The Great Neurotoxin Debate: Botox vs. Xeomin

By Victoria (Tori) Murphy, NP New products in the aesthetic world seem to pop up daily and with all the hype, you might be wondering which neurotoxin is right for you. What are Neurotoxins, and How Do They Work? All neurotoxins work in the same way by temporarily relaxing the muscles of the face to… Read More »

Botox or Fillers?

Remember, Botox is a neuromodulator. It works by blocking the muscle response to nerve stimulation. Hence, animation lines in the face are diminished when Botox is injected. It is most useful for effect in the forehead, and crows feet.  Fillers, such as restylane, juvederm, and others, work by filling gaps of volume loss or the interface between falling lax tissue… Read More »


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Graphite/Pencil Hybrid-Painting by Dr. Scott Spiro