The Three Leading Benefits of Breast Reduction Surgery

For many women, their breasts are an important aspect of their identity and healthy breasts are vital to their overall physical and mental well-being. No matter the size of the breast, women desire to feel in control over their body image and health. They want to feel happy with their appearance and the image that they wish to present to the world. Many suffer from oversized breasts that cause pain and discomfort, decrease one’s ability to participate in physical activity, and poor self-image or self-esteem. At Spiro Plastic Surgery, we strive to help our patients become the best versions of themselves in both mind and body. We offer services such as breast reduction surgery, or reduction mammoplasty, to help reduce the size and improve the shape of the breast. The surgery often involves the removal of excess skin, fat, and tissue. Results of breast reduction have been found to significantly improve quality of life with pain relief, increased physical fitness, and improved self-image. Below are three benefits of breast reduction surgery.

1. Relief of Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain

Women with larger breasts often experience musculoskeletal issues. Larger breasts pull the body’s posture forward and cause strain on the back, neck, and shoulders. Consistent strain over time can lead to pain, pinched nerves, and in more serious can cause, migraines, numbness in the arms, and the worsening of ailments such as degenerative disk disease. Breast reduction surgery is often sought in these cases to reduce the size and weight of the breasts in order to correct posture and relieve strain on the body. The surgery can vastly improve the quality of life for many. Patients can experience near-immediate relief and lessening of pain.

2. Increase Activity and Improve Physical Fitness

Larger breasts can often restrict movement and cause pain and discomfort during high impact activities such as running, dancing, and other workouts like CrossFit for example. Oversized breasts can make working out nearly-impossible or highly uncomfortable because of the excess weight of the chest, a curved spine, and unwanted movement of the breast when jumping, running, or moving excessively. In many cases, women opt not to engage in physical activity at all. A breast reduction surgery aims to lessen the size and weight of the breast which in-turn straightens the spine and relieves the pressure put on the back, head, neck, and shoulders. In the end, this will make the process of working out, easier and less painful.

3. Help Improve Self-image

When you are in constant pain or discomfort it can be extremely difficult to feel good about yourself. The issues caused by oversized breasts can lead to situations that are often overwhelming or upsetting for many women. Poor self-esteem often results when it becomes difficult to exercise, find bras and clothing that fit properly, among other issues. Often women are unhappy with the appearance of their large sagging breasts. A breast reduction can not only help to relieve pain but also improve overall aesthetic. Some women may try to hide their breasts with oversized clothing or may spend excess hours shopping for shirts, dresses, and even swimwear. This can make women fearful of malls, shopping centers, and dressing rooms. By removing excess breast tissue, shopping for clothing and undergarments can become less stressful, less overwhelming and can result in a more positive outlook on your appearance.  In conjunction with the reduction surgery, a breast lift is performed. The result is a smaller breast that is lighter as well as more lifted and firm. Improvement in self-esteem often accompanies the other benefits of breast reduction surgery.

Better Yourself With Spiro Plastic Surgery in West Orange NJ

At Spiro Plastic Surgery, we are committed to providing our patients with the best overall care possible before, during and after every procedure. Our highly skilled team works with every patient in providing a comfortable and safe experience. With our breast reduction surgeries, we aim to provide stellar results that will vastly improve the quality of life. After surgery, our patients are left with less pain, an increase in physical abilities, and an overall improvement in their sense of well-being. Contact us today with appointment inquiries to begin your journey towards improved breast health with breast reduction surgery.


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