle relaxers to help keep you comfortable. We combine post op regional nerve block to diminish discomforts to a very tolerable level. Most patients have almost no discomfort in 24 hours.

5 to 7 Days Post-Op Breast Augmentation

After the first week, should have no pain. At this stage, you may be able to return to normal activities, if directed by your surgeon. However, you should refrain from strenuous or repetitive activities such as lifting your arms above your head, which can result in irritation and bleeding. At this time, your breast implants will begin to soften as the surrounding tissues settle in place. It is important to follow any post-operative advice, to help relax the muscles and reduce swelling. 

3 to 4 Weeks Post-Op Breast Augmentation

At this stage, you should feel little to no pain or discomfort. Swelling and bruising in the breasts should have reduced and faded. Your doctor may start to encourage you to engage in light exercises but refrain from strenuous activities. Transitioning to wear a conventional bra at this time is typical. 

4 to 6 Weeks Post-Op Breast Augmentation

Usually, at this point, most patients have fully recovered and can resume regular activity. Your breasts should look and feel more natural. Patients are advised to make an appointment with their surgeon for a full evaluation of the breast implant status around week 12-16. 

Breast Augmentation West Orange New Jersey

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